3v3 CTF and General PvP Outreach

For the past few weeks, since the end of Legion, myself and a few others have been organizing 3v3 CTF matches. Right now we have 5 regular PvPers with a few other peripheral players who join now and again.

We mainly run matches Saturday and Sunday (Pacific Standard Time)- these matches can go for a few hours with people coming and going... and generally end when we can't maintain six people.

Instead of the "ethical" standard, we generally use whatever builds are available; however, we avoid builds that attempt to recreate the Korean DMZ. In other words, we use mid-level PvP builds that do not exploit a game mechanic to its logical conclusion. For instance, if a build has a high dmg output, it generally has lower dmg mitigation and vice versa.

But, often enough, during CTF games, we'll break for periods of time where the more experienced Pvpers will unleach their respective cancer: miners, ice novas, scorch ray, etc, to pit against each other in obscenity laden 1v1 matches.

Speaking of obscenities, literally, we do often use Discord - creating ad hoc channels to organize matches and of course, vent our humiliating losses. It's optional, of course, the language can get colorful, and we understand that this sort of thing is not for everyone.

If anyone is interested, and we hope you are, you can contact one of the following ign's:

ign: "Actalo" --- STD & Blight
ign: "AzazelPro" --- STD
ign: "Musclers" or "Noobslaya" --- STD
ign: "Espada_Del_Abismo" --- STD & Blight
ign: "FightMeFwen" --- STD & Blight
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3 vs 3 CTF = Lots of fun

Join us guys
I could throw a build together in stnd
me please
IGN : Relithh , Stronkberry
oops...spilled my vape juice
F swagoo
googie337 wrote:
F swagoo


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