[3.8] Durimon's Poison Tornado Miner Assassin, 1 EX for End Game

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Durimon Style: Hack defense numbers! Killing mons Fast is the best defense!

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[3.8] Durimon's Ball Lightning Miner, Fast, Strong and Extremely Cheap | Insane DPS for 30c Only:

This is my forth "bring my old mine back" build.

Someone asked me whether poison build with new mine, which is as broken as other 3 miner builds of mine, is possible. Of course it's possible. :) I wanted to show how broken new mine is to those who asked me, I decided to make this build.

Personally, I don't like anything related poison because, as you can see in all my builds, I like high dps killing mons instantly. But, poison takes a short time for me to see mons lying down on the gound, which I really hate. Also, with boss, you need to MOVE a bit for a while, which is also a big deal for a lazy player like me.

Even though this build also has insane DPS, due to its uniqueness, I need to tell you pro and con. There are some that is different from pure poison assassin.

This is my forth "Bring My Old Mine Back" build in 3.8. Like I said in the first, second and third build thread, BL, Fireball, iceshot Miner, I really don't like new mine. My goal is simple and clear:

I show how 'pathetic(broken)' power new mine has so that GGG can think again and bring my old mine system back.

This build can do all contents without much investment. With only about 1 ex, you can experience the fastest mapping and fast boss killing.

It's ONLY 1 EX GGG! Are you reading this!?


T16 Minotaur Full Run:

More to come


1. Insane Clear Speed and Poison + Tornado DPS for about 1 ex only (Not comparable with non-miner poison build with the same price)
2. Decent Boss Killing Speed
3. Pretty Safe to do mapping even if it's low life (tornado + leech from machina, and insane poison + tornado dps to one-shot mons)
4. Fun to upgrade (expensive rare poison bow...etc)

1. Some bosses may one-shot you if you don't move (not like BL miner killing bosses within a sec)
2. It takes a bit of time to get used to poison mechanics
3. low life (totally fine with mapping but in some bosses.)
4. Poison mine cannot be pure poison one because there are things that do not work in mine/trap. This is rather tornado + poison hybrid build.


1. Tornado + Pierce + 21 mines (each 3 arrows) = Easy poison
2. High-Impact Mine Support = Double Damage
3. Assassin Ascendancy
4. 50% more dps and sometimes 30% more dps from Arborix in close range (for boss)
5. Skitterbot(stupid-bot) = Shock

Problem of Assassin Poison Build in Mine

1. Assassin's '5% poison duration increase' does not work cuz it has to be "You," not Mine/Trap. A bit shame. :(

Core Item

1. If you spend more currencies, you can get a good quiver with pierce + life + crit multi. But, this build should not exceed 1 ex, that's why I put it as a core item.


2. Vengeant Cascade must not be enchanted since it makes pierced arrows come back toward you. To poison more enemies, it should penetrate and go straight. So, plz get "Piercing Shots" for oil enchantment, if you are rich enough.

Gem Links
Same as "Gear"

Passive Tree



Help Alira

Lunaris - Shakari (or Tukohama)

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Twitch: https://www.twitch.tv/durimon/

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I never played mines or a tornado shot and I hit a wall with my lvl 91 frostblades assasin (mostly due to the lack of red tier map drops and the unwillingness to invest more currency). This build cought my eye and so I respecced the hard way (lot of regrets).

I don't have dying sun or 20/20 gems (except TS, 6-linked), still leveling, but this is what I can/can't do:

What I can do with it: tier 10 elder, bosses in general (pretty well)
What I learned: manually dodging with 4.2k life and 75/75/71/-26 res (seriously, the 1% leech doesn't live up to the expectations)
What I can't do (at least without luck): delve >100, red tier >12

Everything else feels like a chore (a particular nasty one).
So what can I do to get this insane broken damage thing you're talking about? I can't afford another respec to jump on the cobra lash/generic poison skill meta ;)

And one thing about mines: do you really have to push two buttons in series to actually get it going? Or is there something I'm missing? Or is this the reason of your crusade (again, I never played mines pre 3.8). If so, you have my vote! This kinda sucks hard.

How is it that standard has to endure all the nerfs to skill gems, skill tree, and ascendancies every new league, just that said league can have the new shit that is so well balanced, that it has to be adjusted mid-league?

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