[3.8] Elusive Purifying Flame Mine Saboteur [Very Cheap]


I would like to share with you my Sabo Purifying Flame Miner.
Current cost of my gear is probably around 100c. This build can do T15 maps without problem. It is fast and safe. It has no problem with blighted maps and has good single target DMG.

Disclaimer: I consider myself a beginner player, this is my second league and actually the first league in which I plan to face end game content.
The main purpose of this guide is to motivate me to prepare this build for the next league as a league starter.
However, it contains several mechanics that are not widely used, but to me they seem quite strong - perhaps they will also interest you.
This guide will be developed as I progress in the game. I don't always have time to play, so development can be slow.

Why you might be interested in this build?

- Purifying Flame - self heal, huge AOE, fast clearing, no targeting, quite strong single target DPS.

- The Agnostic + Indigon + Enduring mana flask - Militant Faith jewel is extremely cheap (~15c) and Indigon is even cheaper. Together they give you an amazing defense boost and practically double your HP.

- Elusive buff on Saboteur (optional) - thanks to Whirling Blades + Nightblade (and quite high crit chance) you get Elusive buff very often when you speed through maps. Whirling Blades are surprisingly good movement spell for Sabo and work well with Smoke Mine. It was supposed to be just an short experiment, but I fell in love with this mechanic. It is 100% optional - you can just go with Shield Charge or Flame Dash (you lose Elusive tho), but i would recommend trying it.


To do:
Section about Agnostic + Indigon mechanic.
Section about Elusive on Saboteur.
In depth section about Gems choice.
In depth about Budget Gear.
End Game Gear.
End game videos.


6Link: High-Impact Mine > Purifying Flame > Trap and Mine DMG > Inspiration > Elemental Focus > Minefield
5Link: High-Impact Mine > Purifying Flame > Trap and Mine DMG > Inspiration > Minefield

High-Impact Mine > Flammability > Wave of Conviction > Vaal Righteous Fire

4Link: Cast When Damage Taken(1) > Enfeeble(5) > Immortal Call(3) > Cold Snap(6)

4Link: Herald of Ash > Clarity > Precision > Enlighten

3Link: Vaal Grace > Smoke Mine > Withering Step

3Link: Whirling Blades + Nightblade + Faster Attacks
Sudo 5Link: [Faster Attacks + Increased Critical Strikes from Dagger] > Whirling Blades > Nightblade > Fortify

Current Gear:
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You should post up a video when you get a chance. I was considering respec'ing my 91 sabo to a different mine setup for kicks later on. It'll probably be a purifying flames version (life, similar to yours).

Though check out BalorMage's ES version, he's pushing Delve 600 with it pretty easily.
T16 Lair of the Hydra

T15 Dark Forest [Breach, Blight and Boss]

Because of my potato-PC i have trouble recording vids - my game slows down alot, so these do not fully reflect how fast you can go with this build.
This weekend I will try to play with the settings, maybe it will help.

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Some great use of mechanics and a cool build. Gave me some new ideas to try.
Thanks for posting!
The overall basis with this mine is pretty versatile.
For defensives can go ES. Can go life+leech with soul tether and machina mitts for that Vaal Pact level HP restore. Can try life mana+mom etc with more than one essence worm. For offensive I've seen two versions, one with a 6L Tremor Rod and Xoph's Blood for full fire convert, and the other being with a 6L Infernal Mantle and some Gain Ele/Non Chaos to Chaos wands+elder amulet for min-max'ing dps.

The overall spell itself is really great due to the high multiplier, good crit base, large aoe, high base damage, and can take advantage of converting phys to ele to chaos shenanigans for some strong dps.

Still not sure what to try myself but at least there's plenty of options.
I have tried a similar build to great success.

However I went bow+quiver to fully convert to fire.

Quiver: signal fire, 50% convert and 40% gain

Bow: multimod bow
+1 all skills
+2 supp gems
Mine dmg

Multi craft
Crit multi
Mine throw speed

2 x circle of anguish with 90%+ hoash buff effect (practically triples your gain as fire)

Wear either kaoms heart or carcass jack for more aoe.

And cranking out the dmg. I just cant stand the clunkyness of throwing mines using minefield, it locks up my character and got me killed several times.

The dmg is there though.
I'm running a squishy work in progress glass canon variant of it so far. Mainly using stuff to do phys to other ele conversion and non chaos/ele to chaos conversion stuff including using a 6L Infernal Mantle (they're dirt cheap, can get uncorrupted 6L of those for 30c).

Haven't pushed it past T11 yet, but the dps is pretty nuts so far. A lot more work and refinement to do, but it does have some great potential.
Just for shits and giggles I stole natherox's PoB gear, slightly altered his Divine Ire Tree and made a completely stupidly expensive total DPS build variant. I could never afford it myself, so I can't speak for it's effectiveness, but the average hit IS over 9 million Boss DPS with everything down (over 7 million without Shock allocated).

There are probably many 100+ exalt builds out there that are better than this one... but as I said - shits and giggles. Have a look for lols if you want. PoB: https://pastebin.com/xgeHWEmW

Personally I run a very similar build to the OP. Except no Militant Faith. I use Skitterbots, HoA with two Circle of Anguish rings, MoM, Indigon - about 150 chaos worth of gear all in all. Nothing special. It is actually pretty tanky as long as you keep your distance from Bosses and don't get one shot. T16 is no worries, haven't done Shaper or Uber Elder yet, but knowing the fights already I can tell you they won't be an issue damage wise, just have to dodge their major attacks. The only consideration is the low life due to Indigon and the rings having no HP. MoM helps and with an Enduring Eternal Mana Flask I have never had any mana problems.

Thanks again to the OP. Hope everyone is having fun with the build.
I thought I was original with my build, but I guess you thought of it first.

Here's my Eternity Shroud CI build, pumping out 1.5 mil Shaper DPS per hit


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