[3.8] INSPIRING SELFCAST Freezing Pulse Hierophant 12+Exalt 1 mil DPS, 2.5 Mil burst 8-9k EHP Hybrid

Hello, I just wanted to share a Hierophant build. The build is not budget friendly, but you can easily league start with the tree and transition gear one by one, which is what I've done this league.

I've made this build in particular because of the changes in the passive tree, in particular the power charge nodes and the Inspiration Support gem. Freezing Pulse is the first skill that piqued my interest when I first started playing, and last league I made a character with it in mind, and this league, I league started with it. Freezing Pulse's playstyle is simply shoot from far distance while mapping and only get close to burst down bosses. Freezing Pulse does more damage when close and less when it's goes farther away, projectile speed reduces the damage drop off and increases the distance the projectiles travel. Hierophant's reduced mana costs is nice, Inspiration reduced mana costs is nice, Spell echo is a free manaless cast, so it's very easy to keep all 5 inspiration charges. Inspiration suprisely does a lot of damage on a 6 link, providing the 2nd most damage out of the 5 supports.

The pros is that this build has decent clear, decent single target and can handle blighted maps. Capable of freezing most bosses and enemies which is good for blighted maps. Freezing Pulse in general is an easy league starter skill, that you can SSF rare gear at league start and slowly transition piece by piece. The build is very customizable, there are 2-3 gem slots free for personal choices.

The cons is how expensive the gear is to acquire, I did league start and acquire the gear bit by bit and will list some leveling/gearing options to use beforehand.


Gem links

Freezing Pulse, Inspiration, Energy Leech, Hypothermia, Controlled Destruction, Power Charge on Critical

This is the 6 link, Controlled Destruction can be replaced, as well as Power Charge on Crit if you use an alternative method for power charge generation. Cold Penetration is a gem you can use, from testing DPS numbers in POB, Cold penetration does more damage without flasks and buffs active, but when flasks and buffs are active, the other gems do more damage. I feel mapping damage is enough so I don't grab cold pen.

Frost Bomb, Spell Cascade, (Frost Wall)

Frostbomb for the cold exposure, spell cascade gives it some aoe. Frost wall is optional, I've used it for Red Elder in questline, Hall of grandmaster, some blight encounters. It's finicky in whether or not the wall forms in blight encounters but it's useful enough utility for me.

Herald of Ice, Enfeeble, Curse on Hit support, (Enlighten)
HOI for damage, enfeeble for reducing damage taken, can use other curses instead.

Hatred, Discipline,(Enlighten)
Damage and ES, nothing much. Hatred watchers eye is good.

Movement skills: Phase run and Flame dash
My prefered movement skill setup, they both also utilize the dual wield cooldown recovery from the dark arts part of the tree.

Vaal Skills: Vaal Haste, Vaal Grace, Vaal RF, Vaal Discipline
Vaal grace is for scary situations, Vaal haste, RF is for burst, vaal discipline is mostly used to recharge ES after using vaal rf and just not worry when getting close to a boss to burst down. I have vaal grace on q for emergency, and the rest on toggle key(shift) q,w,e and just piano them.

I have cwdt,IC, increased duration, phase run in a 4 link with Vaal RF, Vaal haste, increased duration in a 3 link. You can easily have vaal rf, vaal haste, increased duration and phase run in a 4 link and the CWDT setup in a 3 link on a weapon to keep chromatic costs lower depending on your gear.

Enlighten is optional depending on certain node choices in the tree.


Memory vault provides decent ES, and armour, the downside is increased aura costs which is reduced via Hierophant's Sanctuary of Thought.

Alternatives include a decent life/es hubris with nearby reduced cold resistance.

are good examples, ignore the nearby chaos res on the 2nd helmet.

Dual Void Batteries is pretty much required for any power charge, crit based build. One void battery when I brought them cost 2.5 exalts, so they are expensive. I did league start this character so I've used dual Tulborns https://pathofexile.gamepedia.com/Tulborn, and as well as dual dagger rares

The tulborns cost around 5-10c in the first 3-4 days of league start, the daggers can cost between 5-20c, you just do a COUNT search for cold damage, spell damage, critical strike chance for spell, crit multi, with high rolls and they are fairly cheap.

