[3.9] Spectral Shield Throw Impale build. [Tanky, Huge damage, Fast clear]

Disclaimer: This build is still a work in progress. I made the build in legion league and am working on remaking it this league. So I haven't played the build in a couple months.

Red map: https://youtu.be/JQsG51JUWWg
Chimera map: https://youtu.be/0sI43SpsbuM
Shaper kill: https://youtu.be/ypa2dDExRg8

3.9 changes:
This build was nerfed a little bit in 3.9 due to point blank being nerfed and monsters gaining more physical damage reduction. It will still be great

3.9 PoB link:

Info about the build:

This jewel makes stt a super good clearing skill. +4 chain with deadeye also gives 40% more damage (ricochet node).

This build uses impale for a lot of damage. As far as i know impale doesn't work on PoB.

We use Brutality gem because we're purely physical and it gives a big boost to physical damage. I'm sure you could get more damage with flasks and phys as extra elemental mods, but this is a physical build.

Map mods:

Physical reflect: This might be possible but probably not.
No leech/regen: These are both hard on 90% of builds and this one is no exception. If you get both on 1 map then basically impossible.


**Divide and Conquer Jewel**

Gear explanation:

**Divide and Conquer Jewel**
Divide and Conquer Jewel is what makes this skill feel great. Place it in the jewel socket at the very bottom center of the tree under duelist start.

Watcher's eye: We only use pride aura so there aren't many options. All of the pride mods are pretty good so if you can get 2 of them that'd be a great jewel

You need as much armor on your shield as possible. 2,000+ is good but it's possible to get 3k+ shields. Evasion shields work the exact same but have lower possible amounts, so it's up to you.

There aren't many options since your main hand weapon is just a stat stick. This gives 36% attack speed with 3 greens.

The helm enchant isn't necessary. 5 extra shards only gives 1 extra shard due to the Divide and Conquer jewel. It is the best enchant for the clear though, second best being sst damage or 12% attack speed with blood rage.

Carnage heart has all the stats you could ever want for this build. By no means necessary but it's a good option. Another great option would be a vulnerability Impresence. This would allow you to use flesh and stone+Dread banner.

I use this for a free 7th link. Do not use this unless you have it 6 linked, otherwise there's not much point.
Use pierce gem if you're not using lioneye's
The Perfect Form - for 30% spell dodge and free arctic armor
Loreweave - I don't like this item but it would work fine in this build.
Rare armor - Cheap 6 link with some life and res.

These just make clearing feel more smooth, not required at all.
Other options:
Rare gloves - Life/Resist. The hunter gloves can give % impale on hit. the warlord can give culling strike.
Offering to the Serpent - Get vaal pact with these and you can leech a lot better. If you have these then damage on full life gem is a lot better!

Rare items with life and resists. You can get vulnerability on hit with rings and if you get that then replace blasphemy aura with flesh and stone + dread banner.

The Nomad is a good belt for some damage but gives no life

No unique flasks in this build.


Main skill:
Spectral shield throw > Brutality > Impale > Vicious projectiles > Pierce > Maim > Slower projectiles/Faster attacks/Damage on full life -
The last one is up to preference. Slower proj will hurt you clear, faster attacks will help it and damage on full life wont affect it

Movement skill:
Shield charge > Faster attacks > Fortify > Blood magic
Blood rage - Summon stone golem - Portal
Blasphemy - Vulnerability - Pride - Enlighten


Link: www.poeurl.com/cIPn

I made this shield at level 32 just by buying it in a shop, quality to 20% then alching it and this was good until maps.

Leveling: Go right away to to the duelist area and get iron grip and all the impale nodes in the area. Then finish everything in the duelist area. Then start going up to shadow area of the tree. Only get point blank if you need it

Resolute Technique: If you can't get 95%+ accuracy then get resolute technique. You can also get it on a corruption on your sword.

Blood magic: If you struggle with mana leech you can get blood magic and use only pride for auras. Almost all of my characters i level, i get blood magic then undo it once i get to maps.


We go deadeye because:
Tailwind makes everything faster and +1 Chain is nice plus that node gives 50% more damage on single target because of divide and conquer.

Gathering winds > Far shot > Ricochet > Fast and Deadly

Other ascendancy options:

Slayer: Probably 2nd best option. You could use bane of legends and brutal fervor for better leech and damage.
Gladiator: You could use this for bleed explosions and 20% more attack/movement speed.
Jugg: Could probably make a crit build with juggernaut
Champion: This would be better than deadeye for bossing possibly.

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You don't mention champion, I thought it could be a good option for impale builds esp. with watcher's eye with +2 impale hits while affected by pride you can get 9-hit impales. What do you think?
Id like to have the skill tree linked please if you dont mind :)
Viktranka wrote:
You don't mention champion, I thought it could be a good option for impale builds esp. with watcher's eye with +2 impale hits while affected by pride you can get 9-hit impales. What do you think?

