[3.8] Vaal Blade Vortex Hybdrid Trickster. Budget, mid game, end game options || All content

That is been so long since I decided to make a build. So I'm doing it now. I will Explain Most things in plain text I like it this way sorry if it's boring. And realy sorr for spelling issues since english is not what I write every day and I'm self-taught english person. Video Content Will come later if I can find a good computer to record.

-High Damage
-Pops Blight Monsters
-High Clear Speed ( if you know how to clear fast)
-Very tanky ( 50/50 dodge, 50 evade chance/ 70 if you blind them, energy shield mitigation)
-Much funnier than melee 'attacks' since this is like melee 'spell'
-Can use herald effect , I go for herald of ash ( I like popping effect I use automaton herald efect )
-Cannot do this map modes ( ele reflect, No Regen)
-Hard time this map modes ( Less Recovery, No Leech, unlucky dodge)
-This is melee. I couldn't do uber atziri maybe you can but I don't think so.

Main Mechanics

Blade vortex is 'physical spell' by that mean if you want to scale it's damage. You need "X damage to spells" not "Y damage to Attacks" but in fact added damage doesn't realy effect our damage in big scale. At first make sure skill only does elemental damage. You can get this by items that converts physical to elemental. I use different items in every options check them all carefuly.

Use storm brand curse on hit assasin mark for bosses. pob calculates with that. You won't have charges. You will always chill and shock even shaper, uber elder.

with budget build you can farm up to tier:14 easily, mid game build enables you to do shaper to uber elder. Haven't tested end game build but going for it to go deeper in delve.

Using level 20 cwdt with steel skin and withering step makes you super extra tanky. because withering step isn't guard skill but gives you high defences for short time like high damage mitigation for short time from steel skin which is awesome.

Bandits, Ascendancy, Pantheon, Gems


Harness The Void,Weave the Arcane,Swift Killer,Escape Artist



BLADE VORTEX -> physical to lighningt, increased critical damage, increased critical strikes ,Unleash, empower 4/hypotermia

Storm Brand -> curse on hit, assasin mark, blind(if 4 link)

Shield Charge -> faster attacks, physical to ligtning this is for physical reflect maps. with this you won't have to worry about physical reflect

Precision lvl1 , herald of ash , hatred, enlighten 4(not needed)

Cast When Damage Taken (lvl20) -> steel skin (lvl20), withering step (lvl20)


These are most needed types check carefuly in pob for budget and midgame options. Gain physical damage as extra lightning damage and Gain physical damage as extra cold damage both mandatory for damage scale. Crit is important. And this items are shaped all because I m aiming towards eternity shroud.


Budget League Starter | 1ex - https://pastebin.com/Ph8ujTTS

Mid Game Current Build (10 day in league) | 7ex - https://pastebin.com/UTLrRQrW

End game build ( going for this ) | can cost mirrors but this willl be cheaper end game version - https://pastebin.com/8WJ5Q2nn
How You doing?
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why not elementalist
how do you solve mana
80 levels
have mana problem need help
TranS4MerS wrote:
how do you solve mana
80 levels
have mana problem need help

weave the arcane ascendancy got me fix that problem. I never runned out of mana. just when it's less recovery on map mods made me slow but mana never been a problem. did you get all ascendancies?

You cast so much BV. ascendancy takes care of it. I realy never had mana problem. sorry you need to specify more.

taking all ascendancy is realy mandatory more then all other things. ghost dance and escape artist is huge defensive spike for this build.
How You doing?
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