[3.8] Fun's Flame Surge mine Saboteur - SSF - WIP

Here is the basic idea

Infernal Legion on skitterbot deals a burning damage effect around them. With enough passive, the radius is quite big.
Add in the Flame surge very nice quirk:
"(50-88)% more Damage with Hits against Burning enemies"
Link it to the high impact mine for 2% chance to deal double dmg (4% with the ascendency) with the 19 mines you have 76% chance to deal double dmg

Right now I'm mapping white maps and its working fine, survivability is low, but that is because I'm going SSF to see how easy it plays and I wasn't very lucky with drops.

There is one thing I'm not sure, Should I go with the helmet enchantement:
the 60% increased Flame Surge Damage against Burning Enemies
the Summon Skitterbots has 20% reduced Mana Reservation

I have the Stone golem for recorvery, but should I link it to a "curse on hit" or the CwdT set-up with immortal call?

Should I make a curse set-up? If yes, where should I link the Curse set-up and which curse?
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So a quick check in Path of building with no gears
The dps clicks in at 42919 avrg per mine with burning+chilled+shocked vs shaper or gardian
Our lovely skitterbots with infernal legion gave all 3 ailment no problem.
Any Unique gears I should look for that I didn't take into account?
I am also open to suggestions, the only real thing I keep is Flame surge and Infernal Skitterbots. Everything else is open for tweaking.

I am already level 74 and there is no issue except the already mentionned low-life due to unlucky gear rolls. All resistance are over-cap at around 100% and Chaos is -8% so defence is looking okay so far.
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