[3.7] CoC Blade Vortex/Bladefall | 11M-20M DPS | 8.5k EHP | (UElder/Shaper Viable) | EXPENSIVE


Map POB: https://pastebin.com/TJMjVf7b
Boss POB: https://pastebin.com/EBCpRFLe

Welcome all. I decided to publish a build guide for this character since I got a few questions regarding optimization/character choices.

DISCLAIMER: This build is not for the light-hearted of players. It's fairly expensive, and some of the gear you'll need can really only be self-crafted, or is somewhat difficult to find on market. Price is extremely variable, based on luck/market patterns, but expect to sink around ~70-100ex into this build.

DISCLAIMER 2: This is an Eternity Shroud Build. This means that in order to fully maximize your DPS, all your items need to be of the "Shaper" base type (looking at you Call of the Brotherhood). This means that budget versions of this build will not perform nearly as well, but are still serviceable to a degree.


1. Introduction
2. Build Description
3. Pros and Cons
4. Videos
5. Gear Summary
6. Enchantments
7. Skill Tree
8. Ascendancy
9. Mapping vs. Bossing
10. FAQ



As I missed Synthesis League, I didn't end up getting to play with Eternity Shroud. It really resonated with me as a pseudo-chase unique: as the number of shaped items you wear increases you power, it could also scale the budget of your build insanely high, as well.

However, I was extremely dissapointed at the dominance of Divine Ire as the skill of choice. I'm personally not too big a fan of the playstyle, since the stop and go rythm really wasn't for me. As such, with the QoL changes to cyclone in Patch 3.7, CoC was brought into the forefront; maybe other abilities would be given the chance to shine with this unique!

Partially inspired by Mathil's CoC BV and BF pathfinder, I sought to make a juggernaut of a character: one that would be deal immense amounts of damage, but also have good clearspeed QoL as well as tankiness. And I ended up quite satisfied with my final product.


This character is a Trickster using Cyclone to proc Blade Vortex and Bladefall as the primary sources of damage. Damage is converted 100% to lightning, then 80% to cold and some cold to fire, depending on your gem choices. While the concept is beaten to death, the reason you convert, is because you get % extra chaos damage independently for every element type, so converting to 2+ elements will net you more extra chaos damage than you would get for a single element.

Taking advantage of the new timeless jewel,

allows for incredible amounts of ES to enable a hybrid build. Combine this with

to make actual use of your massive ES pool (similar to EB). I also incorporated endurance charge generation, and other sources of mitigation. Having leveled the character some decent amount in fully juiced T16's, I haven't really been a strong believer in evasion. Rather, I've loaded up on physical damage mitigation, in particular, to faceroll Legion content without being randomly 1-shot (looking at you Maraketh).


  • ~8.5k Ehp by level 90
  • 11M-20M Shaper DPS (full wither stacks)
  • Leech on full life combined with patient reaper -> insane regen for clear
  • Full power and frenzy charges on bosses, 4 endurance charges too for clear
  • No bullshit damage amps like Vaal Righteous Fire
  • ~40-60% physical damage mitigation (depending on what buffs are up)
  • Can do phys reflect (100% ele conversion)
  • Damage is good enough that wither totem doesn't actually matter
  • Smoothest way to play BV (don't have to start and stop with cyclone)
  • 1800/s leech in maps, 1000/s in bosses (not too high, but ok enough given slayer leech)

  • Not as fast as some other cyclone Coc builds (ice nova)
  • Doesn't feel great when diamond flask is down
  • Expensive (maybe an impale cyclone build with similar stats would be cheaper)
  • Hybrid build so leech isn't the best
  • Very little mana, very occasionally have brief periods of not enough mana on 60% less regen maps


Can't make atm, computer is a potato


My Current Gear


Optional Flasks:


You need the Doryani Vaal Jewel, preferably put at the MoM region. Pain attunement not as good since melding wheel is good (you don't want that converted to random crap)

