[3.10] Elemental Hit Miner Scion - What is Attack Speed?

I am here with a build that is already widely known (Elemental Hit Scion) although this time as a Miner. Fire Elemental Hit Miner.

English is not my main language so feel free to correct me if any section may cause misunderstanding or missing info.

3.10 change

Fossil craft nerfed by having their exclusive mod removed or moved to influence mod. Now Stygian Vyse can't have both "% increased fire damage" and "% increased elemental damage" just from fossil.

"% increased fire damage" is now a Warlord influence mod.
"% increased elemental damage" is now a Shaper influence mod.

To get the BiS stygian vyse which have both mods, it's now an investment. More details on belt section.

Mine throw speed nerfed from 0.25 to 0.3. That is 20% less mine throw speed compare to 3.9, which will hampers our dps a lot.

Only In Delirium League
Some neat notables can help our build a lot. Be on eye on Cremation clustered jewel, it's allow us to destroy ignited enemies on kill so porcupines don't shot spikes on death and leave corpse for enemy to use detonate dead. There are also good notables to further boost our damage.
1 of example usage case scenario :
8 passive skills % Fire Damage Large Cluster Jewel - 1 notable is Cremator
4 passive skills % trap and mine damage Medium Cluster Jewel - 2 notables are either Surprise Sabotage, Guerilla Tactics, Expert Sabotage or Expendability.
2-3 passive skills % maximum life Small Cluster Jewel - notable being Fettle or Surging Vitality.

3.9 change

Damage decreased overall. Point Blank nerfed from 50% at close range to 30% at close range. Elemental Hit base damage nerfed by 20%.

Multimod is also limited to 3 crafted mod (which multimod itself also counted as 1).
Scorch+Prismatic fossil craft is better now, however delve mod is also nerfed heavily.

Inspiration support nerfed heavily, fire penetration support is now the way to go. (Boss now has 10% increased elemental resistance)


3.8 brings a lot of change to Mines, such as Mines can now be threw, high throw speed, detonation is instant etc.

I tried levelling with blastchain mine support with any spell and it is really fun! You throw mines fast enough, the detonation is instant, the mana required is almost negligible and the moment where you detonate all mines at once against a boss is satisfying.

Then I thought to myself, oh hey, I can bring forward this play style to Elemental Hit!

Thus here goes Elemental Hit Miner Scion! There definitely a lot of elemental hit miner variation out there but I still want to share mine :D

A Recap on how Elemental Hit function and how we get the best out of it

Elemental Hit is an attack skill that is out of its kind. Instead of scaling damage based on your weapon, it's damage scale with gem level instead. That make increasing the gem lvl a lot more appealing since it a 10% or more damage boost for EACH LVL increase, similar to spell.

It will select 1 of 3 type of elements for each attack and you can only deal the same kind of element damage for that attack. If it pick Cold damage, it can only deal Cold damage. Suppose you deal 100 Lightning, 100 Cold and 100 Fire damage. You now only deal 100 Cold damage.

We can limit it's choice with

So if I use both 2 jewel listed above, the gem will only choose Fire and we will deal Fire damage only.

Notice the 50% less keyword on the jewel, why do this line exist if you cannot deal that type of damage at all? You can actually convert your damage to maximize the damage potential obtained from the gem!

Suppose you convert 90% of your Lightning damage and 100% of your Cold damage to Fire,
You deal 100 Lightning, 100 Cold and 100 Fire damage.
You now deal (100/2*0.9)+(100/2)+100 = 190 Fire damage!
With conversion and damage type blocking, we get a lot of base damage out of this attack gem!


+ Can do all map mods, new Enduring affix on mana flask allows us to sustain our mana on No Regen Map easily.
+ Low Mana Usage, Mana easily sustainable with some Mana Regeneration.
+ Capable to immune to some dangerous CCs which are stuns (Scion Juggernaut Node) and freeze. (Boots)
+ Gearing is easy and straightforward since most items are Unique while has a really high ceiling if you want to min-max stuff.
+ Does not require to stand near boss/tanky mobs for full Point Blank benefit.
+ Auto Aim for you (Can be a Con too)

- Require some currency to start since build is Unique-Heavy.
- Mines play style is not for everyone.
- No Leech, You can however negate this by using Machina Mitts at the cost of gloves slot.
- May not pick your target/wrong direction when you use it on cluster of enemies.
- No attack speed/cast speed scaling at all. Thus lead to limited movement skill choice such as Dash and Smoke Mine. Smoke Mine may need some time to get used.
- Since not a real bow build with no attack speed scaling, Mirage Archer is not recommended if you want to have an optional clearing skill.
- Only average in survivability
- Your detonate mine button finger (default to D key) gonna suffer.




