[3.8] Cospri's Malice Scion (Ice Nova,Frostbolt) Budget and Endgame


I like creating builds for Path of Exile and this league I feel confident enough to share my achievements with you. This build is inspired by multiple other builds out there but I realized that Cospri's CoC is not so popular anymore due to recent changes affecting dual-wielding it.

Therefore I present to you my dual wielding Cospri's Malice cast on crit Ice Nova and Frostbolt SCION/ASCENDANT build.

Table of Contents

1. Pros & Cons
2. Path of Building Link
3. Leveling Tips
4. Ascendancy and Pantheon
5. Lvl 68
6. Non-Budget Version
7. Afterword

Pros & Cons

+ Good Clear Speed
+ Good Defenses (MoM, Granite Flask)
+ Fun Playstyle
+ Mobile/High Attackspeed
+ Can be used at lv 38 with tabula
+ Budget version

- Only ~800k Shaper DPS with 3-4 Ex investment
- Not Cpu friendly at times
- No league starter
- Cannot facetank everything
- Elemental Reflect is still a problem (Blight monster density)


I also put lvling trees in this POB link.
For budget and lvling items please read the parts below.


For Leveling use what you feel comfortable with.
I used Frostblades until I hit level 12 then I lvled with Blade Vortex until reaching lvl 38. This is where the fun began :D Since this was my second character I already had a tabula, which made things alot easier.

Since CoC requires a high Critchance it usually cannot be used early in the game. But this build makes use of Powercharges early in the game.

LVL 38: 6L Tabula:
*Blade Flurry
*Cast on Crit
*Power Charge on Crit
*Increased Critical Strikes
*Ice Nova

Get a Diamond Flask!!!
Use the Precision Aura and also get an Ice Golem.
Use a Hybrid Life and Mana Flask if you skilled Mind over Matter and need the other flask slots.
Frozen Trail Jewel is required for multiple Frostbolts.

I used The Goddess Bound Whalebone Rapier as weapon since I happend to drop it. You can use any Weapon but it should have a high Atkspeed.

Might of the Meek is not required, but nice.
Oskarm Nubuck Gloves are good for lvling but also not required.

Otherwise try to cap your resistances and get some life&Mana.

After 38 work your way up to the power charge in the skill tree and the Cold Damage Cluster as seen in the Lv 68 Skilltree in PoB.

Ascendancy and Pantheon

Normal Lab:
+20 Str +20 Int in Inquisitor direction
+20 Dex +20 Int in Assassin direction

Cruel Lab:
Assassin Ascendancy Node

Merciless Lab:
Inquisitor Ascendancy Node

Uber Lab:
Inquisitor starting point Ascendancy

Soul of Solaris

Soul of Gruthkul
Soul of Yugul on Reflect maps
Soul of Abberath (since burning ground from blight monsters really hurt)

Lvl 68

The obvious reason lvl 68 is so important is the lvl requirement for Cospri's Malice.

As soon as you hit this lvl you should pick up 2 of those Swords, since they are not that popular anymore they should be cheap ~50 chaos after league start.

I made alot of tests and used different links for these weapons at first and came to the conclusion that the ones shown in PoB are the best choice.

CAUTION: POB Links require at least the Assassin Ascendancy Node or Oskarm Gloves.

I aimed for the Inquisitor ascendancy before getting the Assassin Ascendancy due to the huge Damage boost, but also back then I used Inquistor and Raider Ascendancy therefore you should aim for the Assassin Ascendancy first in order to gain enough Dexterity to equip Cospri's Malice.

If you lack further stats just go for the +30 Nodes or a better Amulet.

1. Cospri's Link:
With Assassin
*Frost Bolt
*Culling Strike

Without Assassin & Raider instead
*Frost Bolt
*Powercharge on Crit
*Culling Strike

2. Cospri's Link:
Without Bloodrage
*Ice Nova
*Concentrated Effect
*Ice Bite

With Bloodrage (Only use this if you have no to little Energy Shield)
*Ice Nova
*Concentrated Effect
*Elemental Focus

As body armour use Carcass Jack for really smooth clear. 5L with Prophecy is enough.
5L Link:
*Blade Flurry
*Cast on Crit
*Increased Critical Strikes
*Ice Nova
*Concentrated Effect

Also grab a Starkonja Helmet.

On Lvl 71 you can switch your Oskarm Gloves for Shapers Touch to gain more accuracy rating and more Defenses. Remember to use a warlords mark Ring after that. With Shapers Touch you can remove the early accuracy rating nodes.

IMPORTANT: Only remove your Mana/Hybrid Flask when you reached the node Mind Drinker. After that you won't need a Mana Flask anymore since your Mana regen is way higher than your Life regen.

Non-Budget Version

Body Armour: 6L Carcas Jack or 5L Shroud of the Lightless (5L Prophecy doesn't work)
Carcas Jack more damage but less defences
Lightless cheaper but less damage but more Life, Evasion and ES. I never really realize when I get Shade Form... which is unfortunate for being such a nice idea but I does not really safe your ass due to the high CD.

Amulet: Pandemonius Amulet gives a huge offensive and defensive boost, 20% Cold Resistance Penetration and Blind on Hit. This is worth every penny you pay for it. Make sure to get the correct Cold Resistance in order to Balance your Wise Oak. Using Blessing of Tul on Halcyon rerolls every stat therefore is not recommended.

Flasks: Wise Oak is not really expensive but I would still put it in the non budget version since balancing the Resistance can be expensive. For the Budget version here just try to get Fire and Lightning Resistances balanced and a higher Cold Resistance to gain the penetration.

Rings: Warlords Mark and Aspect of the Crab, Leech and some other defensive mechanisms. Try to aim for Life & Stats and Mana and Energyshield & maybe some open resistance craft so you can balance your Wise Oak better.

I really liked using this build. My Character is currently lvl 93 and I did Shaper Deathless and the Guardians were no problem except for Chimera, but I think thats due to the fact that this was my 2. Chimera run (I died 2 times).
Also this build is really nice for Delving, but I do not know how far you can since I am not delving so much.

I will try to answer any question about this build and I would be grateful for your feedback. If I have time I will continuously make this build more readable with nice fancy pictures. Maybe I will add some videos of shaper kills etc. So stay tuned :D
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Thanks for sharing the build and thank you for including lvling trees! Really makes life easier.

Shieeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeet :O

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