[3.9] Spectral Shield Throw Impale build. [Tanky, Huge damage, Fast clear]

Hi all, thanks for the original build. I'm currently playing it and Aranur's comments were a great addition.
Any idea on how to deal with bosses like atziri spawning a 100% dmg reflexion clone since you can't really select your target with this build?
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Hey got a question i cant get over 300k dps with my shield throw in pob or do i need to add the shield and the shard damage to get the full damage?
I'm a bit confused with some of the notes in the build and from Arandur, but I guess I'll just follow the tree and see what happens?
What's confusing for you?
Altoblond wrote:
What's confusing for you?

Not a lot of detail is explained as to whether crit, bleed and impale work well together or if one should be dropped, as the other said to, and if so, what paths to undo/take instead of those. Kind of hit a roadblock after finishing the Assassin's area due to the confusion.
Updated! https://pastebin.com/sURuY27m
Also, Flesh and Stone gives a better Maim, than Maim support. Why not use it?
Using Pride if you have a Pride WE is great. If I get one, I would use Pride+Banner+Flesh&Stone+Enlighten.

So if we don't have a Pride watcher's eye would you suggest something like blood&sand or herald of purity over pride?
Didn't check the Thread for a while, just wanted to hop in and share my thoughts about the new Cluster Jewels and notables:


A basic Tree like this would let me spent ~40 points on Jewels+Notables and here is a List of Notables I plan on using:

Deep Cuts (15% chance to Impale Enemies on Hit with Attacks+Impales you inflict last 1 additional Hit <-- totally nuts!)
Iron Breaker (Enemies have -10% to Total Physical Damage Reduction against your Hits+35% increased Physical Damage)
Militarism (30% increased Armour+8% increased maximum Life)
Fettle (+20 to maximum Life+10% increased maximum Life)
Follow-Through (Projectiles deal 15% increased Damage for each remaining Chain)<-- totally Bonkers
Eye to Eye (25% increased Projectile Damage+35% increased Projectile Damage with Hits against Nearby Enemies)
Smite the Weak (40% increased Attack Damage against Maimed Enemies)
Force Multiplier (5% chance to deal Double Damage+25% increased Physical Damage)
Battle-Hardened (30% increased Evasion Rating and Armour+35% increased Physical Damage)
Gladiator's Fortitude (Attack Skills deal 25% increased Damage while holding a Shield+5% increased maximum Life)
Gladiatorial Combat (2% increased Attack Damage per 75 Armour or Evasion Rating on Shield <-- sic! Like easy +80% attack damage here)
Advance Guard (Attack Skills deal 30% increased Damage while holding a Shield+Ignore all Movement Penalties from Armour+5% increased Movement Speed while holding a Shield)
Prodigious Defence (3% Chance to Block Spell Damage+30% increased Attack Damage while holding a Shield++3% Chance to Block Attack Damage)

Other than that, you can check "Arandurshieldthrower" in my characters for gear/gems I plan on using. I ended up killing Sirus8 with that setup, works like a charm!

this build sounds pretty interesting, im thinking about making it my leaguestarter
After getting confirmation from Bex on reddit that notables stack, I changed my mind about the cluster notables.

The damage-centric notables we want are:

1-2 Follow-Through for Boss-DPS
x amount of Gladiatorial Combat if we have a 2500+ Armor shield, otherwiese Eye to Eye is better. With 2500 Armor on Shield, Gladiatorial Combat gives you ~66% Attack Damage, so that's like the threashold where Eye to Eye get's worse.

Follow-Through is clearly the winner. With the Divide and Conquer-Jewel for SST and the Deadyey-Ascendancy, we have 5 chains. That's 75% inc Damage on single traget.
If you manage to get 2 cluster jewels with it, that's 150%. And suddenly, Awakened Chain Support becomes like the best support gem for the build by increasing that bonus to 120% per Follow-Through-notable.

Furthermore I think crit is a wasted stat on the build. Instead of Starkonjas, I will aim for an influenced helmet for the "Nearby Enemies take #% increased Physical Damage"-mod and use a Sulphur Flask instead of Diamond.

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