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What do you think about going for hunter gloves for the 'Strike skills target an additional enemy nearby' mod? Seems like it would be a nice clear QoL for this build.
Very good and fun build, has enough deeps for all content, melts t16s.
Trying this right now, leveling is really tough without any movement speed or attack speed and basically no AoE.
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Is it viable to go 1h + shield? My favourite build in diablo 2 was a holy freeze zealot and after many meta builds I'm trying something simular in poe.
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Saint-Petersburg. KUPCHINO!
Im running a very similar build buy i keep getting killed by bosses with high burst damage, how can i solve it?
Is there a way i can share instantly my build with u?
Hello there! Great guide, just one question. Where are you putting the Winter Burial jewels? I don't see anywhere there is 40 strength nodes selected within the radius. They aren't in your sockets on the tree either...Please advise! Thank you!
Update please. Would really like to continue playing this.

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