[3.8] Summon Raging Slave Zombies

[3.8] Raging Slave Driving Zombie Build

Although I have a lot of time playing the game, I still feel like I don’t know much at all. So this is less of a full build guide, but rather just showing a build that has been a lot of fun this league.

I knew I wanted to play a summoner this league, I just was not sure what exactly. So I ended up winging it and just seeing what felt right while playing. I didn’t even put anything in POB until getting ready to write this up. Below is what came out of it.


Build features the following:

4 Spectres (Slave Drivers) - 6 linked in Body Armour
9 Zombies - 5 linked in Ring One (Hungry Loop Ring)
20 SRS - 5 linked in Ring Two (Hungry Loop Ring)
Plus Carrion Golem, Skeletons and Animate Guardian (with Kingmaker, leer cast, ambu’s charge,southbound, victario’s flight)

Phase run with increased duration

Flesh and Stone (Sand Stance)
CWDT with IC and Convocation
CWDT with enfeeble and bone offering (flesh offering can be used for mapping)

All minion damage converted to lightning using Triad Grip gloves with 4 blue sockets (note: except SRS as 50% of their damage is converted to fire….and by my understanding skill gem conversion takes priority over gear conversion for damage).

Elemental Equilibrium procked using armageddon brand.

HP 4.7k
ES: 2.7k

Uniques used:

Triad Grip gloves for damage conversion
2 Hungry Loop Rings
Shavrone’s Wrapping for Body Armour

Other gear:

Life, resists and energy shield.


For maps, essentially hit quicksilver flask and then hit phase run. And let all your minions kill everything.
For bosses, pre-load the SRS to 20 and then hit the boss while you keep out of the way.
For blight, build your towers then pre-load the SRS and let them kill everything...every couple of seconds re-load the SRS to 20.

Overall thoughts:

Leveled using all the same zombies, srs and spectres later on (just in different places before I got the hungry loop rings up and running).

Once I got enough resists on other gear, started using the hungry loop rings.

Did not use Animate Guardian until later on when gem was level 20 (+3 levels from other sources) to make sure it would not die.

Felt a little squishy before I got the shav’s. Still not tanky after shav’s but now got around 7.2k between life and energy shield. Still have some min maxing to do.

For the spectres, slave drivers, I am using the feeding frenzy gem. It ends up with less overall damage than using other gems but feels so much better when mapping and bossing.

Have skeletons in build just in case I needed them, but I don’t think I have ever even used them.


Slave drivers are not in POB so don’t have numbers on them. The damage numbers look small for zombies and SRS in POB….but damage feels really good in game. Melts bosses and blight encounters are super easy even in tier 16 maps. POB also doesn’t show the damage conversion from the gloves either.

Total estimated cost (of current gear….starting out was very budget):

6-linked shav’s - 4 exalt
Convoking wand - 1 exalt
Rest of gear - Around 1-2 exalt
Total: 6-7 exalt

Below is a list of my current gear, gem links and a POB

Last bumped on Nov 6, 2019, 2:18:38 AM
Very nice, solid build.

What Ascendancy choices did you go for?
Hi, your build look interesting but can i ask a simple question
How to put gem in hungry loop? So you put level 19 gem on it? Does it auto consume?
The name of this build is hilarious.

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