Red dream at templar socket (Holy Dominion node)

Gear Justifications

Helm: Any rare shaped Ev/Es helm or pure Es helm honestly would be fine, I was just aiming for the BF enchant. As BV and BF are pure dex skills, I needed either dex crafted on my gloves or helm. Helm has fewer master crafted mods, so I alt-spammed helmet for t2/t1 life + t3 dex or higher, and regaled. Attempted to annul off third mod for life/dex of I only got magic life+dex, and was forced to regal for a random third mod. Dex is mandatory on gear so you don't have to get jewels with it/passive points.

Personally I have enough damage that I don't need the added light/cold to spells prefixes (Shaped only prefixes), so I added phys taken as fire and phys damage reduction while focussed (multimod needed ofc). This was specifically to combat Legion mobs.

Gloves: Shaped fingerless are fine (any ilvl above 72). I needed to res cap, so I had to roll at least max life + t2 fire res, and craft on cold. I got a bit lucky with my alt/regaling, so I got both.

Mastermodding-wise, I multimodded damage while leeching and phys converted to lightning, which is mandatory for 100% conversion.

Boots: Shaped two-tones (whichever fits your res needs better), with at least 30% movement speed + one t1 res. Fill out remaining res with mods and craft life + cannot be frozen.

Chest: Pretty obvious, core of the build. 6L is not mandatory (and actually discouraged based on my links)

Weapons: Shaped exquisite is best by far, since crit multi implicit is really good. At least have attack speed/double damage mod + cast on crit mod (alt/regaling), and craft on hits can't be evaded, spell damage/as extra chaos. Crit chance optional but recommended, you can also craft % chance for double damage while focussed

Amulet: Crit multi and phys as extra lightning (extra cold optional, but extra lightning is best).

Multimod, craft Life, Damage while Leeching, All res (if needed). If not all res, you can do something like crit chance).

Rings: 2xShaped Call of the Brotherhood, a staple of all min-maxed Eternity Shroud builds.

Belt: Shaped Soul Tether is incredibly good for survivability, and enabling the damage while leeching mods to apply. Usually hybrid life/es builds I wouldn't really consider as true Ehp, but with soul tether or slayer leech, you really become as tanky as your combined pool.

I think the prices on the market were/are honestly bullshit (like 20ex now, were 50ex when I was looking). I scour chanced mine in ~3k scour alts, so around 10-11ex or so. However, I did get a soulthirst (which sold for 5ex), and a ton of blazon's and sunblasts (which sold for a collective 1.5-2ex). So realistically, you don't spend much (besides almost getting carpal tunnel from clicking so damn much).

Jewels: Watcher's eye must have hatred crit and either a) Wrath phys as extra lightning or b) Wrath phys converted to lightning. I prefer conversion since I can run phys reflect.I got my base for 4ex ~ 1.5 months into the league, divined it to perfect crit.

Doryani Vaal Jewel works for mapping. If you don't care about extra EHP, just use a Maraketh jewel with Nasima (more crit chance when blinded, since u cant miss even when blinded)

Other jewels look for %life, damage, multi (most important)


Cyclone CoC (chest): Cyclone(lvl21) - Blade Vortex(lvl21) - Bladefall(lvl21) - Inc AOE/Conc. - Physical to Lightning - Cold to Fire/Energy Leech (Add melee physical damage as sixth link)

Energy leech is extra defensive, Cold to Fire for damage. If you run energy leech and are using cinderswallow, try grabbing an abyss jewel with added fire to spells or attacks so you can ignite.

Helm: Enlighten 4 - Wrath - Hatred (lvl21) - Flesh and Stone(lvl6)

Boots/Gloves: CWDT - Immortal Call | Brand Recall - Arcane Surge

Boots/Gloves: Storm Brand - Curse on Hit - Assassin's Mark/Enfeeble (Delve) - Life Leech

Life leech is to get leech instances on single target when you don't have atziri flask. If you're only mapping you can just put in VRF or something.

