[3.8] Unearth Soulwrest Corpsemancer


i dont like to say more than i have to, so ill try to keep this concise.

i havent started a blight character yet. this character is on standard with decent (albeit up-gradable) gear. you should not start blight with this character, although you probably could if you ran some sort of minion build until you got your soulwrest.
corpses are got buffed this patch. run corpses. what this build does is it uses unearth with GMP as a utility skill to apply vulnerability, chill, and shock to enemies while our undead army does the actual dps.
unearth spawns corpses at a targeted location (up to 5 with GMP) with piercing projectiles. corpses now apply chill and shock and a new buff called plaguebringer with the new corpse pact and plaguebringer ascendancies. we consume the corpses we create by killing, and we try to avoid the corpses we create with unearth so they can keep debuffing the enemy.
more often than not, youll just be popping all of your flasks and running through packs while slamming convocation. its fun.

bandits, skill tree, ascendancy, pantheon
kill all bandits.

this is my pob at level 87: https://pastebin.com/cwuwbQQB

196% life at level 87.
the only keystone i run is Mind over Matter. this is optional, i just didnt have space to run auras and im too lazy get unset rings to run them. its not very bad either. you get a ton of regeneration rate and regeneration from the soulwrest, skill tree, and the bone barrier ascendancy. this does leave us weak to lo-regen maps and completely helpless against no-regen maps.
at 100, i plan to finish the health wheel by scion, grab the minions get onslaught on kill wheel (ravenous horde) and a couple more jewel sockets.

for ascendancy:
plague bringer -> corpse pact -> mindless agression -> bone barrier. if youre levelling and you dont want to consume corpses, grab bone barrier first.
lunaris and ryslatha. do what you think is good though.

gear choices
build enabling items

build is based on soulwrest. phantasms op.

it gives +1 to all socketed gems and EB for my MoM. also, every once in a while, feast of flesh triggers and you refresh your phantasms. nice little bit of QoL
if you cant get this (especially since blight started on the day i made this fuckin post) or dont want this, try to get a bone helmet with +x to necro gems, life, and res.

the only reason these boots arent completely mandatory is because i run unearth and spirit offering. that, however, is clunky as fuck. get these boots. you will ass tear through maps. if you cant get these boots (especially since blight started on the day i made this fuckin post), get boots with life, res, and move speed. also, i actually prefer having the extra gem socket from the 1 abyss socket version of these boots; more utility, and im poor.

i also run two of these
sorry i didnt link them, i dont know how. minion damage + zombie slam cdr is pretty useful. you can replace these with some rare ghastly eye jewels.


you could (and probably should) run rumis instead of the quartz flask. make your basalt flask a heat flask if you do that.

my other gear

look at all of this utility rare garbage. good lord i need to upgrade. you can grab unset rings for flesh and stone + pride if you want. might wanna spec out of MoM if you do.

gem links
this stuff is in order of importance

soulwrest links
summon phantasm -> lesser multiple projectiles-> deathmark -> feeding frenzy -> minion damage -> controlled destruction

a little bit about soulwrest and phantasms: phantasms are a minion that cast a physical piercing projectile spell. they are spawned by a support gem that has the condition "chance to spawn phantasm on kill or on hit against a rare/unique enemy". anything with that condition makes me sad. what soulwrest does is change that condition to "always spawn phantasm on consumption of corpse". you spawn corpses. you consume corpses. then the things that spawn out of the corpses you spawn and consume make more delicious corpses out of your enemies. its a beautiful thing to behold. also, you are limited to 11 phantasms (with a level 21 summon phantasm) if youre spawning them without a soulwrest. if youre spawning them with a soulwrest, the phantasm cap is raised to 21 (so long as you socket a level 21 phantasm gem)

sub slower proj for single target. you can also run efficacy instead of controlled destruction for a longer lasting but weaker phantasm. this might be useful if you dont have bubonic trail, although a 15 second phantasm only lasts 2.4 seconds longer with a level 20 efficacy.

