[3.8] Immortal Voidgorger - Consecrated Path Juggernaut/Inquisitor

The Highly Technical Illustration by Cyrix

3.8 Update
It has been a while since I first wrote this guide for 3.4 and many mechanics this build uses have changed since, but it still works and is still amazingly fun! This has now been updated for the 3.8 patch that is soon about to be deployed.

Über Elder demonstration
Short Delve demonstration
These videos are from 3.4, and I have a better recording setup nowadays, so I will replace them soonish.

Back in Delve, I wanted a build that could clear delves safely and relatively fast as well. I really really like to play with gimmicky mechanics, so I tried to cram as many gimmicky synergies as I can into one build.

I had been thinking of making my own Gluttony-abusing build for a while, so first step was using a Gluttony and generating enough Endurance Charges to sustain Cast When Damage Taken Immortal Call. Gluttony needs to be paired with a movement skill and the original version used Cyclone as the best available skill. Cyclone has since been turned into a channeled skill, which triggers Gluttony only on first spin, so the updated version has replaced it with Consecrated Path.

Since I'm going to be immune to Physical Damage most of the time, and when I am not, I want to harm myself as fast as possible, Abyssus is an easy next step to take. Since I have lots of extra flat physical damage and Crit. Multiplier and am using an area skill, Voidforge becomes an obvious choice for a weapon. Additionally, since I am already immune to physical damage and can not benefit from armour or energy shield, shoring up the defenses with a Loreweave and picking Acrobatics and Phase Acrobatics from the Skill Tree comes off cheap. Loreweave has since been nerfed, but the modern version is still acceptable, and there are plenty of good alternatives.

This build can clear all maps and kill all bosses. The original version could sustain Immortal Call very well, but the low attack speed of Consecrated Path causes some downtime, during which the character can get wrecked by a massive physical blow.

My current version does about one million DPS versus Shaper without flasks.

Farming Überlab with an Abyssus is not recommended. Playing HC with an Abyssus is not recommended. Über Elder will be annoying, until you have very high levels and high end gear. All other end game bosses and content are outright easy.

Skill tree
Plain skill tree
My current PoB setup
Direct link to the character in my profile

The skill tree and PoB settings and gear should be mostly self-explanatory, but there are a few things worth pointing out. I connect to Scion, Shadow and Templar for their bonuses with Pure Talent. If you don't use the jewel, you should reconsider those skill point investments.

Blood Drinker is my only source of leech, so you should take it early or consider alternative sources. Phase Acrobatics is optional, but I took it after I managed to squeeze in a pair of +1 Atziri's Steps. The shenanigans with the Might of the Meek are not necessary if you are not starved for resists, but its cute.

The area around Unnatural Instinct is extremely powerful even after multiple rounds of skill tree changes. Force of Nature, Primeval Force and Heartseeker would all give massive improvements to damage, but I am starved for skill points. If you are a Mathil, go for them.

Inquisitor gives bigger numbers than Assassin for me, but Assassin might be a a good alternative if your version is slightly different from mine. Juggernaut is mandatory to keep the Immortal Call cycling and the accuracy bonus makes gearing much more simple.


Voidforge is the Doomfletch of melee. It triples your physical damage from other sources and quadruples it if you can convert all of your physical damage to elemental.

Gluttony keeps the CWDT setups going, most important of which is Immortal Call. The life, mana and Frenzy Charges from Poacher's Mark are also nice.

Abyssus gives flat damage and critical multiplier for Voidforge and it even makes Gluttony hurt us harder, which makes Immortal Call restart faster. There's no downside!

80% resists, or 78% in League, is the real reason to use Loreweave, but benefiting from all of its offensive mods is also very convenient. This was the obvious choise in 3.4 but now you might want to look at other options.

With Voidforge, damage conversion is effectively equivalent to its extra damage. 50% extra damage is reason enough to use Hrimburn, but you might have to use something else if you can't get your resists in order. Tombfists are also always an option, especially if you grab a Watcher's Eye or Winter Spirit to get 90% conversion even without Hrimburn or Hrimsorrow. I had both when I used Cyclone instead of Consecrated Path, but CP converts 50% on its own so this has become less important.