That could be good too but imo the rest of the class is underwhelming. the impale watcher's eye is the best though

Raeth3 wrote:
Id like to have the skill tree linked please if you dont mind :)

added 3 gameplay videos

Red map: https://youtu.be/JQsG51JUWWg
Chimera map: https://youtu.be/0sI43SpsbuM
Shaper kill: https://youtu.be/ypa2dDExRg8

Keep in mind this isn't even the full potential of the build i have a 2.2k armor shield and level 19 gems for example
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been trying out this build with a few alterations, instead of running the blood magic route you could take some extra auras, like herald of purity or even skitterbots is pretty strong. And as for mana leech, I picked up the cluster just above arrow dancing, still plays super strong. just some food for thought.
very nice build tho so good job :).
Updated for 3.9! Very few changes to this build this patch! I will be playing this in trade league on release
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I played an Ice Version of SST in Legion and loved it, so I decided to give it another shot this league. With the nerfs to "XY as extra chaos"-stats and the rarity of Eternity Shroud, I decided to give pure phys some love.

Here are my thoughts about your approach with my current league experience (2 red Exiles down, Delve 100, facetanking T12 Metamorphs, farming T14 Maps):

My Tree

Next level up will be spend on the Jewel slots near Charisma and Juggernaut (2 points each for 2 7% life/damage jewels).
Far Shot and Point Blank are not needed imho.
Using Iron Reflexes on the other hand is a must for me. We allready invest a ton into Armour with the Shield+Lioneys Vision, why not use it properly?
Rupture does nothing for your build, if you go Resolute Technique. RT is bollocks anyway, Accuricy should never be a problem on a Deadeye. Go Fast and Deadly instead for the AS and Projectile Damage.

My thoughts about some of your item choices:

Heamophilia are useless. I first used them as well and bleed explosions feel super satisfying, but they are by no means a great addition to the build, because clearspeed is not the problem on SST.
I bought a pair of Maligaros. They are crazy good! Fixed 300% Critmulti is super strong for the build on top of some AS and Crit.

Instead of a rare Helmet and a Carnage Heart, I would rather use a rare Amulet and a Starkonjas. You can use the Catalysts to boost resists on the amulett if you need.
Also, the "5 more shards" enchant on helmet in my opinion is garbage. Again: clear is NOT the issue. 40% increased damage is way better on Bosses. A 40% SST-Starkonja costs less than 40c.

Not using a "The Nomad" belt is a crime. ~80% inc Damage together with resists, dex and strength is a nobrainer. You loose some life, true, but that's not so bad.

Quartz, Stibnite and Sulphur Flask? I'd rather use a Silver, Diamond and Rumis. Also, get a Basalt and ditch Quicksilver. We can perma Shield Charge, no need for running^^

Hunter Rings can roll "Vulerbility on hit". That's like the best Rings you can get.

Thoughts about Skill-Setups

We allready have tons of Armour from Body Armour+Shield. If we get Iron Relfexes and change the Flask Setup a bit more Armour-centric, we can reach ~25k Armour. Molten Shell is a nobrainer there!
My MS can absorb 5-6k Damage. That's effectively doubling my eHP!
I suggest using it in a CWDT-Setup with inc Duration and Vulnerbilty (until you have a Hunter Ring with Curse Vulnerbility on hit).

Next, Attack Speed is our friend. And Impale is our friend. Why not using Vaal Haste and Dread Banner?!
Also, Flesh and Stone gives a better Maim, than Maim support. Why not use it?
Using Pride if you have a Pride WE is great. If I get one, I would use Pride+Banner+Flesh&Stone+Enlighten. Blood Magic is not great on this build, way to many mana-reserve-skills that are good. And it's 4 points for essentially 20% Life. That's like 4 small nodes. Never use it^^
Ancestral Protector is also a good addition to the build to melt bosses.
I gave it Faster Attacks, Culling Strike and Block Chance reduction (vs. Block Metamorphs for easier culling and the base -5% block chance).
Faster Attacks as a 6th Link on SST is worse than Slower Projectiles. Our SST is super fast, even with Slow Proj, why not use the free multi?

That's about it for now. If I experiment more with Hunter Items ect, I will update this.
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Yes you def want the nomad belt

I am playing this build also with a few modifications, pretty much everything said by Arandur was spot on

As for the six link SST, i replaced faster attacks with Dmg on full life

You can use the hemophila gloves for a bit until u gear out, they are kinda worthless end game

Molten Shell was made for this spec, if your not using it then your wrong

Im using blood magic right now, i didnt use it on my duelist sst build.. prob gonna experiment with some other buffs.. pretty sure flesh and stone + banner is better

edit ... took the four points out of blood magic, put those 4 points towards retaliation, dropped pride for
hearld of purity, flesh and stone, dread banner

feels alot better
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I played a lot more since my last post. Here is what I changed:

- changed Molten Shell to selfcast. Way more controlable and reliable
- ditched my Golem (was dead all the time anyway)
- Found a bottled Faith. Seems stronger than Diamond Flask. No recomended for newer players though, it costs like 12 Ex
- Specced into Point Blank. Facetanking Metamorphs, Drox and Mapbosses feels more satisfying now
- Upped my chaos Res. Feels way better now

Plans for the future:

Ditch Starkonjas and Maligaros and unspecc crit nodes. I feel like I may can squeeze out more Survivability and roughly the same DPS without going crit.
My DPS on Sirus was fine, I just got oneshot by a bunch of stuff.
Ultimate goal would be a Pride+Precision Watchers Eye, but I don't have a spare 80 Ex^^

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