[3.8] Casual player take on Icicle / Ice Spear Mine ( Easily Affordable League Starter )

1. Description
This is my casual take on Icicle Mines not following any guides and just using the knowledge gathered in few leagues. Thus as a disclaimer, this guide would not be for everyone but more of an inspiration as to what could work.

As 3.8 came out with new mines, Icicle mines seemed like a good AOE clear option due to the crit chance build up and in all honesty the sweet sweet sound of enemies shattering into million tiny pieces. As far as the build goes currently, it deals with any pack easily and effortlessly. Bosses can be dealt with just Icicle mines upto Red Maps but might be abit more running about, that is why this build also utilises a helmet craft for a 6L Ice Spear mines for melting tough bois.

Hope this will help who ever is interested in Ascendant Miner. I certainly felt going sabo felt too mainstream, have to be a hipster.

2. Pros/Cons

- Everything Shatters, Spiky bois ? Gone. That enemy that tried to one hit you ? Frozen and in million pieces.
- Damage is reasonable but needs some min maxing to 1 button press endgame.
- You laugh at blight branching
- Alot of crit multi and chance from almost nothing.
- SSF Friendly.

- Mines arent for everyone but with 3.8 changes work more smoothly.
- Defensively respectable HP but could do more. Blind helps alot but not for HC in no way.
- Lacks deeps with in blight maps with 6+ bosses.

3. Gear + Gems

Current Gear for Reference

Gear Focus

Focus on Spell Damage.
1. % Spell Damage / Cold Damage
2. Flat Cold
3. Whatever you find useful for utility.

2h Staff
I first brain stormed that this build would be built around a 6L Staff with +3 Global Cold Gems and a +2 Spell Skill Gems as BIS. But after rolling alterations for a while I could not make it happen. This alternative BIS is available on the POB.
1.+3 Global cold or +2 Spell skill gems
2.Crit Multi
3.% Spell Damage

Now this is not a must have at the beginning but something to aim for before T13s. Goal is to get a Helmet with Socketed Gems supported by Blastchain Mine and Hypothermia. Trap/Mine Damage is a good option too, couldnt tell you which one is better. But hypothermia definetly pulls its weight.

This effectively makes the helmet a 6 Link Ice Spear.

1. Socketed Blast Chain and Hypothermia/Mine Damage
2. Life
3. % Res
4. Cold Damage to Spells

For enchant its either Icicle Mine has +30% to Critical Strike Multiplier OR Ice Spear fires an additional Projectile. Which ever you feel would benefit you the most. Since icicle mine does lack endgame single target id suggest the Ice Spear Proj to make bossing even more comfortable.

Body armour
Rare with Life and res or Belly of the beast. If you opt for the 2H version of the build, Kaoms wouldnt be a bad option either to beef you up but a rare elder body will always outshine a kaoms with flat high life and % life from elder rolls.

Life and Res. Nothing more to it tbh.

Life and Res with 30% movement speed. If you are rolling for Enchants then eitheer Damage pen 10% if you havent killed or 10% increased movement speed while not been hit recently.

Now I Believe the Pandemonius would be a solid option for this build, simply because its a sought after amulet for any cold-based build.

You can easily do without and even arguably some rare ammies are better.

Youd probably want something with:
1. % Spell Damage / % Cold Damage
2. % Crit Multi
3. Life
4. Res

Again something that alot of spell builds benefit from is Mark of the shaper , but a pair of baller opal rings would probably do as well.

For Rares:
1. % Crit Multi
2. Life
3. Res

Belts pretty basic nothing special. High life and res. If you can afford it stygian with a solid abyssal jewel.


I havent had the chance to try out what would benefit this built best. But the philosophy is Life and Crit multi is king. With abyssal jewels in mind if you get life and multi, could also aim for some flat damage which never hurts.

For beef 2 Might of Meeks around Scion life nodes.

4. Passives and Gem Links

POB Link: https://pastebin.com/WbkTKWL4

Everything is pretty straight forward but as this is blight and you can annoint your amulet. Diamond Back in the marauder side is a good starter passive to have even into late game if you struggle with elemental res.

Ascendencies: 1. Dex/Int and Passive torwards Saboteur
2. Saboteur and Dex Node torwards Pathfinder
3. Passive Point and Pathfinder
4. Either get attributes if you need but Passives outshine Attributes.

Bandit: Kill all
Pantheon: What ever floats your boat. I have solaris and shakari.

Gem Links

Icicle Mine
Icicle Mine -> Trap and Mine Damage -> Controlled Destruction -> Swift Assembly -> 5L Pierce -> 6L If you dont shatter enough Hypothermia or if you do Cold Pen.

Theres also Chain and Fork players but uncertain how that would function. You are always free to try out.

Ice Spear (Helmet)
Ice Spear -> Controlled Destruction -> Swift Assembly -> Greater Multiple Proj + Hypothermia and Blastchain from helmet.

Frostbite + Blasphemy
Frost bomb
Skitterbots + Bonechill or Unbound Ailments

5. Levelling

Start with Stormblast mine since you unlock it after hillock and at level 12 get icicle mines and go to town on those enemies. Unlike alot of other builds, totems and mines/traps dont need too much during leveling. They simply shred everything and only thing you gotta worry about is where you are running next.

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