Map clear weapon. High Base Crit Chance, +50% Critical Multiplier is always useful (Nerfed from 100% in 3.10). +2 Arrows allow more clearing capability.

Chin Sol
Bossing weapon if you are okay to weapon swap.

To be used with Rigwald's Quill or Fork support. Although you will need to find source of shot additional Arrows elsewhere like Greater Multiple Projectiles support.

Since we don't seek for attack speed and base damage on bow, there's only 1 stat that we require on rare bow, base crit chance!
Death Bow would be a good base to start crafting on. Why Death Bow? The dexterity requirement is better to be as low as possible to make colouring much more easier, the build will require at least 2 red and 2 blue. If you can handle the chromatics usage, Harbinger and Decimation Bow works too. If you using Frostferno and just want to have a damage boosting bow, the dexterity requirement will matter less.

I will list down all the desirable stat,
ignore +x lvl to socketed gem modifier if you not putting elemental hit on your bow

Prefix :
* + 1 to socketed gems
* + 2 to socketed bow gems (can also be forced with Shrieking Essence of Dread)
* x% Increased elemental Damage

Suffix :
* x% Increased Critical Strike Chance
* x% Increased Critical Strike Multiplier

Suffix :
* + 1 to number of arrow (Really optional for Clearing)
* x% Increased Critical Strike Chance, +50% to Critical Multiplier if you haven't deal a critical strike recently (Pretty Good since we are using Mines, we always benefit from the +50%)
* Culling Strike

Prefix :
*Damage Penetrates (7-10)% Elemental Resistances
*Socketed Skills deal 20% more Attack Damage - moved to here in 3.10

Suffix :
*(8–10)% increased Attack Speed
20% chance to deal Double Damage

Prefix :
Attacks with this Weapon Penetrate (13–15)% Fire Resistance

+ 1 to socketed Dexterity Gem - Faceted Fossil

Additional Crafting Details

Easier +3 Bow guide from FloorBelow on Reddit

Outdated in 3.9 since multi-mod change, you can't no longer craft weapon like this

1) Get a ilvl 81 or more Elder Death/Decimation/Harbinger Bow so you able to roll x% Increased Critical Strike Chance, +50% to Critical Multiplier if you haven't deal a critical strike recently

2) Either use Orb of Alteration until you able to get two desirable affix (expensive) then Regal Orb it or roll with Scorch + Prismatic Fossil

3) You want 1 empty suffix slot for Mine Throw Speed craft. You can get T1 from Act 8 Sun Temple Act 2 first, then you able to get T2 from Alva's Temple Trap Room.

4) You can try to use annulment orb to annul off undesirable mod to open up crafting space (for 3) or others), although I don't recommend using annulment orb if you can't get 3 empty affix slot from it.

5) If you happen to have 3 affix empty slot (from annulment orb or after regal orb), you can proceed to multi-craft (obtain it from Pale Court, 2ex to craft) and craft 3) and 1 affix of below :

i) You will want Increase Critical Strike Chance craft if you don't have Critical Chance Mod. Require 1 empty suffix slot.

ii) You will want Elemental Penetration craft if you didn't get any elemental penetration mod from fossil, you can obtain the craft mod from Jun unveil. 1 Exalt Orb to craft. Require 1 empty prefix slot.

iii) If you don't have any elemental damage increase mod, you can obtain (71-80)%Increased Fire Damage and (21~23%)chance to ignite from Jun unveil and craft. Alternatively you can go for (67-81)% Increased Mine Damage which obtain from Alva Temple Trap Room.

iv) If you happen to use 6-link bow for Ele Hit, you can choose to craft +2 to Lvl of Support Gem. This method however is expensive and require you to use Empower as a link in the first place.


There really isn't much unique quiver that really BiS the build. Maybe

if you want the projectile fork. Rare Quiver is better in almost every way.

