[3.9]Yet Another Herald of Agony Build With Herald of Purity * +3 Staff * Easy Shaper * DPS Madness

Disclaimer: I am not a good player. I suck at many of the game's mechanics and I tend to daydream a lot when playing, especially when mapping. But I like creating builds and I love the summoner concept. For this league I am playing in standard.

Please give me your feedback. And please be gentle with me. We all live and learn.

3.9 Update:
1. Working fine
2. Awakened gems like vicious projectiles and minion damage adds more power
3. Chaos resists should try to get at least to the positive value
4. Awakened Added Fire is just so so only. But still good.

Warning: Still build in progress. Some of the information might be changed.

This is a HOAG build. The crawler is mainly for single/boss DPS. It is also good for clearing strays. And with enough attack speed, they can do clears quite decently. Just check the videos later on.

This is also a HOP build. The sentinels are good for clearing. They are also decent bossers as well. And they are melee, so you don't have to worry too much about those bubble boys. I remember always hating bubble boys when I played my old HOAG build. Irritating as hell. But with the Sentinels, no problems.

Yes, I know that Cold Iron Point is probably the biggest damage you can have for HOAG. But with a +3 staff, you can have more utility like cast speed and minion attack speed. Furthermore we are using Winter Orb to generate the poison stacks (virulent stacks). With Elemental Equilibrium, we can significantly increase our damage as well. With the Cold Iron Point you cannot deal any elemental damage.

Higher level gems means more damage for the crawler (HOAG).
Higher level gems means more damage and life for the sentinels (HOP).
Higher level gems means more life regen (for you) and life for stone golem.

But first, some videos:

If you are still interested, please continue reading

* About Herald of Agony:

A herald skill. Basically it reserves a portion of your mana and gives you chance to poison. However that is not the most important part. The coolest thing about HOAG is that once you poison a monster, you will summon a crawler that looks like a scorpion and it attacks stuff for you! The damage is based on gem level and on the number of virulent stacks. Everytime you poison a monster, you gain one virulent stack. The more stacks you have, the more damage the crawler will do. Maximum stacks is 40. The best way to optimize damage from the crawler, other than gem jewels, is to stack flat minion physical on jewels and get damage multipliers on support gems.

They do have a 40% conversation from physical to chaos damage though.

The crawler cannot be killed but once you are out of virulent stacks, it will become mush. Note that it cannot taunt as well.

* Pros & Cons

1. It is HoAG build!
2. Don't need to worry about bubble boys
3. Huge DPS
4. Good/Decent clearspeed
5. Decently tanky
6. Build for lazy people
7. Lots of minions
8. Kill bosses like real fast
9. Smooth playing style except when it lags

1. Expensive
2. Build for lazy people but you can change it up yourself
3. Not everyone like minions
4. Cannot do some map mods

* Gear:

The +3 Staff. Not the perfect one but still acceptable. Gives the +3 to all physical which affects both HOAG and HOP. With cast speed and minion damage and minion attack speed. This new staff has mana crafted as well.

Again, not the perfect helmet but this is the one I have. A perfect helmet would be elder one with +3 minion and socketed minion damage. That would be a few exalted at least in std.

Anyway, we can get a lvl 28 HOP here with a lvl 21 gem.
Enchant would be the two additional projectiles for the crawler. I never checked for the price of such an item but I am pretty sure the prices would be crazy especially in Std.

The best in slot is The Coming Calamity, for obvious reasons. This allows us to have a lvl 28 HOAG with a lvl 21 gem. This chest also enables us to have both HOAG and HOP up as they reserve a total of 90% of our mana.

Need some mana on the ring. We are seriously lacking in mana. Craft flat mana for channeling skill if needed. Make sure there is no lightning or fire flat spell damage in the ring.

Well, testing this one for the time being. Using Skitterbots for their free shock and chill, even on bosses. The gem is an aura gem so you will get the +2 lvl as well. And since the coming calamity fixed the amount of mana reserved for the two heralds, we will still get the benefit of the free aura without the penalty (40% increased other reservations).
If you need life and resist, then just replace with an shaper ring with assassin mark curse on hit. I think it is just as good for DPS.

Life, resists and mana. Nothing special here.

Well, we do need the cast speed I suppose.

Best would certainly be a Stygian belt with life and resists. You get to add another jewel.

Very good pair of boots with life and resists. The enchantment would be great.

