Server side hotfix

I've been playing this game for quite a long time and I've never had such bad performance! The computers I've played on have changed over the years and none of them have been "Dream" machinces so to speak, but they haven't been terrible!
Since this newest league started my performance has been horrible. Lag spikes, frame rates dropping, disconnects, the whole she-bang!
I hope you guys can get it sorted because this is still my favorite game and I will keep on playing through the muck but some improvements would sure be nice!

Also, the Blight encounters are entirely too hard!! On the first day they weren't so tough but since I got to Act 2 I haven't successfully defended the pump once! The mobs just overwhelm my towers and my toon's damage can't put a dent in them. Did you guys up the toughness on the encounters since league start or is it just the normal ramping up as my level increases?

does this also fix Blighted maps still dcing at the 1 minute mark?

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