*Arrow pierce an additional target
*x% Increased Critical Strike chance

Prioritise on these affixes:
Prefix :
* Maximum Life
* % increased Elemental Damage with Attack Skills
* Bow Attacks fire an additional Arrow - Shaper (For Clearing purposes)

Suffix :
* +#% to Global Critical Strike Multiplier
* +#% to Global Critical Strike Chance



+4 lvl to elemental Hit and possible another +4 lvl from corruption make this one of the BiS helmet to put Elemental Hit in.

Alternatively if you really keen on another way of min-maxing damage, place Elemental Hit in your bow and use Curtain Call
Stack either intelligence or dexterity to 800 to throw 2 mines at once. You may need to change your whole setup just for this helmet.

Prioritise on these affixes:
Prefix :
* Maximum Life

Suffix :
* Nearby enemies have -9% Fire Resistance - Moved to Warlord mod at 3.10
* Elemental Resistance

Best Enchantment:
Elemental Hit deal 40% increased damage.

Body Armour


Provide a lot of HP for survivability and some damage boost. BiS unique body armour.

If you want resist, dexterity for curtain call and more sockets at your disposal. Or can't afford Kaom's Heart for the time being.

Prefix :
* Maximum Life
* % Maximum Life - Elder/ Hunter

Suffix :
* Elemental Resistance
* Attacks have +(1.1–1.5)% to Critical Strike Chance - Elder / Hunter

Any other damage mitigation is also welcomed on rare body armour such as received physical damage reduction.



Tomb Fist add a lot of damage for build. If you allocate Murderous Eye jewel, you now able intimidate enemy on hit, intimidated enemy take 10% increased attack damage.

Machina Mitts
Now able to leech through Mines. Blast Cascade notables on passive tree allows us to generate power charge to negate some of the side effect.

Use rare gloves if you need elemental resist or more Dexterity for curtain call, the damage boost affix available in rare gloves provide little to no benefit for the build.
Prioritise on these affixes:
* Maximum Life
* Elemental Resistance


There little to none unique boots that quite fit the build.

If you want more damage.

Good source to get freeze immune since we get chill immunity from Juggernaut Node anyway. Free up an affix from flask.

Prefix :
* Cannot be Frozen - drop as an affix from Mute Wind Warband/ 1ex Jun Unveil Craft
* Movement Speed
* Maximum Life

Suffix :
* Elemental Resistance

Best Lab Enchant:
10% elemental penetration if you haven't kill recently (Basically always active)


Even after delve craft nerf in 3.10, Rare Belt is still BiS since there little to none unique belt that is good for our build while it also capable to provide a lot of damage boost albeit being more expensive.

Stygian Vyse will still be the best belt base for the build but you gonna invest since Stygian Vyse cannot drop with an influence.

To get a stygian vyse that capable to get the mod like before
1) You need 1 Awakener Orb and 1 Warlord's Exalted Orb.
2) Use an Warlord's Exalted Orb on the Stygian Vyse to give it Warlord influence.
3) Awakener Orb will sacrifice the first item to move it's influence and 1 influence mod to the second item, the mods of second item will then be rerolled (Except for 1 influence mod on first item and 1 influence mod for second item if they are not mutually exclusive). Use Awakener Orb on another belt that have Shaper influence (first item), then move the Shaper influence to the Warlord influenced Stygian Vyse (second item).

Prefix :
* Maximum Life
* Elemental Damage With Attack
* Elemental Damage - Shaper

Suffix :
* Increased Fire Damage - Warlord
* Elemental Resistance



If you lack 50% of cold to fire conversion (Avatar of Fire, Cold to Fire gem and Frostferno), you can use this ring to fill out the 40% conversion.

Purely as a damage booster. Avatar of Fire only convert 50% of lightning damage to fire. You can use this ring to convert another 40% lightning damage to cold then from cold convert to fire .

The %increased maximum life is good, but the selling point is the high increased damage if you use a shaper ring in the other ring slot. Shaper base Pyre and Call of the Brotherhood is pricey while you need luck to be able to chance 1 from rare shaper ring. Not a priority ring to get at all.

A lot of potential damage increase.

