[3.8] Gladiator Cyclone Facebreaker + Craiceann set, only 5l, the Crab Breaker

hi , here is my gladiator 79% block , 90% physical reduction, more 20k armour, cannot be stunned, no bleeding, no poison, cap resistance, life 6,7k to 7,3k.

I 6l the craiceann carapace but i play the rarity gem, so u just need a 5l if u are not rich.

This crab is very tanky and power is decent, u can conquer the atlas quietly, but no reflect physical maps (i dont try recently but with a lowest conf it was just impossible, i think its always).

Clear speed is really good, the guy is fast with challenger charges. The reckoning on the Surrender is just awesome and brutal.


The unique items :

The rare items : look my rare they are decent and i play rarity but i think u can have a way better !

U search on rare is life , resistance, add physical, and dont forget some intelligence if u use a blue socket and some few physical leech.

Active skill : Cyclone + melee physical + brutality + pulverise + fortify

for 6 links u can add : increased aoe, concentrated aoe, infusion, or rarity or rage but its better to have the blue socket

Guard skills : CWDT level 4 + Molten shell + Enfeeble + increased duration

Auras : Aspect of the crab, Pride, Blood and sand, Dread Banner. Enlighten lvl 3 isnt mandatory but its more confortable, u have some mana gain on hit on tree.

Movement : Shield charge + faster attacks
Utility : Warlord mark, Vaal ancestral warchief

Reckoning on The Surrender with melee physical, brutality an pulverise, Insane !

For the flasks , i use :

The passive tree : (and u can see the jewels, rare with life, phys, aoe etc...)

Ascendancy : Painforged, Versatile Combattant, Arena challenger and Violent Retaliation.

Pantheon : Soul of Shakari and Soul of Arakaali

Thanks !

I test with exactly the same tree a full crab version switching the facebreaker for the craiceann gloves, i need your advices for the best 1 h weapon i can use for that , i have soultaker, scaeva, and scaeva is decent with the leech, but dps is limit even if i still can a t15 boss with scaeva and rarity, is paradoxica a good choice ?

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