(xbox) R trigger spells won't work (no elite controller)

like the title says... all the spells on my R trigger slots wont work. The L trigger spells work fine.
Last bumped on Sep 10, 2019, 7:23:47 PM

What skills do you have on these keys (skill name and support gems), and would you be able to provide us with a video clip of this behaviour?

I have zombies linked with minion damage support on (x), holy flame totem linked with added cold damage support and summon phantasm support on (a), wrath on (b) and desecrate on (y). To be honest, it doesn't matter what I put on the R trigger slots.. nothing works.

I captured a video on xbox live, how would I get it to you?
Hi, we have watched your video.
We have tried reproducing it with the same skill but they always work for us.
Does it happen on all characters? Can you check that?
Just tried it on my standard character and the R trigger skills seem to work. Switched back to my blight character and now they're working. yes!

Thanks for the help! All is well now.

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