Prefix :
* Maximum Life
* Elemental Damage With Attack

Suffix :
* Increased Fire Damage
* Elemental Resistance
* Projectile Attack damage - Elder
* Global Critical Multiplier - Elder
* Global Critical Strike Chance - Shaper
* Curse Lvl X Assassin Mark On Hit - Shaper (This mod is only good for mobs that isn't 1 shot-ed)
* Curse Lvl X Flammability On Hit - Warlord



Prioritize getting this amulet. This amulet provide a LOT of damage since it's has innate Avatar of Fire (50% of Physical,Lightning and Cold Damage convert to Fire Damage, deal no non-Fire damage), which helps convert a lot of Elemental Hit non-fire damage to Fire. Enemy covered in ash on hitting you is just a situational bonus though.

The ability to shock with elemental damage is a great damage boost for elemental hit. This build prioritize frequency of attacks instead of intensity of attacks though (Huger Damage in 1 Hit = Huger Shock), so expect boss with huge hp pool won't be shocked too often with this build or isn't as effective.

If you have not enough budget to access the unique amulet, you can consider rare amulet first.

Prefix :
* Elemental Damage with Attack
* Maximum Life
* Damage penetrate x% elemental resistance - Shaper

Suffix :
* Elemental Resistance
* Global Critical Strike Chance
* Global Critical Multiplier
* % Increased Fire Damage



Since we doesn't have a lot of life recovery, having a life flask that can recover all our life in 1 go is pretty good. Recommended against long boss battle such as Uber Elder.

Your uncapped elemental resistance can be found by "C button->Defence Section" in game.
Capped Resistance (Uncapped Elemental Resistance<-Referring to these)
Suppose your fire resistance is 75%(110%), your uncapped fire resistance is 110%.

By having your uncapped fire resistance being the highest among 3 elemental resistance, you can get up to 15% fire penetration.

If you able to balance all your 3 elemental resistance, you get to enjoy 10% reduced elemental damage too! (Otherwise only lowest uncapped resistance)

Disgusting damage boost from a flask if the enemy remain in the consecrated ground zone. Really disgusting and really expensive to get (or lucky drop by fighting Cortex).

Just for additional mob clearing range if you need it.


An instant recovery life flask is pretty good to get you out of pinch when you low hp. Divine Life Flask is better to be used as a instant Life Flask instead of Eternal Life Flask.

Sometime even smoke mine will run out of charge or the map layout discourage it, so you need some movement speed to run around faster.

Critical Chance is lucky = Two rolls instead of 1 to check whether you crit, if either 1 roll success, you will crit. Good damage booster since we guaranteed to crit more often.

Important Prefix to look out for Magic Flask:
* Increased Duration
* Reduced Charge Used
* Increased Maximum Charge

Important Suffix to look out:
* Immune to Bleed during flask duration (usually on Life Flask)
* Immune to Curse during flask duration (usually on Utility Flask)

Optional Suffix to look out:
* Immune to Ignite/Poison



This 2 jewel are required so that Elemental Hit will only choose Fire so we can focus on boosting our Fire Damage.

The only watcher eye mod we are looking out for is :
*(40-60)% increased Attack Damage while affected by Precision
*+(30-50)% to Critical Strike Multiplier while affected by Precision
Provide formidable damage boost and life.

Put on Scion starting point left and/or bottom (bottom is optional) jewel socket for a pretty good hp (and some damage) boost!

Normal Jewel
Prefix :
* (5-7)%Increased Maximum Life
* +(15-18)% to Critical Strike Multiplier with Fire Skills
* (6-8)% increased Mine Throwing Speed*
* (14-16)% increased Fire Damage*

Suffix :
* +(9-12)% to Global Critical Strike Multiplier
* +(12-15)% to Critical Strike Multiplier with Elemental Skills*
* (10-12)% increased Projectile Damage
* Elemental Resistance (If you are uncapped)

Abyss Jewel
Prefix :
* + X to maximum Life

Suffix :
* +(9-12)% to Global Critical Strike Multiplier
* Damage Penetrates 2% Elemental Resistance if you haven't Killed Recently
* (20-30)% increased Accuracy Rating if you haven't Killed Recently
* (20-30)% increased Critical Strike Chance if you haven't dealt a Critical Strike Recently
* Elemental Resistance (If you are uncapped)

Act 2 Bandit Choice

Help Alira
+ 15% Elemental Resistance (Good for easier gearing)
+ 5 Base Mana Regen (Really nice to have, solve mana problem early on and helpful in lategadme)
+ 20% Global Critical Chance Multiplier (More Damage is always welcome)


I picked Saboteur Node for the life regeneration (although nerfed) and access to Shadow skill tree section. The elemental penetration and chance to blind on hit is good to have.

