[3.8] Ascendant wild strike lightning / blade flurry ONE TAP THE WHOLE SCREEN (In depth Build guide)

Hello! This is my first guide in the forums, featuring the one tap the whole screen scion build, wild strike lightning and blade flurry. Inspired by Somayd's Elementalist one tap build on 3.5

This build have quite a few mechanics behind it, I will explain it more in depth later on how this build functions

This build revolves in The Three Dragons and Inpulsa to work around. It is like a reave / bf build but the clear is way more better. Bossing damage able to reach at least 1.1mil shaper dps with a chest swap. This build can possibly go for a wild strike only, but I haven't personally tested it myself.

DISCLAIMER : this build is not fully completed yet!!!

How this build works?
When you kill an enemy, 2 explosions will happen, one of them is inpulsa explosion, and another is herald of ice explosion.

Inpulsa explosion deals lightning damage, but does not shock.
Herald of ice deals cold damage, able to chill / freeze enemy.

So, we use Three Dragons to change the ailment that our inpulsa and herald of ice inflict. This is the effect after equipping Three Dragons

Inpulsa explosion deals lightning damage, able to freeze
Herald of Ice deals Cold damage, able to ignite

Why Cold to Fire on herald of ice?
Because our cold damage is able to ignite, cold to fire increases our ignite damage, and thus our ignite damage is able to shock.
When our ignite is able to shock, it deals significantly more damage to our targets

Why Elemental Proliferation on herald of ice?
When our herald of ice kills an enemy, it will spread the ignite to nearby enemies too, and this will repeat overtime until it hits an enemy which can't easilly die from ignite or simply out of range.

Sometimes our ailment won't inflict properly, so I use The Taming to boost our chance on inflicting elemental ailments, and increasing our damage. But it's not 100% mandatory for this build to work

One tap the whole screen
One tap destroys the whole blighted lane
Feels very satisfying, very clean herald of ice and inpulsa explosions
A fast zoom zoom build
Better than reave clearing
1.1 mil shaper dps for a non crit build
Can be converted into a mf build.

Need to swap chest everytime you encounter a boss
Need to keep your golems alive for more potential dps
Leveling is not beginner friendly
May be expensive for some players
Not league starter

Current PoB

Blood Aqueduct (Act 9) clear on lvl 70+
Siege T15 map with some mf gear
More coming soon

You walk up in front of a pack, hit just one of the monsters, and you will see a lot of explosions going on just like in the clip

Swap chest into a blade flurry setup, channel your blade flurry until it have 6 stages, release, then whirling blades and dash to a side, then repeat.

Note : Keeping both of your golems alive is very important, especially when you don't have uber lab done, keeping your ice golem alive is very important. Due to lack of accuracy rating, it will significantly lower your accuracy rating, thus lowering your overall dps by A LOT.


All mandatory items

At least aim for a high tier added flat lightning. Attack speed and Elemental damage with attacks greatly buff our damage, but is not 100% mandatory.

Note = IF you want to go FULL ON wild strike lightning only, go for high percentage physical. Around +400pdps weapons will able to fulfill your needs. You CANNOT go for blade flurry if you go for physical damage claws

Helmet (Mandatory item)
Mine is corrupted, you can ignore this fact. Try to look for helmet enchantment
"wild strike chains an additional x times" or
"blade flurry increase x damage"
Wild strike enchantment allows you to have more possible offscreens,
while blade flurry enchantments allows you to have higher bossing damage.

Chest (One Mandatory item)
For clearing, we only have one option.
You don't exactly need it to be 6l, 5L is able to help me clear T16 content already, but have difficulties on some rare monsters. If you don't have this item, your chains will feel flaccid, thus it does feels bad without it.

For bossing, I personally use

This is one of the cheapest choice (for me) to go for max potential dps and survivability. It can reach a potential of 1.5 mil dps with my shitty claw on shaper dps (6 stage release).
If you are on a super low budget, you could just use a tabula

(Doesn't need to be +1, just a normal tabula also works)

For gloves, we have a wider varieties to choose. I personally using

to test out the chaining and currently to adjust my resistance
You could use a 1 socketed or 2 socketed tombfist for potential damage.

Or a spiked glove with decent life rolls and res if you are on budget

Any rare boots with life, movespeed and res will do. Nothing very specific here.

Any Stygian vise with elemental damage with attacks works.

You could use 2 socketed abyss belt if you have some very good abyss jewels, it will greatly increase your dps.

There's no mandatory flasks, I'm using 3 unique flasks to boost my damage and defenses.

Then I finish off with 1 life flask and a quicksilver flask

I am aware of no freeze immunity, but open strongboxes with care, sometimes when it freezes you, you're pretty much dead. You could swap cinderswallow to any magic utility flask with freeze immunity. But it will reduce some potential dps.

I highly recommend using The Taming, although it is a bit expensive, it is not totally mandatory.

One of it should do the trick. You could equip 2 of them, but I personally only use one of them.
If you don't have enough currency to buy The Taming, get some opal ring with flat added lightning, or just only life and res should help you.

I highly recommend this amulet cus it greatly improves your clearing speed and dps. If you don't have any, you could go use a Dex amulet with added flat lightning or increase elemental damage with attacks.

Jewels (Important section, 2 mandatory items)
Jewels does play quite a big part in this, firstly, we need 2 combat focus jewels so we only use lightning wild strike instead of 3 elemental wild strike. This jewel is pretty much mandatory.