i have never used greater multiple projectiles or faster projectiles on my phantasms. i do not recommend them. i dont know why people use them. clear speed is fine with just LMP. that doesnt mean you cant use gmp and faster proj. i just hope you enjoy weapon swapping or chroming your soulwrest every time you want big single target.

zombies (chest armor)
raise zombies -> meat shield -> maim -> fortify -> deathmark -> minion damage

these are meat shields. very aptly named support gem, GGG.

carrion golem (helmet)
summon carrion golem -> minion damage -> feeding frenzy -> deathmark

your golem adds flat phys to all of your minions. it also does damage. i think shes kind of cute, too. i named mine lucy :)

unearth (gloves)
unearth -> greater multiple projectiles -> curse on hit -> vulnerability

this is the star of the build. not the phantasms. its the self cast unearth. originally, i wanted to utilize the spell bonuses on soulwrest. i still dont know how to do that well. but, in researching that, i decided to stick with unearth as a utility spell to apply curses. then 3.8 hit and the corpse ascendancies came out. unearth got even better. hurray! like i mentioned earlier, unearth now applies shock, chill, and vulnerability. it also spawns corpses for us which is practically mandatory for tougher boss fights. you will be using this a lot. if you run the same gear as me, you will be eating corpses 25/8.

utility spells (boots)
flame dash + convocation + spirit/flesh offering
convocation is actually just brand recall. it also pretty much full heals your entire army.
your offering skill is useful for spawning phantasms and buffing your minions. i prefer spirit because it gives your minions decent damage from the cast and attack speed and the very useful minion movement speed. flesh offering is good, too. makes your minions tankier and gives them a weaker unholy might that (i believe) stacks with the unholy might in your passive tree.

also, bone armour. bone armour is an active spell provided by the bone barrier ascendancy that absorbs 70% of all damage taken by you and your minions in to a life pool of 2209. i dont know if that pool scales, i dont know if you and each of your minions share that 2209 life pool. nice to have around though.

i hate doing pros and cons. im going to do them anyway, but id prefer if you read what im about to say.


we sit behind several defenses. we use EB MoM, we have decent block chance. our ascendancy gives us flat phys reduction and increased rate of regeneration. enemies are usually maimed and/or chilled, and you can hide behind your minions. it also reduces damage dealt by enemies by 10% so long as theyre around a corpse. we also do a fair amount of damage (but ive not done any damage calculations and im not about to. ill leave that to the sharper folks). your nearby allies deal 10% more damage when youre near a corpse. we can apply 20% shock, vulnerability all the time, and if you decide not to go EB MoM, you can run pride + flesh and blood/war banner.

I AM ABSOLUTE DOG SHIT AT PATH OF EXILE AND I HAVE NOT TACKLED ANY REAL CONTENT ASIDE FROM NORMAL ATZIRI WITH THIS BUILD, AND I FUCKING DIED ONCE ATTEMPTING THAT. I DO NOT ATTRIBUTE THIS TO THE BUILD BEING BAD, I ATTRIBUTE IT TO ME BEING ABSOLUTE DOG SHIT AT PATH OF EXILE. also my gear can afford an upgrade and my laptop is from the middle ages blah bluh blah blah blah. feel free to criticise my build. but i believe that it is a decent one, and with a good enough player, this build can probably hopefully tackle all game content.

also, with the introduction of the new https://pathofexile.gamepedia.com/Triad_Grip, we can go full elemental conversion esp. with the new elemental minion support. i dont want to do that. you can if you want to try. have fun!

that being said, here are the pros and cons!


-kinda tanky (around 200% life, EB MoM, good regen, minions to hide behind, block, flat phys reduction, bone armour)
-good clear speed with convocation
-fairly cheap, only requires a 6S. (although blight started on the day i made this fuckin post so prices are probably high)
-high regen and ms might make this a decent delver
-fun may be subjective but this build is objectively fun
-no cwdt setup (i dont even care. do you care? dont answer that question)
-no aura setup if you run EB MoM
-cannot do no-regen maps
-im sure you people can find more cons

alright thats it. try it. modify it. see what you can do with it. let me know how uber elder goes.

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