+1 Endurance Charges means Immortal Call has equal duration to its cooldown. Without the corruption, I'd prefer rare boots with tons of resists, since cramming a total 420 points of resistances into the rest of my gear was a nightmare.

My jewellry is absurdly good, since I managed to slam the elemental damage on both of my already great rings with exalted orbs and I got an amazing amulet for cheap on the market. Finding similar ones for your version of the build might not be a realistic expectation. Crit, physical damage, life and resists are all very important. Elemental damage is likely far too expensive to even think about when purchasing rares. Using rare gloves or boots gives you lots more flexibility with the jewelry, which would make your budget much easier to manage.

Flasks are entirely up to personal taste. These are the ones I have been the happiest with, but I have also used an Onslaught flask at times. A Wise Oak is not worth it if you can't balance your resistances. As I previously said, gearing for the right resistances was an outright nightmare for me. I have since broken my resistance symmetry, so I will probably go back to using an Onslaught flask.

Consecrated Path - Melee Physical - Ele. Damage W. Attacks - Inc. Crit. - End. Charge on M. Stun - Fortify
Endurance Charge Support is not good for damage, but it is necessary to reliably cycle Immortal Call. Fortify and Inc. Critical are also not optimal for DPS, but I prefer them for how convenient they are.

Hatred - Herald of Ash - Herald of Purity - Enlighten
Turning mana into damage is always a great idea. Nothing to explain here. You should turn off Herald of Ash if you don't have enough unreserved mana, since it provides a relatively small boost compared to everything Voidforge already does.

CWDT - Inc. Duration - Immortal Call - Blade Vortex - Inc. Crit. - Power Charge on Critical
The importance of Immortal Call should be evident by now Blade Vortex is a convenient way to generate Power Charges, but its not vital, especially if you can't be bothered setting up a second 6-link.

Frenzy - Faster Attacks - Leap Slam - Power Charge on Critical
Backup sources for Charges. This is just pure utility.

Ancestral Warchief - M. and Totem E. Resistance - Fortify - Clarity
Clarity means I can solve my mana problems by using a Watcher's Eye that turns damage taken into mana and Ancestral Warchief is a nice damage boost in boss rooms. Neither of them are essential for the build.

Bandits and Pantheon
I definitely want 2 skill points since I have far more great nodes available than I'll ever have enough skill points to get. The damage of this build is limited just by availability of skill points.

Soul of Lunaris fits in nicely with the Dodge stuff I am using, but both Solaris and Arakaali come close in effectiveness. As a minor pantheon I chose Shakali to get free immunity to poison, but you can change that to whichever other secondary pantheon you prefer.

Simple Leveling Guide
Early on this build levels like any other melee character; by using Frost Blades with the highest DPS weapon you can get your hands on. Just remember to pick Blood Drinker early.

You will want to do Normal, Cruel and Merciless labs as fast as possible, since getting Path of the Templar early means you'll have fewer skill points to respec later.

The gear for this build is cheap and easy to get at first, but since our abilities have such a tall ceiling and aggressive scaling, it will get very expensive later on as you try to maximize the potential of the build. Just don't worry about it too much until you have reached high tier maps and don't take too much example from me. I am known for having an unhealthy fondness for expensive gear. A modest setup should let you handle everything the game throws at you.
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Old thread got archived, so I moved the updated 3.8 version to a new thread. The illustration is unfortunately slightly inaccurate now, since Cyclone can no longer be used.
Hey man, you think this will be viable at all ? kinda thinking about following this build.
BuggyPie wrote:
Hey man, you think this will be viable at all ? kinda thinking about following this build.
It should be. Maybe not as first build in league, since its so heavily dependent on gear, but I have been testing it with the new changes in Standard for a few days now and it has been pretty smooth. A few deaths due to getting hit by a big physical slam while Immortal Call is waiting for more self-harm to happen to get triggered. Those happened less often back when old Cyclone enabled an extremely high attack rate.
Does this build still work since immortal call no longer provides physical immunity?
Viktranka wrote:
Does this build still work since immortal call no longer provides physical immunity?
The buff gets big enough with all the Endurance charges that it works really well in practice. 80something reduced damage taken. Losing Cyclone hurt the build more than the IC change did.

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