[3.8] Chains of Command Oro's Sacrifice Necromancer

This build is a work in progress
Made this because Chains of Command seemed like a cool unique to build around, also I have never made a summoner build before
Willing to take constructed criticism and/or suggestions for the build

For leveling this build I just used raise zombies until 70 for Chains of Command
Killed all bandits for passive points

Passive Tree:

Current Gear:

Currently running a double curse set up with Wave of Conviction linked to curse on hit Flammability with the unique glove Asenath's Gentle Touch

Animate Guardian's equipment:

Oro's Sacrifice

Helm with life and fossil mod that reads "nearby enemies have -9% fire resistance"

Gruthkul's Pelt for survivability

Lochtonial Caress for Attack speed

Dance of the Offered for onslaught but not completely sure it works
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No cast when damage taken combo? is it very tanky?
I'm currently at about 5k life and 1.8k es but still feel like glass. Basically have no defensive layers

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