* Gems Links:

HOAG in the chest (the coming calamity):
Note that this is for bossing. But with all those minion attack speeds, the crawler is surprisingly decent at clearing as well. As you can see, I am trying to take advantage of EE.
HOAG (Herald of Agony) + Vicious Projectiles + Minion Damage + Damage on Full Life + Lvl 4 Empower/Added Fire + Physical to Lightning
(might replace Added fire with level 4 empower)

HOP in the Helmet:
Feeding frenzy support is extremely good for clear. Not to mention, once you get the feeding frenzy buff, it will benefit all your minions. I am waiting till I get the socketed minion damage helmet but it is just too expensive.

Note that you will need to kill mobs to get the sentinels. Rares and unique monsters is 20% chance on hit. They deal all physical damage. You will You get culling strike from the animate guardian's kingmaker.

Anyway a 4 link is more enough to clear. Check the videos I have posted. Getting the 5link would be my dream.

HOP (Herald of Purity) + Minion Damage + Added Fire + Feeding Frenzy + Melee Physical/Melee splash (5l)

Winter orb:
Your main source to get virulent stacks. I put mine in the glove with socketed faster casting. Poison support is the best. And with the HOAG buff, you should have 80% chance to poison. And with the crazy cast speed, it takes just a few seconds to go from 0 to 40 stacks. Plus Winter Orb allows you the freedom of no aim. I just love that.

Winter Orb + Poison + Greater Multiple Projectiles + Blind
(You get the flat physical damage to spells by HOP). Blind is for some defense.

Other Minions:
To make sure they will stay alive (pun intended). By the way, Stone Golem has about 90k life (due to the +3 physical). Animate Guardian is just so OPOP with Kingmaker as well. Zombies are our friends now. I get about 58k life from each zombie. These are great meat shields. Really.

Summon Stone Golem + Animate Guardian + Zombie + Minion Life + Meat Shield.
Put in staff.

Put into the Essence Worm Ring. It is an aura gem as well. Free chill and shock even for bosses. It will be a lvl 25 gem. And they never die!
If you like more life and resists, then just remove skitterbot and use a shaper ring with assassin mark curse on hit.

Flame Dash + Convo + Desecrate + Faster Casting
Don't you just love all these cast speeds?

Anywhere - just too useful to leave out. We are using Mistress of Sacrifice.
Flesh Offering

* How it works:


Basically you enter a map, desecrate, flesh offering and run around occasionally pressing the Winter Orb key and let your Sentinels clear the mobs. Boss basically you do the same thing but your crawler will be the one doing most of the damage. Oh don't forget to use Bone Armour and dodge. Fortify from the animate guardian kingmaker will help you stay alive. Don't do anything stupid.

Remember Virulent stacks (40) is just so crazy, so get them to 40 whenever possible.Note that at higher stacks, the drop off is very fast. So to maintain those virulent stacks you will need good cast speeds. And since Winter Orb do not require you to aim or anything, it is one of the best QoL skill. The Herald of Purity will enable you to poison due to the flat physical damage to spells

* Jewels:


Jewels are very important for our build.
Get as many with flat physcial to minion as possible. This is for HoP DPS. Minion attack speed is good as well. Minion Blind is can be very useful but since we are using Blind on our Winter Orb, this is less of a concern. Minion Hinder is pointless as we do not have any spell based minions.

* Bandits:

Bitch slap all of them.

* Ascendancy:


Best is Beserker. They work very well with minions.
Na kidding. Nercomancer

1. Mindless aggression
2. Unnatural Strength
3. Bone Barrier (defense is important too)
4. Mistress of Sacrifice
Commander of Darkness is useless for us because the skitterbots auras do not affect us or our minions.

* Animate Guardian:


I use the usual
Kingmaker - Victario's Flight - Belly of the Beast (because I am cheap)/ Gruthkul's Pelt - SouthBound - Helmet with lightning and fire resists and life

++free culling++
++free fortify++
++free movement speed++

* Crafting the +3 Physical Staff


Basically I do the alt spam till I hit the +3 to all Physcial Spell Skill. Then regal and annul to get only the +3. If you can get cast speed as well, then you can keep it if it is high enough. If you get lucky, then craft Can have multiple crafted mods. Then add craft cast speed (if needed), Minion Damage and Minion Attack to the staff. With a bit of luck and some exalted orbs in hand, you will have that staff that will have tons of players saying that Cold Iron Point is just better.

Remember to use only staff aka staves and not "warstaff". Warstaff cannot roll +3 to all Physcial Spells. You will need at least ilvl 77 to get the +3.

