[3.8] CWC Soulrend Cyclone Trickster

Greetings Exile

Do you want a build that does BIG BOY DPS? A Build that can facetank everything in the game? A Build so fast you have to hyper focus every second?
- If that is the case, this build is NOT for you.

So what can my build do? Quite simple, you will press 1 button and aim in the general direction you want to move, killing everything in it's path, often before it ever reaches you. To achieve that we use the mechanics of the new "The Stampede" Boots that the build is centered around, allowing you to never be slower than 150% even while using cyclone.

First "base" gear

After a bit of investment T13 Map

Pros and Cons:
+ You will not need a movement flask
+ Very relaxing to play
+ can do every map mod as you leech life and es and deal mainly chaos damage

- works on a tabula till t9
- Not a League Starter as 6 link is needed
- Very strongly impacted by min/max
- needs a devouring diadem
- you will need a 3 link setup (blight) + 2 link setup (bane,despair) for single target
- 4k hp + mom, not exactly the strongest defense


Core items:
- Skin of the loyal (+3 gems via duration/projectile/aoe corruption)
- The Devouring Diadem (EB and allows you to socket skitterbots,discipline,malevolence and herald of ash)
- The Stampede (cyclone will always be 150% movement speed)

Alternative options for more damage/defense but reliance on "flask spam"
- Drop gmp for void manipulation and use dying sun flask (+40% dps)
- Add an Atziri's Promise for 600-800 life leech on hit rate

Expensive Ways to add more damage:
- watchers eye (around 9% more damage)
- empower rank 4 (around 12% more damage)

2 Passive points is probably the best.

Swift killer - patient reaper - prolonged pain - ghost dance

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