Server side hotfix (Town performance)

Xystre wrote:
For the love of all grind, please fix this it's gamebreaking and poorly designed considering it's a league mechanic how can my blighted maps and resources go to waste when something like this happen?

Sometimes blight portals spawn on top of the pump causing to be destroyed in seconds.

Agreed! Can't even play the league mechanic when a damn portal for mob spawn is right on top of the god damn pump. wtf is up with that? Play games much GGG?
I Love Lab! To an extent........
many thanks in advance. the lag has gotten really bad over the last few days.

so random. i can be fine in one area and next one, lag like no tomorrow. and these are just from the the starting 10 acts.

had one where i went in to face kitava and next thing i know, i was asked where to resurrect. no chance to even react.

added: Singapore server.
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Currently I'm being booted to desktop every 5-10 minutes without any errors.
It seems like this update fixed ALL of my performance issues. Haven't tried a blighted map since this update, though. Now my performance is, dare I say, "silky smooth". Knock on wood.

Before this update, I experienced minor hitching every few seconds or so while moving my character, regardless of being in town, my bone stock hideout, or in maps. Maps usually were worse, though, with the hitching becoming chuggy in some maps but not others. The hitching looked like hardware frame drops, except PoE's in-game monitoring (F1) and my own performance monitoring via Rivatuner's overlay (RTSS) often showed acceptable performance that didn't really correspond with the hitching I was experiencing.

All of that appeared resolved yesterday. Gameplay was sharp and responsive.

For reference, I'm playing a poison-based scourge arrow pathfinder, something that doesn't seem extraordinarily computationally taxing compared to many other builds. I upgraded my computer last year with an i7-8700k (six core). My GPU (Sapphire 290X) and SSD (Transcend 512GB 370S) are rather more "outdated" than the CPU, but they have always been perfectly performant. My ISP I would not rate below A- for gaming stability.

I recorded a clip of the hitching while doing the campaign, and the metrics actually did show the expected irregularities there. Hard for me to reconcile that with all the times when they didn't. The recording exaggerates the duration of the hitches (i.e., the video looks worse than the gameplay was) but not their regularity.

Again, walking around in my hideout was nearly just as bad.

Thanks GGG.
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@ctr2yellowbird: This seems to be due to the latency spikes (and not directly FPS related), so I doubt that it was only cause of the poor town performance.
Yes, a latency issue caused by poor server performance. Refer to the first sentence of my previous post. That's all that matters. I posted at all because this does not make sense given this patch's note. I do not accept as a coincidence that:

• a day or two before the blight content update I had good, normal performance in standard
• after blight and until this patch I would hitch every few seconds anywhere
• hours after this patch my issue completely vanished

FWIW, I discovered GGG's diagnostic traceroute post while I was experiencing my performance issues, targeted the PoE server I play on, and saw normal ping with no packet loss to all hops that weren't blocking or deprioritizing ICMP packets.

Perhaps corrected garbage collection on portals has some ancillary benefits outside town. Perhaps the process of updating and running the new server code corrected something else that was unexpectedly misbehaving. I expect GGG is interested in hearing of such (probably) unexpected outcomes. Hence my post.
Ever since Breach, performance of the game has continued to degrade over time.

"Path of Exile's engine is currently modern, lean and fast." - Chris Wilson, September 19th, 2019

"It looks like we broke something with 3.10.0. We don't know what it is yet." - Bex, March 16th, 2020

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