Juggernaut Node is pretty good for stun and chill immunity. You can get immunity to being frozen from boots (Mutewind affix). +1000 Accuracy Rating allows us to invest little to none in accuracy and still get 100% accuracy. Endurance charge is a bonus :D.

Gem Link

4-link on FrostFerno :
Elemental Hit + Blastchain Mine Support + Elemental Damage with Attack Support + Swift Assembly/Fire Penetration support

6-link on Bow:
Elemental Hit + Blastchain Mine Support + Elemental Damage with Attack Support + Trap and Mine Damage support + Fire Penetration support + Swift Assembly/Inspiration support(Budget)/Lvl 4 Empower support +

4-link manual curse setup (Hit boss once before detonate all mines = satisfaction) :
Frenzy/Ensnaring Arrow/Any Huge AoE Bow Skill + Combustion support + Curse on Hit + Flammability
3/4-link WoC totem setup :(Recommended if you able to get a flammability curse on hit ring)
Wave of Conviction+Spell Totem Support+ Combustion support + Culling support(if you have empty gem socket)

Offensive Aura :
Precision (More Hit Chance + Some Critical Chance is nice)

Summon Skitter Bots (Shock/Chill Field helps tremendously for Elemental Hit as they boosts it damage by 10% each if applied, 10% Mine Damage boost too)

Defensive Setup :
Flesh and Stone - Sand Stance (We usually engage in long range combat so damage reduction from faraway enemies is always welcome)

High lvl Cast When Damage Taken + High Lvl Steel Skin + Increased Duration Support
Low lvl Cast When Damage Taken + Immortal Call + Increased Duration Support (We usually have Endurance Charge up thanks to Juggernaut Node, although only if you get hit)

Recommended Movement Skill :
Smoke Mine
Flame Dash (No Cast Speed though, so need to rely on first cast that is instant)

3.8 Video (PoB included)

Pardon the video quality. I forgot to readjust my game graphic setting before recording.

Path of Building link for gear and stats during the recording of Video :
(Old 3.8 version, switch Inspiration support to Fire Penetration support for all pastebin below) If pastebin shows I am using multi-craft weapon, switch to Chin Sol or remove "ele damage with weapon" and "mine damage" craft mod
Some clarification, the average DPS is per Mines. PoB also won't cater for Blastchain Mine support "Supported Skills deal 5% more Damage for each prior Mine in Detonation Sequence". Chill and Shock aura from Skitterbots isn't reliable so is unticked but they provide quite a damage boost if applied. Covered in Ash is also unticked because it require enemy to hit us to be applied.

Shaper Fight

Uber Elder Fight (3 Deaths because I tend to tunnel visions)

Uber Elder Fight Rematch Deathless

Updated PoB Gear : https://pastebin.com/158YWvCQ

I have updated my bossing gear! Now I have a clearing and bossing setup on weapon switch.


Maze of Minotaur

Forge of Phoenix

Deadeye Variant. More speed, less tanky!

PoB : https://pastebin.com/DVqa8m0C
Forge of Phoenix (1 Dumb Death):

Shaper (Clearing Weapon Set PoB : https://pastebin.com/FmxYhTkd)

Uber Elder Deathless PoB : https://pastebin.com/Xkcq4XHe

Tier 15 Blight Map :

3.9 Video

Awakening 8 Sirus Deathless by Arator95 :

Belows are video taken from 3.9 Metamorph, after Elemental Hit damage nerf and boss HP buff.

Pastebin : https://pastebin.com/kk0jGxtM



Uber Elder

League Starter?

Unless you have knowledge to gain easy access to currency, I do not recommend this for your league starter. Scion is straight up annoying to league start with since the quirk of her ascendency, you need 3 labyrinth to get 2 major ascendency node or 1 major ascendency + access to another character starting point, then you will need the 4th labyrinth (no early access at league start) to finally finalise your build.

