[3.8] So, i wanted to play Katarina in POE | into red map for 30C (EK CWC / Cold iron point)

Have you tried her in TFT with 80 mana? I did when there was no Hextech BS and i was like "Damn, she's very good at clearing those trash"
Of course i did not really tought that, since i usually dont think in english (remember this part, it may become important as i make a lot of spleling mistake)

But i enjoy building LOL champ into Path of Exile, so here i am. And you as well, i suppose.

This is a somewhat meme build in progress, and it does progress trough the atlas, red map currently.
It use Ethereal Knive linked with Cyclone and Cast while Channeling, double minions herald, a lot of poisons and the new dagger Cold Iron Point for +6 to physical spell.

As for DPS, POB tell me something like 300k for ethereal Knive (probably a fair bit more if a fight progress and poison start to stack), 340k for the crawler and 60k for purity, so around 700k with my budget build.
It could probably double with some min-maxing; i doubt it will go higher that 1-1.2M. But what do i know?
Maybe with some physical as extra elemental/chaos, dropping the cold iron point and going for some eternety shroud shenanigans.

I'm here to share my fun, as it is very enjoyable to play


Weapon : Cold iron point *2 (1 chaos each)
It give +6 to physical spell, wich apply to EK, but also herald of purity and agony

Armor : Dendrobate (20 chaos for a 5link)
Good defences, and give a boost in poison damage and 100% poison chance
You can take a random 6 link and put poison support in it for the same price if you need it. Just avoid tabula, i feel naked with a tabula

Helmet :
Elder helmet with socketed gems are supported by minion damage (1 chaos)

Glove :Oskarm (1 chaos)
A free assassin's mark ! And i am an assassin ! Roleplaying as another assassin ! must have

That make 24 chaos, i used the rest to cap my resist and grab some life everywhere.
you NEED the ethereal knives jewel, but you get it for free in act 5 so dont worry

For flask i use:
- A life one, because i usually die without life
- Also a witchfire brew, to the huge bonus to poison
- A quicksliver flask, because i like to run faster
- A jade flask, because it is an evasion build, so why not?
- An enduring mana flask for the no-regen map. A diamond flask there would give 60k more dps on EK

Gems :

in armor : Cyclone | Cast while Channeling | Ethereal Knives | Vicious projectile | Vile Toxins | Unbound ailments

In helmet : Herald of Agony | Damage on full life | Deathmark | Maim
Because the best games are when a teammate carry with you
You can reach higher DPS (520k) with Empower and withering touch, but the mana reservation become too high. And the cost too.
Dont forget to use deathmark on boss for the 24% more damage

in a 4 link : Herald of purity | Brutality | Feeding frenzy | Blind
Because you usually have to carry a bunch of useless peoples
Again, i have not enough mana to reserve to be more offensive there.

Somewhere : Frosblink | Flame dash | faster casting
Katarina jump on the ennemy and damage everyone around, so you play with frostblink. Also, it does not really interrupt your cyclone, wich is great.
Flame dash is there to go around the map faster

Also an ice golem, preferably with cast while damage taken

Dont look at my character, i have some weaker version of this

And you have a 4 link free for whatever you want (wither totem or CWDT for exemple)

leveling :
You can level with EK | pierce (drop it when you reach the pierce node) | whathever-give-you-damage-and-suit-your-socket.
A karui ward is probably the most common unique amulet and can carry you from level 8 to level 80, the projectile speed is somewhat important to the build too (20/30% is good)
You will lack a bit of single target but you can take a secondary skill for it, whatever you want

In the middle of act 5, take your EK jewel, first ascendancy (poison) and go for EK| CWC | Cyclone | Poison support
The crawler is here for the single target damage

Once you reach the mana reservation node, take your herald of purity

Tree :

How to improve the build?
This tree has been made while leveling, so it can definetely be improved. Also, it is level 85 so ...
This is a 30c (at the moment, it depend on the league) gear, so you could start by buying a 6link dendrobate (2ex). And some crit / non-chaos as extra chaos on the jewellery
And dodge on the boot, and get an assassin's mark on hit ring and change the glove for a spell crit or projectile, or gem level bonus one
And some + minion on the helmet for the crawler too. An empower lvl 4 while where at it
Some level 21 on gems is good too
Since Cast on crit can activate twice as fast thant CWC, you could trade a bit of QOL for damages if you have enough aspd/crit/accuracy

But the biggest upgrade would probably be to play as a scion, for katarina is female, and so should you be. She has what we need in the assassin ascendancy

There is no questions for the moment, and i am probably not qualified to answer anyway

Thank you for reading until this point, may your eyes bleed upon something else now
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Just out of curiosity, why do you scale poison damage instead of just going for straight EK damage?
I'm running the build right now. Just got the cwc, been fun. Got any item recommendations? I'm playing it as Scion and going secondary Slayer, but I think the Berserker one would do more damage maybe?

(also freaking Yordles are OP, esp if you get a good champ and put the mittens on them to make them Yordle too)
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i can't open the tree. is it just me?
Vicious projectiles doesnt support spells.
How about using HoA as the main damage source?

Necro ascendancy: +2 minion gems
Cold iron point: +6 minion gems
HoA: lvl 21
Empower: +3 lvl
Coming Calamity: +2 lvl (more with the right vaal implicit)
So, lvl 34 HoA

On gloves: poison support+CWC+cyclone+Bladefall or something

HoA on chest for the 6 link (Coming Calamity tho)

Scale minion damage from gloves, helmet, and passive tree. Use Haste aura and flesh offering, spectres for the charges.

Should have 1 million dps, I guess. However, I don't know if bladefall can sustain virulence charges on single target.

Also CWC cyclone allows you to stay away from packs and dodge things.

It's just my thoughts, haven't tested yet. Might not work tho.

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