[3.8] BV Occultist - 1250 + Delve / Uber elder in under 2 min

For start, this is high budget build, i will not add a leveling guide.
Mostly is just a theorycraft on how to be able to farm delve with blade vortex. And sry for any spelling mistakes
Is probably one of the defensive builds with a melee playstyle
In the past leagues Es occultists had multiple defences nerf. Flat es from ascendary , es suffix mods, and immortal call no longer provide phys imunity.

POB - https://pastebin.com/NhPazzGw
pro :
can do almost any map mod ( except ele reflect -phys reflect is posible if you swap efficacy with phys to lightning )
Can delve bellow 1200 depth probably even 1600+ ( haven't tested yet)
Can clean any atlass boss /uber elder without any problem /Hogm
Cons :
i personaly find dificult any aul deeper than 700 depth ( did other delve bosses at 800 +
Can have issues against (monster action cannot be slowed bellow speed base) at deeper delve
Vid :
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-akricbh0sE - uber elder -before i had headhunter
https://www.youtube.com/watch?time_continue=1&v=v_OklwMm5AE -Kurgal 800 depth before i had HH
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=W60v2hgOzNY 1250 depth haringer node
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=q2G0OCp5LdI&feature=youtu.be1250 depth bloodstained fossil node ( monsters action can't be slowed )

1. Curses:
Temp Chains - reduce enemies action speed
Enfeeble -reduce enemies damage overall
Malediction -reduce enemies damage
2. chill and freeze
Curently without headhunter buffs i have 276.000 cold damge /hit without hypothermia calculated - can chill to any target bellow 88 milions Hp
once target is chilled on average it will freeze if is bellow 8 mil hp
3. base defences
Fortify ( shield charge link ) 25% increassed effect from helm /30% more from lethal pride ( can be much more )
Incandescent heart ( 25% of elemental damage is denied )
3 endurance charges
flasks for phys mitigation mostly
Total 88% reduced damage taken (without curses calculation/hh buffs)
can be checked in pob for more details

Damage :
to scale damage on blade vortex is quite easy
Gem lvl modifier
Physical as extra x /elemental as extra x modifiers /physical converted to x
Critical multipier modifiers
Global physical damage modifiers
Spell damage modifiers
Critical chance modifiers

Item selection :
Body armor : i prefer incandescent heart ( good armor /decent ammount of es, elemental damge mitigation

Boots: the slot where you get your chill /freze imunity

Helm : i prefer hybrid base for fortify effect modifier ( pure es base can work also for 1000 extra es

Gloves : rare gloves with empty suffix modifier to craft phys convert to cold

rings ( assasin mark + endurance charges generation are my choices here )

Amulet - solstice vigil if you use headhunter , rare amulet if not

Jewel sockets ( fill whatever you miss - if is posible stack crit multipliers)
weapon /shield
stat stick + atziri reflection are my personal choices

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will this work in 3.9? I guess so, at least there haven't been any big changes affecting this build.

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