I do recommend league start Ele Hit miner as a Shadow, with focus on getting huge damage boost from Elemental Equilibrium. It's completely unique gear independent (less dps though) and easy to upgrade.

Why not Deadeye? Deadeye is better at speed clearing but perform worse at survivability, which require better (and more expensive) gears such as Kaom's Heart to survive higher tier maps. Saboteur has defensive ascendency nodes which make him able to less rely on good gears to survive early on.

Example Skill Tree :

For passive tree, focus on getting all the mines node in the top right side of tree and any life node along the way before proceed to Point Blank then Elemental Equilibrium. Arrow nodes are taken last.

For skills, I choose StormBlast Mine -> Icicle Mine. Then at lvl 32, I search the store and get myself a Bitterdream sceptre (really cheap and good!), link Icicle Mine + Charged Mine support/Swift Assembly support + Trap and Mine damage support to it and bulldoze through the story. Then I transition to Elemental Hit.

Thanks for reading! Feel free to ask or enlighten me anything about the build!

Update Log

v1.1 : Added passive tree v2. Updated gear recommendation. For reference, you can check my character.
Character : VacuumOn

v1.2 : 3.10 Update incoming. Lots of nerf :/
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HI i'm very intersting this build.

but my english not very well

you said english is not your main language

may i ask where are you come from?
Last edited by jinchin4 on Sep 28, 2019, 9:22:49 AM
jinchin4 wrote:
HI i'm very intersting this build.

but my english not very well

you said english is not your main language

may i ask where are you come from?

If there any clarification you want to enquire, you can also ask in Chinese or Malay too. (PM me the questions :D)
Last edited by RobakoGarena on Sep 29, 2019, 1:54:23 AM
Wouldn't be going sab+deadeye be better? Since you get pretty much hit cap aswell but also the 2 pierce which saves points on the tree and +1 arrow? Or are endu charges so much more important for survivability
Last edited by Simagol3 on Oct 3, 2019, 11:24:23 AM
Simagol3 wrote:
Wouldn't be going sab+deadeye be better? Since you get pretty much hit cap aswell but also the 2 pierce which saves points on the tree and +1 arrow? Or are endu charges so much more important for survivability

Unconditional Stun Immune is pretty good by itself since we can't rely on "80% chance to Avoid being Stunned if you've Killed Recently" boots enchant as with Mines we can't really trigger it.

Another thing to mention is that in order to wear Kaom's Heart, you require at least 191 Strength which passive tree itself doesn't provide enough Strength to wear it so you need to rely on gear/30 strength node on tree, +40 Strength in Marauder path helps a lot in gearing.

Deadeye ascendency is purely for map clear (+1 Arrow,+2 Pierce) since it doesn't really provide any significant damage boost to the build.

Both choices are considered utility choice thus I just choose to go for more Survivability. For clear-oriented version, I would go for Ranger Deadeye instead of Scion Deadeye. Tailwind = Increased Action Speed = Faster Mine Throw!
Last edited by RobakoGarena on Oct 3, 2019, 11:51:35 PM
Hey I'm really interested in testing out this build for 3.9 I was wondering what passives do you get first when you're leveling?
Rogybear wrote:
Hey I'm really interested in testing out this build for 3.9 I was wondering what passives do you get first when you're leveling?

First of all, I do not recommend league start as a Scion because you require at least Uber Labyrinth to feel smooth on passive tree pathing while you need a lot of regrets orb later on. Unless you sacrifice second ascendency notable (like Juggernaut) but you gonna hate getting stunned along the way during maps.

Aiming for point blank first (mines easily benefit from it), get a 30 int node along the way since blast chain mine support + skitterbots require int. If software, you can leave the life node to spec later and go for damage.
62 passive point - about lvl 49 pathing (Cruel Lab done) :

89 passive points - about lvl 69 pathing (Merciless Lab done) :

By then you can try to attempt uber lab (assuming you have already gathered all the recommended equipment), if you still feel squishy, you can lvl up more before you attempt it again.

Lvl 82 pathing (Still no Uber Lab) :
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After nerfs will it be still strong ?
can u recommand it as a league starter ? for 3.9? or would a arc miner way better then this ? :O

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