This body armour provides a huge increase in Energy shield, you can alternatively use any body armor with high life rolls and just craft the 10% life as es craft, keep in mind the Spells have % critical chance will provide around 15-20% of the damage in the build. The base is a shaper base that requires ilvl 84. And is somewhat expensive, currently such bases are 20-30c but that's assuming you get one and 6 link it yourself.

Alternatives is tabula, any 6 link es chest with life rolls. For example I currently using this
which I got for 35 chaos,

currently I have the base for the ideal body ready
but it is currently a work in progress. It will cost 2 exalts for the multimod and another exalt for the 10% life as extra es crafts. I first scour, then perfect fossil for 29-30% quality and then I alteration spam(800 alts) for the mod, regal and anull the regaled affix. Then I crafted quality and 6 linked it. Just lacking certain unveils currently.

Pandemonius is BIS for the build. The blind on hit is very nice, provides dex and cold resistance and a decent chunk of damage. It's expensive currently 2.8-3 exalt, and I brought mine at 4.5 exalts. You can alternatively make an EHP amulet, alt spam for damage pen and multimod for life,es,crit multi,etc. While gearing I just used a life/max life amulet and crafted 20% increased maximum ES and just went with that until I got the pandemonius.

Currently Annoited is divine judgement since it's relatively cheap, Heart of ice is ideal and would provide like 40k more dps but it uses a golden oil.

Inya's is pretty good for life/damage a bit on the slower side though. Atziri steps, sin treks, Skyforths and any rare boots with high life and movement speed is good too.

Gloves is just any rare ES gloves with high life and resistance rolls, same with rings. Belt is a Stygian Belt with high life/es rolls and resistances.

For flasks, in general you want Cindershallows with crit chance mod and a diamond flask for damage. I personally think Cindershallows is BIS mapping flask since it provides so much es/life/mana recovery as well as increasing damage. KEEP IN MIND, you will have to get fire damage to spells somewhere, whether it be crafted onto a ring/amulet or onto a jewel to have the increased damage from cindershallow take effect. Atziri's Promise is alright but is unnecessary. An enduring mana flask is needed for no regen maps. I just use an hybrid flask though.

For watcher's eye, damage pen or crit chance with Hatred is nice.

In the end, the pandemonius, void batteries, watcher's eye and body armor has cost me 15 exalts to acquire, less as the league goes on though.

Enlighten support and options
If you looked at the tree, you will notice that Sovereignty is grabbed, you could have lvl 3/4 englighten on hatred/discpline and/or HOI to remove those nodes. You can also wear skyforth boots, or replace memory vault with an rare helm with or without reduce mana reserved. Anyways my point is those nodes are replaceable if you use enlighten supports and can be spent elsewhere on more life/es, damage or utility

Leveling is just grabbing all the non jewel, power charges node. I prioritized all the life/es/resistance nodes, grabbed 2 jewel sockets for threshold jewels, and then focused on general spell crit/spell damage nodes. After story around lvl 65-80 I grabbed the power charge nodes, and then finished off with grabbing the rest of the damage nodes and have lvl 90-95 grabbing the last jewels sockets. Grab jewel sockets whenever you want decent watchers eye or got a decent jewel to use. Ascendancy is whatever tbh, just grabbed arcane blessing last, you can alternatively use Conviction of power instead and just have flame dash linked to an arcane surge or something. Your choice on grabbing Dark Arts whenever you feel like it, I grabbed them when I had unlocked all the trials for uber lab, the cooldown recovery is ridiculous nice, it means you can flame dash freezing pulse repeat forever therefore never getting hit by Izaro and Argus. Also very good for dodging stuff in Cortex boss fight. Best to grab when you start bossing to dodge stuff.

Pantheons is just brine king for stun lock and maybe tukohama for the stationary phys reduction and life regen because freezing pulse makes you stand still and ideally does more damage the closer you are, so you will be stationary when attacking.

Anyways, here's a pretty mediocre build tbh, I just wanted to share because it's my first successful league starter where I ran into no issues, I planned ahead correctly I guess and the fact that all I see is totem freezing pulse builds while I'm more of a selfcast player. Thanks for anyone who took the time to look at it, and I think it's pretty solid build. Any improvements is appreciated, my general preference ballpark is to have 8.5k EHP and 1 million dps minimum and then stack a ton of defensive layers/burst options, which I feel this build has a ton of.
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