Venom Gyre

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Last bumped on Nov 21, 2020, 8:48:32 AM
neat skill.
scion gets venom gyre at lvl 12 but cant get whirling blades till library a3.
i realize scion has access to a large% of gems early,
and ED/contagion skill combos are neat-
but either give both or neither.
Last edited by zephiroth3 on Dec 9, 2019, 9:04:38 PM
My main feedback for this skill after playing it on 2 assassins is that either multiple projectiles or pierce or both, along with longer range of projectiles before they return would help the skill quite a bit. Using Shaper boots for pierce (pretty much the only boots to choose for this build) to avoid using the pierce support in 6-link, and multiple projectiles for those extra projectiles and less damage limits the damage scaling and/or support gem options quite a bit. Also, the 90-116% damage effectiveness cap on the gem makes it a poison only build for best scaling, rather than being a potential physical/chaos damage build that doesn't need the poison damage scaled up with support gems to kill bosses well.

What I was thinking about the multiple (Maybe 3?) projectile piece is that Cobra Lash chains without a chain support. And similar to venom gyre the ability is claw and dagger dependent. This lack of need of a support to chain makes it a much easier skill to level with than venom gyre.

My #1 suggestion is to make the projectiles pierce all targets they hit regardless of how many units the attack passes through. If you try playing the venom gyre skill without a pierce support or shaper boots you will be quickly overwhelmed by high density areas.

Since assassins can't use quivers and bows (which give extra projectiles and pierce gearing options) and this is a claw or dagger projectile build with extreme range limitations compared to a bow or mine projectile, there are extremely limited number of monsters that get hit by each attack in high density areas like delve, legion monoliths, high density maps, etc. This forces the build to rely on corpse explosions for clearing high density monster areas- which is really really expensive to acquire. Either Asenath gloves, the explosion modifier on chest, or the cluster jewel that gives 10% chance to explode corpses are options, but all are expensive and without this as a near 100% modifier the monsters just stack up.

The dream would be to have venom gyre pierce all monsters with it's limited attack range without extra pierce modifiers, and that the mobs killed either by the outgoing or return projectile would explode and/or destroy corpses. The short range also causes a lot of deaths in delve due to bug corpses blowing up at your feet before you can move forward during the node fights where density is generally the thickest.

The build has a lot of promise, and is very survivable, but it can be miserable to try to fight high tier bosses with since the curse enhanced damage drops off so much and poison damage is slow.

tldr- Venom Gyre needs pierce all monsters hit and probably 3 projectiles as the starting point to feel as good as bow skills do and to have better damage scaling in the end game.

I was going to give separate feedback for whirling blades, the counterpart of venom gyre. The main issue with this skill is if you move your mouse and it targets a monster and use the skill, then move your mouse away to move away and hit the skill again, if the monster isn't dead you just bounce over the monster that was targeted on the first click instead of to your mouse cursor. This has caused me a lot of trouble when fighting Sirus, as the skill has thrown me outside of his "arena" in the early phases and caused him to go up in the air instead of continuing the fight.
Last edited by phoronid on Oct 15, 2020, 6:56:23 PM
hi there,

it would be cool if "venom gyre" has a build-in AOE on hit and more base projectiles, and maybe also a melee gem tag which would be really net for some fun combos early on

kind regards

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