[3.8] [Melee] Life Based Wildstrike Inquisitor #100% Conversion #HighCrit #WildStrike

I. Introduction

1.1 Build Highlight

- Cool skill & Melee!
- Good clear speed
- 5.5M Shaper DPS (with flasks & totems); 6.2M shaper DPS (with vaal haste)
- 89% effective crit chance with 3 Power Charges
- 100% elemental damage and penetrates resistance on crit (Inevitable Judgement)
- 5.8-6k life pool
- 76 - 78% max elemental res (Loreweave)

1.2 Build Weakness

- This is melee
- Can't do Ele reflect map
- Hard to achieve 75% resistance of all three elements (since didn't spend many points in passive tree to get res)
- Clear is not as good as some other skills
- Name-locking for using Wild Strike
- May be expensive to build (?)

1.3 Common misconceptions about Wild Strike

1. How about going for EE?
The build doesn't fit EE because we are using Hatred and Herald of Ash. This means we will always be hitting with cold damage and fire damage no matter which element wildstrike randomly picks.

Also, as we have so high crit chance and the ascendancy notable of Inevitable Judgement, we don't have to worry about the resistance of the monsters as we will almost always be ignoring the res (meaning the res of the monsters and bosses are always 0)!

2. Does Wild Strike hit the same monster twice (initial hit + secondary hit)?
No. The monster being hit by the initial hit will not take damage from the secondary hit, despite the visual effect being so.

3. Does the damage of the skill scale with melee damage?
Yes and no. Per POE Wiki:

"An attack with Wild Strike consists of two parts: an initial melee hit that functions similarly to a default melee attack and one of the following effects being chosen at random with equal chance:

- A fiery explosion with the keywords Fire, AoE, Attack
- An icy wave with the keywords Cold, Projectile, Attack
- An arcing bolt of lightning with the keywords Lightning, Chaining, Attack

Modifiers that require a specific keyword only apply to the appropriate portions of the attack. For example, supporting Wild Strike with Melee Physical Damage Support will increase the melee hit's physical and converted damage, but will not increase the damage of the secondary elemental effect. That said, passive points that grant Increased damage with one-handed melee weapons for example will in fact affect the triggered attacks as well if one is using a one-handed weapon, since it is still an attack that is dealt with a melee weapon (though the damage you're dealing is not actually melee damage). Similarly, supporting Wild Strike with Lesser Multiple Projectiles Support will cause the Icy Wave to fire additional projectiles and deal less damage, but will not affect any other portions of the attack."

II. Passives and Pantheon

2.1 Passives & Anointment & Bandits

POB Link

Passive tree link

Go for either Blood Drinker (life leech & 8% life) OR Soul Raker (life + mana leech & increased recovery from life leech) to free up 3 points from the tree to get the Life and Mana Leech node. You can use these 3 points to further increase your life pool and go for Acrobatics for more survivability.

Alira or 2 passives

Inevitable Judgement -> Sanctuary -> Instruments of Virtue / Pious Path

2.2 Pantheon

Major: Soul of Lunaris (or Soul of Solaris if facing boss alone)
The physical reduction buff is just sweet!

Minor: Soul of Yugul
Yugul gives 25% reduced reflected damage taken. Tgt with Atziri's Promise, you should be able to deal with reflect monsters. But Ele Reflect Map mod is still strongly advised to avoid.

III. Gem and Gears

3.1 Gem Links

Main attack skill - Wild Strike
6L: Wild strike - Multistrike - Elemental Damage with Attacks - Increased Critical Strikes (switch to Elemental focus or Ruthless when your effective crit chance is high enough without the gem) - Inspiration - Damage on full life (for boss) or Ancestral call (for mapping)

4L: Hatred - Enlighten (lvl 4) - Herald of Ash - Herald of Purity
1L: Precision (lvl 1)

Golems & Curse & Defensive
4L: CwDT (lv 7) - Immortal Call (lvl 9) (Or Steel skin) - Assassin's Mark (lvl 10) (Or Enfeeable) - Summon Lightning Golem (lvl 9)

Damage boost
3L: Blood rage - Enhance (lvl 4) (optional) - Vaal ancestral warchief
2L: Ancestral Protector - Multiple Totem
1L: Vaal Haste

3L: Whirling Blade (or Leap Slam) - Fortify - Blood Magic

3.2 Gear

Good DPS and High Crit Chance is a must

Starkonja's Head for its crit chance, dexerity and life. Or any rare items with good life, and helping you with getting up to max resistance/ attribute requirements.

Loreweave for its up to 78% elemental resistance, and DPS boost.

Any rare spiked gloves with good life, resistance & attributes. I used to use Atziri's Acuity, which is great as well for the free Vaal Pact.

Amulet, ring and belt
- Must have high life and good res (aim at achieving capped resistance for all three and life of 5400 and above at lv 90.)

Best to also have:
- Phy Damage
- Crit multiplier or chance

- life
- res
- Movement speed
- Cannot be frozen mod (optional, or just get a flask with the "Of Heat" suffix


(Optional) Use a Combat Focus to block out any elements that you don't want. I have blocked the Fire element for better clear and it has been amazing.

For other jewels, they should have 5% (or up) increased Max Life.

For other mods, opt for the followings:
- Crit chance
- Crit multipler
- Attack speed
- Phy damage
- Resistance
- Attribute requirement of your gear

Life flask + Diamond flask + Taste of hate + Atziri's promise + Lion's Roar

3.3 My gear

IV. Playstyle and Mapping

4.1 Map Mods

Must avoid:

1) Cannot Leech Life from Monsters; Cannot Leech Mana from Monsters
2) Monsters reflect 18% of Elemental Damage
3) Area contains two Unique Bosses (** if the boss of the map is very tough to fight alone)

Should avoid:
(not recommended but you can use flask or adjust play style to cope with them)
1) Unique Boss deals 35% increased Damage; Unique Boss has 30% increased Attack and Cast Speed
Remember to use Taste of Hate, Lion's Roar for more defenses and use whirling blade to maintain the fortify buff.