Chest: Leap Slam - Fortify - Faster Attacks | Wither - Multiple Totems - Spell Totem

This setup looks a bit weird, but you're forced to run two three links in your chest since all these supports are mandatory. I would vorici jeweller spam to get either r-r-g or r-r-b in the first three sockets, then try to fit the other three links in the last three sockets (4,5,6 socket recipe on bench).


Helm: BV crit multi, BV spell damage, BF extra volley are all good.

Boots: Movement speed, attack cast speed, added fire if you've killed recently. I only got the 1-120 lightning for single target, but you honestly don't even need it.


POB at 96: https://pastebin.com/TJMjVf7b

I would say this build is complete at 95. At 95 you get all your damage wheels filled out as well as the aura wheel. You can always drop annihilation wheel for a 93 tree.

I grabbed Alira for multi, and res (really needed). The mana regen is also nice since we're not going EB (unreserved mana is enough)


So why Trickster?
Trickster CoC has insanely high end DPS, since you get free charge generation from swift killer. Escape artist wheel + eternity shroud and additional gear nets you a nice ES/EV cushion, and ghost shrouds are pretty nice (although I don't invest at all into EV, so not taking full advantage of it here). Patient Reaper synergizes really well with soul tether, esp. when you ignite with your damage on kill.

Playstyle involves leap slamming into packs -> spin to win. Occasionally drop brands, and instant cast on brand recall allows you to cast it while cycloning. Drop wither totem only on boss, worthless for everything else. Beyond bosses (including Abaxoth) will evaporate on T16's even with inc aoe. and no totem.

Mapping setup POB is the one provided above:

Bossing POB (since Patient Reaper isn't as useful/no adds for endurance charge): https://pastebin.com/EBCpRFLe

Honestly I wouldn't even run cinderswallow on bosses, I would craft crit on your diamond and then run a basalt or other mitigation/utility flasks. Feel free to play around with how it feels.

11. FAQ

Q: Shaped COTB too expensive :(

A: You lose like 30% of your damage with regular COTB but it should still work.

Q: Can you run inspired's on this build?

A: Yes you can, check my current profile. You drop a bit of life but you can run 2+ inspireds with a solstice vigil for shenanigans.

Q: Conc or inc Aoe for Monolith?

A: I prefer conc. for jewel farming. Each boss can die in around 2-3 seconds if you setup your DPS properly. Wither totem and place brand/recall for arcane surge.

Q: Why flesh and stone?

A: You can use HoA if you want or some other aura, I preferred to be as tanky as possible for legion specifically

Q: Is this doable with staves?

A: Definitely, haven't tested it out personally, but you'd need to drop a bunch of multi etc. to get the stave nodes. Probably would use Pcoc support + attack speed/double damage, and grab more pcharges on tree.

Q: Timeless Jewel nodes?
Ritual of Might is good, spell damage good too.

Q: Empower shenanigans with +2 supports instead of hits can't be evaded?

Idk where I could squeeze out extra accuracy. Using tempered mind at witch isn't enough, and you lose DPS from that jewel socket so it's not worth it, I think.

Q: Actual DPS?
Referencing Bossing POB: A bit lazy to get DPS, but BV can hit max stacks on single target, so
1.27M * 7.5 (BV)
0.79 (crit) * 8.06 (attack speed)/2 <- (half the time you proc BF) * 1.14M ~* 1.7 (aoe shotgun on bigger targets but damage falloff, just an estimation)
5M (Vaal BV)

=20M approx.

This is also an overestimation, since you hitting 15 wither stacks is unlikely. I'd put the ballpark on max DPS at around 15-18M. Plus, you only really hit this when doing monoliths (the only time when you actually need insane damage). Wither is completely unnecessary for UElder/any other content.


Please leave any questions you have below, and I'll get back to you as soon as possible!
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