[3.8] Winter Orb Poison (?) Assassin - All Content up to Uber Elder/Off-meta Build

Winter orb poison???

-Good clear speed
-Good single target damage
-Good sustain
-Up to 75% chance to dodge attack/spell hits (depends on the effectiveness of elusive), roughly 50% chance to evade attacks
-Herald of ice explosion is satisfying
-Off-meta build

-Not the tankiest build (Not squishy either)
-Poison build but cannot handle elemental reflect maps lol


-If you are looking for a VERY STRONG build, go to my previous build. This build is strong, but not strong enough to kill everything while watching Youtube.
-This build doesn't work if your damage is too low. This means that you need a lot of currency. Prepare at least 10 ex before you start this build.

Build Idea
Normally, poison builds suffer from two issues. One is sustain since you can't leech from posion damage. Sustain is not an issue in T15 maps or lower, because life flasks are enough there. However, once you enter T16 maps, you'll realize the sustain problem.
The other issue is clear speed because poison is a stacking DoT. Poison can deal a lot of damage when you apply a lot of stacks on your target, but you lack burst damage that is necessary to kill packs quickly.

This build solves these issues by using hit damage. In contrast to most poison builds, this build has relatively high hit damage to kill mobs quickly. We also uses Herald of Ice to help us to clear mobs. Because our hit damage is high, we can also leech life. Our hit damage is not enough to kill rare/unique enemies, so we rely on poison damage to kill them.

Winter orb is a great skill for poison builds because multiple projectiles from the same cast can hit the same target (shotgun). Also, the "less projectile damage" mod of Greater multiple projectiles support (GMP) doesn't affect our poison damage, because poison is not "projectile". Thus, we can use GMP as a "500% more poison damage" support as long as all the projectile hit a single target.

How to scale your damage

Mods that scales both hit and poison damage (Highest priority)
-Increased damage
-Increased cold damage
-Add x cold damage (to spells)
-Add x chaos damage (to spells)
-Gain xx% of elemental damage as extra chaos damage
-Gain xx% of non-chaos damage as extra chaos damage
-Increased chaos damage (once you gain "extra chaos damage")

Mods that scales only poison damage
-Increased poison damage
-Increased damage over time
-Increased damage over time multiplier
-Increased chaos damage over time multiplier

Mods that scales only hit damage (Lowest priority, don't take these)
-Increased spell damage
-Increased projectile damage
-Increased area damage

Gear and Gems

These three uniques are essential. Corrupted mods are not mandatory, and you have several choices. For Watcher's Eye, look for at least one of the Vitality mods.
Icefang Orbit enables us to shatter enemies and proc Herald of Ice.

Other items:

Note that empower support is optional; use it if you have trouble spending your exalts. If you cannot afford level 4 enlighten, drop Malevolence and use herald of agony.

Minimum requirement:
Weapon: Scepters with "elemental damage as extra chaos damage" and crafted cold damage/chance to freeze. Note that scepters can't roll chaos damage over time mod.
Crafting Guide

Visit here and multimod.
Otherwise, buy a shaped sceptre with level 85 or higher and craft it with Aberrant Fossil. Once you get 16-20% elemental damage as extra chaos damage (and despair on hit), annul until you remove unnecessary mods.

Body Armour: 6-linked and decent life.
Helmet: Decent life and resists.
Boots: Temple mod (30%MS and chance to dodge attack or spell hits), some life and resists.
Belt: Life and resists.
Ring: Life and resists. Crafted -3 mana cost.
Amulet: Non-chaos damage as extra chaos damage and life. Crafted -3 mana cost.
Anointment: Whispers of Doom if you have temp chain corruption on gloves, otherwise Hunter's Gambit (damage) or Constitution (life). Cheaper option is Corruption


"Corrupted blood cannot be inflicted on you" is highly recommended. Unique jewels are optional. Brutal Restraint can grant you "gain onslaught on kill". Use divine orbs until you find this mod. For the position of these jewels, see my PoB link (Passive Tree Section)


If you don't have "Despair on hit" sceptre, use Witchfire Brew instead of Dying Sun.

Passive Tree
Ascendancy points

Crit sucks for poison. Don't take it.

Level 95 Passive Tree

PoB link https://pastebin.com/yLLp68pt

Bandit & Pantheon

Kill all
Soul of Lunaris/Soul of Shakari

Start with blight, then Bane. At level 43 you can eqiup the unique gloves and start poison Winter Orb.

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