[3.8] Explosive Auto Summoner (V.3)


Disclaimer: This build is very hard to gear for. You need high level witch and an expensive Elegant Hubris!


Quick Explanation:
Automatically summon exploding minions to kill everything around you while walking.



Using 2 x Heartbound loop rings, when a minion dies, we take 700 damage. By using level 20 skeletons, zombies, and spectres, that is a total of 5 minions. if they all die, we take 3500 damage. This is enough to activate every level 20 CWDT to resummon the minions and repeat the process.

Killing your minions:

To make the minions die, all minions need to be supported with Infernal Legion, which is a support gem that burns the minion for 40% of its life per second. Since minions have about 40% fire resist, in order to kill them quickly, you need to use Maligaro's Lens with Necromantic Aegis, as well as Fortress Covenant.

Maligaro's Lens puts the minions to -10% fire resist. Fortress Covenant can make them take over 200% increased damage. See below for a picture:

Using the Minion Instability Passive on the tree, once a minion reaches 33% life, it explodes in an area, dealing fire damage. This is what we scale to kill everything. That means we need to focus on getting high minion life as well as minion damage.

Life Sustain:
Since we take so much damage, we need a way to not die. This is done using several mechanics.

1) a level 1 CWDT with Desecrate, spell cascade, and spirit offering. Each time a minion dies, we gain about 900ES. The Spirit offering also applies to each minion, making them stagger their deaths rather than all dying at once. This is helpfull for us taking less damage and allowing for spirit offering to proc more consistently.

2) Maw of Conquest provides constant life recovery for 20% of the damage we take. Since we are constantly taking ~3500 damage every second more or less, that is at least 600 regen.

3) Mind over Matter from the skill tree, as well as a clarity modded Watcher's Eye with 20% of damage taken gained as mana as well as 10% additional MoM. Any damage we take to life is split with mana, which recovers extremely fast.

4) Elegant Hubris Supreme Decadence - this makes life flasks apply to ES. you can top up your ES to full or just use as needed. A well rolled Forbidden Taste Flask basically restores ES and HP to full in 1 use.

5) Maligaro's Lens can heal you if a minion dies while you are very close to it. This can be a 2K + life heal from your zombies/spectres.


Elegant Hubris Stats:

Path of Building/Skill Tree:

Main characters: Deep_water - AnomaIy - Artica
Build guides: https://www.pathofexile.com/forum/view-thread/1602863
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Quite clever. Sad that it is pretty much one-shot food.

As with my Skeleton Bomber, Minion Instability + Infernal Legion damage is not an issue, either delivery system or tank are...
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As usual, great and unique
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