[3.8] WildBlock Gladiator Uber Elder done

Hi, that's my first build, based on wild strike dual wielding with some blocks chance, that's not really good but if someone is interested, here is my pob and one video with a bad quality ( didn't record uber elder )



Last bumped on Oct 4, 2019, 4:49:46 PM
I was looking for a guide with wildstrike but I don't have much experience in the game. Can this construction be used to start the league? some tips would be useful
Well excpet combat focus and Rumi's Concotion it dosen't really require unique items, so i guess you can start with it.
I personnaly rush point for some block while dual wielding, you can take 2 ichimonji or even take a shield and switch some points from block dual wielding to block with shield, take some rare with some life, res, physical damage, fire damage, crit multi, everything that gives damage put your carachter in pob and try new stuff before you buy if you want to be sure.
If you want to level up faster take directly arena challenger and then versatile combatant.
Can i use Abyssus helmet with wild strike area of effect?
i gona change my Reave build for wild strike.
Starkonja is not required, so change it as you wish. Just care about abyssus's increased physical damage taken.

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