[3.8] Just another LL Necro with 5 Spectres 10k+ ES


I`m sure there are many other guides like this out here in this forum, but I want to share my own version of it.
Thats my first guide so I will update it step by step.

The build has still optimize potential and I will try to get the maximum out of it.

If you have any qestions feel free to ask :)

Pros and Cons

-Cheap for the start, played with a 4 Link to T16 maps
-Kind of tanky, 8k ES with semi good gear, up to 12k with good gear and jewels
-Auras: Flesh and Stone, Aspect of Spider, Discipline, Wrath, Summon Skitterbots which add a lot damage and survivability
-5 Spectres / 9-10 Zombies / 1 Guardian / 1 Golem

-It`s not cheap to get top tier ES gear
-Ele reflect Maps not playable with Slave Drivers


comming soon sorry

Items you need for the build

Shavronnes Wrappings (around 70c)
Midnight Bargain (around 5c)
Shapers Touch (around 5c)

cheap Gear for start

and a rare shield with 200+ES and some res

If you buy rings you should a open prefix that you can craft (12-17)% faster start of Energie Shield Recharge

You need at least 8 Dex on gear to run all Gems the build need. You can get it easy on rings. Also Str is a good stat for the build because it has the same effect like Int with the Shapers touch gloves. That means you get 8% increased ES from 40 Str which is huge! With Int and Str on it you get even more 80 in total gives you 16% increased ES also you get more Life and also Mana. That pushes your ES Pool even higher.

current Gear


you should have a Watchers Eye with 30-40% faster Start of
and also Unending Hunger Jewel

the rare Jewels should have:
- 25-40 ES
- Minion attack and castspeed
- inc minion damage when used a minion skill


Wrath - BloodMagic (lvl 21)- Enlighten (lvl 3) - Generosity

Raise Zombie - Animate Guardian - Meat Shield - Empower or MinionLife

Flesh and Stone - Discipline - Clarity (lvl 1) - Summon Skitterbots

Body Armour:
Raise Spectre - Controlled Destruction - Elemental Focus - Minion Damage -Spell Echo - Feeding Frenzy (switched wtih Conc for Uber Elder)

Shield Charge - Summon Stone Golem - Desecrate (lvl 1)

Armageddon Brand (lvl 1) - Curse on Hit - Conductivity

Convocation - Flesh Offering

PoB Link


IGN: xSickSlam
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Updated start gear
IGN: xSickSlam

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