For today's news post we've prepared the concept art of our current Blight Supporter Packs. These Supporter Packs will be available in the store for approximately three more weeks, so while you're considering their purchase, have a look at their concept art created by our amazing art team!

By the way, good news for everyone who's been waiting for the seasonal Halloween microtransactions to return - they will be available for a limited time starting from tomorrow evening (NZT), so keep an eye on our news!
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these are always pretty neat to see
I want that sword+shield mtx :O
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Nice designs.

Keep it up!

Hope Halloween mtx will be tantalizing to eyes :)
it feels like concept art and 2d images are always better quality and more pretty then actual feel of 3d asset in the game.

IGN : FireHC
Cool beans
Where is the shield and sword mtx ???? I would buy the supporter pack 100% if you would release them. They are gorgeous.
Looks awesome!

We love you, GGG, just wanted to remind you.
People are talking shit, because they forget about good stuff immediately after something they don't like show up. And different people hate different stuff, so, it's always someone talking shit... It's just our nature. But as big and free game as PoE, always evolving, with so much content, will always be the best thing ever and you will always be beautiful freaks for doing this so long.

So, yea, trutututu.
Aaaaand sorry for my english! <3
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