[3.8] Herald of Agony Minion Army (zombies, skeletons,spectres)


Basically we are going to build an insane herald of agony build, then wrap around a ton of skeletons, zombies, and spectres.

We then just sit back and watch the carnage as all of it just rips through things.

I made this build about 3 leagues ago, and it just crushed, through content but had a few small end game hiccups. With all the changes this league though the build will blow past those, and be able to just march through content in a blaze, with speed and power.

Build a bit of a work in progress, so bare with me as I tweak out it's damage but at current count it will have about 5-6million shaper dps with pretty much almost zero gear being worn.

Making it a great starter, and one that can adapt as we all find the hidden niche ways to beast up our minions.

path of building link:
Last bumped on Sep 7, 2019, 1:22:53 PM
I'm also trying out something like this. Maybe just focus on specters + hoag.
+1 also giving your build a shot. What Ascendency are you thinking for this??
In game since Minotaur League..

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