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Last bumped on Apr 6, 2021, 1:34:17 PM
mines very super strong and feel completelly insane

that support same
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I noticed that High-Impact Mine Support greatly increases my mine throwing speed. Is that normal situation? I was looking for some info about that(this gem is increasing mine throwing speed) but nothing. Please let me know why is it happening.

I think this gem is overpowered

Pros: Cons:
30%mana multi 20%less dmg on lvl20 (no capped)
chance to get x2 dmg
(greatly increases mine throwing speed)

As u can see, if i am right and this gem is bugged due to this [(greatly increases mine throwing speed)] it is so strong.

Should this -you will throw a mine that will use the skill for you when you detonate it- works with normal trap gems like Lightning trap? I know it is normal due to the gem mechanics, just wondering if it should be because if i throw 18 lightning traps and detonate it each trap lands another trap on the ground. Comparing this with this mine throwing speed it's just insasne

I am a level 100 saboteur miner who has been playing for about 5 leagues now as a miner.

There is one thing however that has bugged me which is the fact that my main skill is not considered a mine skill. When I connect high-impact mine support to my ball lightning skill it becomes a mine. However, the ball lightning gem does not gain the mine descriptor for the duration of being connected to high impact. I feel this is unfair because the skill has clearly been converted into a mine state. Gems have been shown to change descriptors when they are transformed such as purity of lightning changing to vaal purity of lightning and gaining the duration tag. So my question is why can't skill gems that are converted to mines through high-impact mine support gain the mine tag.

I will also add the reason this is important is for specific corrupt modifiers such as the one on my current chest. I got lucky with the corruption but it feels deflating when i am a miner but cannot benefit fully with plus 2 to mine gems unless i change to a mine specific skill like icicle mines.

Thank you for reading
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