Some mod information for you here: https://poedb.tw/us/mod.php?cn=Staff

* Crafting the glove

Coming soon

* Tips for Crafting Staff

It is important to get an elder base staff (not warstaff) at least item level 77. Of course the higher item level is better as you can get better rolls.
1. Elder base allows you to get the Socketed Gems are supported by Level X Fortify. If you are able to hit +3 to all fire spell gems and fortify, you can sell for lots of currency. They are being used for SRS.
If you are able to hit +3 to all physical spell gems and fortify, they are being used for Carrion Golem builds.
2. Hitting those +3 fire, +3 Lightning & + 3 cold spells, you might want to consider them for golem builds as well. They are worth something. Of course the +3 to Physical spells I use for this build. Annul till you are left with the +3 and then master craft minion damage, minion attack and other utility.
3. +3 to Physical spells you can also use for Garrion Golem builds with the gem being placed in an chest with maim. Not as good as fortify spell, but still decent enough. Of course getting an OPOP elder maim chest can be quite a challenge. But the armour and life it provides can be so amazing. Check out ZiggyD's video on how to craft this kind of chest.
4. +3 to chaos spells can be used for Chaos Golem. But I feel Chaos Golem is kind of difficult to build around. You can also use the +3 to chaos spells for HoAG. But then you lose out on Herald of Purity buff. Not optimal but still decent.
5. Remember the +3 is to ALL spells to that type is for ALL your spells (skill). So even if the gem is not on the staff itself, this will still affect it.

* Path of Building:

* FAQ:

1. Golden Rule good?
It is good but I think we don't need it.

2. Hey idiot, this build is so damn expensive!
Yes a bit expensive but the main cost is probably the 6l The Coming Calamity, the +3 staff (which with a little luck you can craft yourself) and probably the glove.

3. Fool, you only have 1 achievement this league. Why should I play this build.
Yup, didn't like the playstyle for Blight. But just check out the videos to see for yourself whether this build is capable or not. Anyways, minion builds are OPOP this league. So you can pick most minion builds and they should come out fine.

More coming soon.

* Alternatives:

Replace Winter Orb with Ball Lightning. Change glove to one with faster casting and slower projectiles gem.
Change Physical to Lightning Support with Vile Toxins.
Probably change Skitterbots to Hatred.<-wrong idea. Hatred will convert ur physical to cold and destroy ur EE.

* Credits:

1. codetaku for his fantastic build
2. Zizaran for making me understand what HOAG is all about.
3. GGG for making this game
4. Others I have forgotten. Apologizes.

* Changelog:

1. Changed from Added Fire Gem to Empower if you are into min-max. Code was right, the increase in attack speed is huge when hitting level 31 HoAG.
2. Changed staff with mana to help with mana issues.
3. Added Pros & Cons
4. Added Flasks
5. Working fine for 3.9
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OMG I got credited in a build guide :O

I actually only read this topic because I wanted to see what the competition was like for HoAG necros ;)

Very nice to use a kingmaker animated guardian to get fortify (and even culling strike) despite not just playing Melee the way I did.

Anyway, this build is VERY different from mine, honestly. I'm really ecstatic to hear that I was apparently an inspiration for making this, but for anyone wondering about the credits, OP didn't take any notable ideas from me at all. This is a very original build.
codetaku wrote:
OMG I got credited in a build guide :O

I actually only read this topic because I wanted to see what the competition was like for HoAG necros ;)

Very nice to use a kingmaker animated guardian to get fortify (and even culling strike) despite not just playing Melee the way I did.

Anyway, this build is VERY different from mine, honestly. I'm really ecstatic to hear that I was apparently an inspiration for making this, but for anyone wondering about the credits, OP didn't take any notable ideas from me at all. This is a very original build.

Creative yet humble. I like you Exile.

But honestly yours is the first guide I see which optimize the use of + gem levels for HOAG. The dps is amazing.
Updated with Red Elder and Shaper videos.
I have a herald of purity synthesised ring if u're interested
Thank you but need to make the guide friendly for league players as well.
Updated with flasks and some changes(and pushed up)
what would leveling be like
thinking of playing in blight league
Wow I didn't play league this round.
But I am pretty sure it is quite standard summoner leveling and should not be that tough I think.

1. Start with spark/freeze pulse/flame totem
2. Get zombie gem and have some zombies (they should not be that great now)
3. Level till you can get SRS
4. Once you find spark/freeze pulse too weak, switch to SRS
5. Get/buy HoAG. You should be able to use it at lvl 16 or so.
6. SRS and HoAG should be able to carry you to maps
7. Switch to Dual Cold Iron Points and get currency for the staff
8. Don't forgot chest

NOTE: I have not tried doing this in league.
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