[3.8] Overly Aggressive Archer | Crit Rain of Arrows Gladiator | Blind/Bleed/Maim/Chill

Should an Archer engage in melee range? Should they kick sand into their enemies faces as they fire point blank 22 arrows into the sky? Should said enemies feel their blood run cold as the arrows pierce into their flesh?

If you want to blind your enemies, watch them bleed as they are maimed by your arrows and explode into shattered chilled blood, then I hope this build will interest you.


-Fixed my math on bleeding in the mechanics section
-Added Blood rage, a skill that is incredibly useful for us.
-Confirmed that this build is shaper viable.


Hello, and welcome to my Rain of Arrows gladiator build.
This is my second self made build, and first published build guide.

With that in mind, I am sharing this build to show off some neat and enjoyable mechanics I've been using with great success for the past week and a half.

Even though the build itself is far from optimized it has been running great on fairly cheap gear. I could see it having great improvements in both defense and offense with the right setup.

Should you think of any way to improve the build by all means please throw out what you think would be better.

Pro's & Con's

+ Large AoE with no investment
+ clear red maps with Ease
+ challenger charges boost movement and attack speeds
+ satisfying audio feedback on every kill.
+ Run almost any map mod. no regen/leech? No problem.
+ Super cheap gear with plenty of room for investment. Starting gear maybe 10-20c max

- Low Max HP (5k) without significant investment.
- Cannot do phys reflect.
- Blight Uniques are sometimes too beefy for this build to chew through. (Only noticeable on high tier blighted maps)


This build functions very similarly to a melee gladiator, you will use skills very similar to what a melee gladiator uses, the only difference is, you can fight at range when you need to.

When you get near an enemy they will be:
1. closer to you enabling point blank to deal more damage
2. blinded by your flesh and stone sand stance, letting us deal increased damage thanks to maloney's nightfall.
3. taking more phys damage from pride aura

This creates a lot of bonus damage on top of:
The enemy is almost 100% bleeding the moment you attack thanks to:
50% from our ascendancy + 50% from The Crimson Storm crits. The 25% from venopunture doesn't matter too much, but the ring is just so fun.

Because the enemy is Bleeding, venopuncture also chills the enemy, slowing them down, should they die they will shatter. You will never fear porcupines with this build.

Currently I am running warlord's mark on hit to sustain Endurance charges and to generate 2% life leech and mana leech, this lets use free up skill points to not have to dip into any leech nodes, and helps us run no regen maps very easily.

You can use a different curse on hit setup if you want for potentially more damage, but keep in mind the reason I am using warlords mark is to help with damage mitigation for both the gladiator's outmatch and outlast ascendancy and to allow a longer duration on immortal call.


Pick up whatever you can until you get Rain of Arrows, then it's smooth sailing through the whole 10 acts for the most part.

The skill tree itself is a straight path to the shadow's crit nodes, if you feel like you need more damage or more life, take a detour for a few skill points to compensate.

Ascendancy Order:
Gratuitous Violence -> Arena Challenger -> Outmatch and Outlast


Help Alira, get crit multi.


The only mandatory unique for this build is:


The rest is entirely optional, there may very well be better quivers, and rings with better offensive and defensive options available, but the reason we use Maloney's and venopuncture is because they are fun.

Now in general what we are looking for in gear is of course to max our resists, but also ways to eek out more Max HP and more damage. The more life we can get the better, but also try to get flat phys damage when possible.

If you are looking for my current gear, it's listed below. I had a late start this league and I'm not great at the game, but with my the gear listed I was able to kill red elder and shaper incredibly easily.

I hope to test this build against uber elder soon in the next few days.


Gem links


Rain of Arrows

Vaal RoA - Vicious Projectiles - Maim- Mirage Archer - Hypothermia/impale - Brutality

I have been testing around with using impale support rather than Hypothermia, PoB says hypothermia is better but I'm not sure if it properly calculates impale. At any rate, test for yourself and see what you like more, if you choose to not use the venopuncture ring, just go impale.

Buffs and Aura's

Herald of Purity - Blood and Sand - Precision (lvl 1) - Pride - Enlighten (lvl 3)

Defensive and utility skills.

Immortal Call(lvl 1) - CWDT(lvl 1) - Inc. Duration

If you have a means to generate endurance charges, use immortal call, however if you do not generate Endurance charges, then swap it out for a level 20 steelskin and the appropriate level of CWDT for damage mitigation.

Stone Golem - Blink arrow - Blood Rage

Passive Tree

Level 91 Tree here:

Point blank is optional. I have it on my quiver but you can pick what passives to remove to get point blank if you have no other means to get it.

PoB: https://pastebin.com/aUmFdyNW
Non PoB: www.poeurl.com/cBIf

Thanks for checking out my build, I hope you enjoy it if you decide to try it out.
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Looks fun! Been wanting to try a full bleed! Trying it out now, will post feedback. Can we use TS instead of RoA? What would the gem links be if so?
I'm sure you could use Tornado shot, but keep in mind this build has no pierce invested into it at all. To remedy this, a drillneck could be used, which will definitely help but may not be enough.

As for Tornado Shot links try this out: TS - Mirage - Vicious - GMP - Brutality

and for the 6th link try maybe pierce/hypothermi/maim/impale support.

I have not tested this but the numbers of PoB seem decent enough.

Thinking about it, Tornado shot may actually work even better with a close range shotgun approach, I'll try it out tomorrow myself.

Update: ran a t15 canyon map with no changes but the skill links to swap in tornado shot. It went very smooth mapping, though I did have more issues with the blight than I would have with rain of arrows.

So if you want to use TS instead of RoA that's just as good, if not better should you invest into the helm enchant and other things.
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What order for Ascendancy pls.
zedzed_uk wrote:
What order for Ascendancy pls.

Sorry forgot to add that. The order you should go is:
Gratuitous Violence -> Arena Challenger -> Outmatch and Outlast

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