Then we need an abyss jewel with a high tier flat added lightning damage and some life. Look for these 3 stats
Adds # to # lightning damage to attacks
Adds # to # lightning damage to claw attacks
Increase # to max life
Here are some examples of the cheap abyss jewels you can get for below 10c

Gem Links

Chest piece
Wild Strike - Ancestral Call - Added lighting damage - Hypothermia - Elemental Damage with attacks - Chains / Innervate

For blade flurry setup
Blade Flurry - Elemental damage with attacks - Added lightning damage - Infused Channeling - Concentrated effect - (Lightning penetration, if you are not using Shroud of the lightness)

Boots / Helmet / Gloves
Herald of Ice - Elemental Proliferation - Increase area of effect - Cold to fire

Summon Ice Golem - Summon Lightning Golem - Blood Rage - Arctic armour

Vaal Ancestral Warchief - Faster Attacks - Culling Strike - Herald of Thunder (if you have enough mana reservation, go link with culling strike)

Weapon slots
Whirling blades - Faster attacks - Fortify

Cast when damage taken - wave of conviction - (any curse)

Passive Tree

Passive Tree
1st Part

2nd Part

3rd Part

Transition to Wild Strike

Final Tree (Lvl 90)

Rush Witch Ascendancy, pick Elementalist, their starting point then Marauder Ascendancy, pick Juggernaut


There are a few ways you can level this character, but I personally uses a spell build, and that is orb of storm and storm brand leveling. I have already setup my gear beforehand so I didn't need to search gear by the time I reached lvl 70 and ready to respec into wild strike. If you are leveling without the gear setup, you need to level the main gems in your second weapon slot.

Choices - Orb of Storm + Storm brand leveling (the lvling method I used)
- Frost blades

so here's my full leveling process, (you could level with whatever you want, as long as your tree doesn't need a lot of respec)
Lvl 1 -> Frost blades - Onslaught
-> Explosive trap

Lvl 4 -> Orb of storm - Onslaught - Frost bomb
-> Explosive trap

Lvl 12 -> Storm brand - added lightning damage - Explosive trap
-> Orb of storm - Onslaught

Lvl 31 -> Storm brand - added lightning damage - controlled destruction
-> Orb of storm - added lightning damage - onslaught
-> Lightning spire trap - controlled destruction - elemental focus - concentrated effect (bossing)
-> Herald of Ice + Herald of Lightning

Lvl 51 -> Storm brand - added lightning damage - controlled destruction - hypothermia
-> Orb of storm - Controlled destruction - Added lightning damage - (Increase area of effect / onslaught)
-> Herald of Ice + Herald of Lightning
-> No change in lightning spire trap

If you're using frost blades, you can refer to any frost blades leveling guide, but the tree will be a bit different from mine

Major Gods
Major - Soul of Solaris (General mapping)
We pick Solaris because most of the time we will struggle against isolated targets. If the place is pretty packed, we could 1 tap all the monsters, even bosses too! But if the target is isolated, we won't able to kill it by our explosion chains (obviously), so we will have trouble against isolated targets, and solaris have the best defensive offer

Major - Soul of Lunaris (General mapping, blighted maps)
Lunaris have one of the best defensive options in the game if you harvested all the souls. It's pretty useful in blighted maps so I suggest picking this up especially on blighted maps. You could also use it on general mapping, there's no harm with it.

Major - Arakaali (Uber elder, uber lab)
Arakaali gives one of the best defenses against DoT damage. So picking this up will reduce total damage from bleed (for lab) and the phys damage over time from the summons of Uber elder.

Minor Gods
Minor - Shakari (General mapping)
Shakari gives a handful defensive against poison and DoT damage. This is one of the best defenses that the pantheon can offer to our character. Due to our low lifepool, having reduced chaos damage and poison immunity is very effective to us.

Minor - Gruthkul (Blighted maps)
Gruthkul gives a lot of reduced phys damage for us, it's very effective on a very packed places, it's recommended to pick this when doing blighted maps, an extra defensive layer

Minor - Ralakesh (Uber lab)
Same as Arakali, it gives us reduced phys DoT damage and avoid bleeding, very useful defensive layer against traps

Minor - Garukhan (MF setup / zoom zoom build)
Garukhan offers a bonus movement speed for a MF build to zoom and a defensive layer to increase your survivability especially against bosses.

Kill All, because we are a non crit build. If you want to try a crit build, you could go for help Alira
I cast remi - a very beginner friendly guide : https://www.pathofexile.com/forum/view-thread/2866127
Support me if you want to! ttv/remicaster1
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Passive Tree has now added
I cast remi - a very beginner friendly guide : https://www.pathofexile.com/forum/view-thread/2866127
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What to use instead of taming?
Wiizper wrote:
What to use instead of taming?

Just use any Opal ring with added lightning and elemental damage with attacks. It can be either one or just life and res if you are in a very strict budget.
I cast remi - a very beginner friendly guide : https://www.pathofexile.com/forum/view-thread/2866127
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Are you able to farm red maps easily with your current gear? And do you die a lot?
Once in a blue moon by doing some dumb shit like face tanking a blight boss with wild strike, opening a strongbox on freeze open, abbaxoth comes out and be like "oh hey look an exile", and intervention with a superior weapon called lag. Those are the almost all of the reasons my character die from.
I cast remi - a very beginner friendly guide : https://www.pathofexile.com/forum/view-thread/2866127
Support me if you want to! ttv/remicaster1
How you broke the starting passives connection?
Thank you. I will be trying this build!
Are you still working on this build. currently going for a pure WS build running Esh Claws. doing well but need to get better life rolls in places, was wondering where you were at with it
pretty much abandoned this build, cus the new 3.9 mobs are stronger and this build doesn't have the cutting out damage and clear anymore.

I can safely say that this is no longer viable, I didn't touch it since I found a better and similar build of this.
I cast remi - a very beginner friendly guide : https://www.pathofexile.com/forum/view-thread/2866127
Support me if you want to! ttv/remicaster1

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