2) Area has patches of chilled ground & 3) Players are Cursed with Temporal Chains
These mods are actually no big deal. Just that I hate the slow personally.

4) Area has patches of shocking ground
Offense is the best defense. You should try to hit the mobs before they hit you because you will create consecrated ground when critical strikes due to gift from the above! This means you will no longer be standing on shocked ground and not take increased damage.

5) Players are Cursed with Elemental Weakness & 6) Players are Cursed with Vulnerability
Lion Roar, Taste of Hate, Enduring cry and fortify buff from whirling blade should keep you alive in most situation even with this mod.

7) Players cannot Regenerate Life, Mana or Energy Shield
Be careful of blood rage and mana issue.

4.2 Playstyle / Strategy

General Mapping
1) Whirling blade in the mobs to get the fortify buffs
2) Hit with Wildstrike
*Remember to keep using your flasks & blood rage to trigger the Instruments of Virtue attack speed buff

Vs Boss
1) Summon your totems
2) Whirling blade to get fortify buff
3) Hit with Wildstrike
4) Use Atziri's Promise, Lion's Roar and Taste of Hate (or other 5th flask) for further damage and defense
*Remember to keep using blood rage to trigger the Instruments of Virtue attack speed buff

V. Videos

5.1 Videos (To be updated)

VI. Changelog and Old versions

6.1 Changelog

Reserved for later.

6.2 Old versions

(v3.0) https://www.pathofexile.com/forum/view-thread/1953995

Feel free to leave a comment for any questions or suggestions!

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I decided to gave this build a try, since the prospect of criting for full damage on overcapped bosses is too good in theory to be true. Since I had a SSF lv 80 Inquisitor with a full passive respec, why not?

Wild Strike is such a satisfying skill to play. You hit a full screen worth of dudes with a couple of attacks, and it's so colorful and flavorful. I did, however, noticed a couple of things:

- Multistrike felt very awkward, because my timing with it is awful. I either end up holding the attack button and make it cancel itself constantly (wasting it completely), or trying to manually control the timing between attacks to let all the second and third attacks to go out (and miss on damage because of that). So I took it out, and while it theoretically may be a DPS loss, in practice it ends up gaining damage. Also suits better my restless playstyle of constantly moving to dodge stuff.

- I like to keep the damage from the secondary effects on par with the melee hit damage, so I forfeit all improvements to damage that don't apply to the entirety of the skill. That means no Melee Physical Damage support gem, nor any of the Increased Melee Critical nodes on the tree.

So, what I did is this:



I didn't get the Melle Critical Strike nodes because they don't affect the secondary effect of Wild Strike. There are plenty of other crit nodes that do work with them anyway.

I decided to also get a bit of armor to better work with Molten Shell, so I did get Soul of Steel and Iron Reflexes. That, plus going ofor Aliria, also helped with the elemental resistances. I suppose you could trade Aliria for two extra passives and reach Unwavering Stance, like in your original build.


Wildstrike - Elemental Damage with Attacks - Elemental Focus - Added Cold Damage - Increased Critical Strikes - Ancestrall Call

As critical strike chance approaches the maximum, I'll replace Increased Critical Strikes with either Increased Critical Damage or Added Lightining Damage (both seem to increased DPS almost equally). Elemental Focus is important so we don't apply elemental ailments to enemies, which gives us +100% crit chance against them.

4-link (Auras)
Hatred - Herald of Ash - Enlighten - Precision

Adjust Precision level accordingly to what feel enough to not go constantly out of mana. Currently I don't own an Enlighten Gem, so I'm running it at lv 7, but I expect to be able to use at level 15 or so once I finally drop one.

Herald of Ash does have a little inconvenience: it's burn damage does not trigger the first clause of Righteous Providence, so we end up losing the +100% crit and gaining +45% crit multiplier instead. It could be replaced for Herald of Purity or Flesh and Stone for better survivability.

4-link (Curse on Hit setup)
Cast When Damage Taken (lv 1) - Ball Lightning (lv 4) - Curse on Hit (lv 20) - Assassin's Mark (lv 20)

This allows for easily achievable 100% crit chance even with not-so-good gear. Or to replace the Increased Critical Chance gem with something else. Could Go with Enfeeble for better survivability instead.

4-link (Movement)
Whirling Blades - Blood Magic - Culling Strike - Fortify

The default movement skill setup for sword uses. Blood Magic means never having to worry about being out of mana at the last time when you need that dodge from the boss's attack. Some people could prefer Faster Attacks instead of Culling Strike for better mobility.

3-link (Molten Shell)
Vaal Molten Shell - Incresed Duration - Blood Magic

Since the change to Immortal Call, I became more and more inclined to have Molten Shell on demand for damage reduction purposes. Since this build has easy access to armor-improving nodes, I feel like a waste not to use it for that sweet on-demand 80% damage reduction. Blood Magic is a personal preference so I
don't run on the risk of being out of mana when needing the activation (so I can more aggressively level up Precision).

3-link (Blood Rage)
Blood Rage - Enhance - Empower

This allows for +25% attacks speed on Blood Rage. I couldn't think of anything better to put on those slots, so suggestions are welcome (but keep in mind I don't really like golems due to them dying too quickly).

All and all, I like this build a lot. Cool to look at and nice to play!

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