[3.7] Storm Burst/ Orb of Storm trickster - Try to hit me

Hello everybody,
i want to share my trickets build to inspire some of you on their way in Poe or get some feedback.

I tried to made versatile build. I prefer focus on one character, despite the fact, that have more characters with different focus is more efficient.
If you prefer to have one main character as me, then be my guest and continue reading :)

I have to add credit to Luniev and his build which was my starting point and i keep a lot of stuff from his masterpiece.

My characters are available so feel free to check my character tab.

Tooltip of dps in hideout(with flasks)
Storm Burst

Orb of Storms

Pros and Cons:
+ versatile build for all content
+ high defense
+ Caster - spell based items are cheaper this league

- Not single button build
- Not suitable for Legion monoliths ( small area coverage)


Passive tree/Bandits/Pantheon:

Passive tree:

1)Ghost dance
2)Swift killer
3)Escape artist
4)Harness the void

I prefer Alira because we benefit from all she offer. But kill all is also possibility if you manage to cover all resists.

Lunaris for mapping
Solaris for major bosses
Tukohama - more tanky when channeling Storm burst

Defense - how it works
This build has many layers of defense.

The most important is Evasion ( Evasion focused build)
Example of end game stats:
64% evasion chance (72% with flask)
And why evasion? It works very well with Trickster ascendancy.
At first Trickster give you extra evasion through Ghost dance and Escape artist

Dodge is nice combination with Evasion. This is the reason why we go for Acrobatics in passive tree.
It help us to keep our Ghost shroud up and avoid damage.
Vaal Grace is next source of extra dodge.
And last but not least is ascendacy source from Escape Artist +10% dodge chance.
Example of end game setup:
49% dodge attack, 58% dodge spell
With Vaal Grace cap dodge: 75% dodge attack, 75% dodge spell

To go even further with chance to avoid attacks, we try to blind enemies.
Blind cooperate very well with evasion.
Blind is a debuff that lessens the chance to hit of the affected target by 50% and lowers the light radius to the minimum value.
To apply blind we need gloves with blind (more in gear section).

Life + Energy Shield
Last layer of our defense is hybrid pool of life and energy shield.
Try to get as much as possible.
Energy shield is very effective on trickster due to Ghost dance and Escape artist
End game expectancy:
4500 life/2000 es

Leech Energy shield is quite easy, there are plenty of sources. For example Soul Thief in passive tree.
But trickster doesn't need a lot of ES leech due to ascendancy node Ghost dance.
With life its more tricky. I found to use Berek's Grip ring as the suitable solution.

Damage mitigation
There are some sources of damage mitigation.
First of all from Patheon.
Gems- Immortal Call, Infusion
From ascendance - Ghost Dance

And of course try to move and avoid spells, this build can tank a lot but sometimes you need to move out of craps :) like Shaper's beam or Phoenix's explosion.
End game movement speed:
Queen of the Forest + boots + onslaught + Jade flask is 145% movement speed --> your speed during mapping.

bonus defense - Block
We are using shield, but our block chance is not high ( due to Acrobatics)
But extra 15-18% block chance is nice bonus.

bonuse defense - Enfeeble
If you still dont have enough defense then you can use Enfeeble curse.


My current gear:


Very nice head piece for this build is The Vertex Vaal Mask due to high evasion and energy shield (around 280 energy shield - 1400 evasion from escape artist) and its quite cheap.
Downside of this helmet - no life.

possible option - good ES rare helm.
Most valuable affixes are:
-resists until cap 75%
-energy shield
-storm burst enchants


Rare wand/mace/dagger
best affixes:
-Adds # to # lightning damage with spells
-Increased spell/lightning damage
-Increased critical strike chance with spells
-Increased cast speed
-Gain #% of Elemental Damage as Extra Chaos Damage
-Gain #% of Non-Chaos Damage as extra Chaos Damage
-Gain #% of Lightning Damage as Extra Chaos Damage
-+#% Global Critical Strike Multiplier


Rare shield
best affixes:
-Socketed gems have #% reduced mana reservation (without this, go to budget option)
-resist to cap 75%
-# evasion ratting
-# to maximum energy shield
-#% Increased evasion and energy shield
-# to maximum life


budged version:
Leper's Alms Mirrored Spiked Shield

very good shield for this build due to high Evasion and energy shield.

Body armour

Bis, especially for mapping, is Queen of the forest destiny leather.
This build has high evasion so Queen makes you very fast.
But its not that easy to get 6 offcolor sockets.

Budged version until you get 6-link offcolor Queen, you can use
Shroud of the lightness carnal armour
This chest is 6link for price of 5link. Its very good Armour with high defensive potential.


We are using rare gloves with blind to increase our defense potential.
Looking for:
-Socketed gems are supported by level # blind
-resits to cap 75%
-High Evasion
-Socketed gems are supported by level # faster casting
-Socketed gems are supported by level # mana leech
-Socketed spells have +#% to critical strike multiplier
-increased cast speed
-#% global chance to blind enemies on hit


rare evasion gloves with elemental resists and life are good point to start.


Bis are Atziri's step slink boots. This boots are cheap and they are good for every evasion build.
-+ life
-high movement speed
-chance to dodge spells


There are many options.
I prefer good rare ring.
-resists to cap 75%
-+# total maximum Energy Shield
-#% increased spell damage
-#% increased lightning damage
-+#% Global Critical Strike Multiplier
-+#% Global Critical Strike Chance
-Gain #% of Non-Chaos Damage as extra Chaos Damage
-Increased cast speed

unique options:
Aul's Uprising Onyx Amulet - with Grace/Wrath/Zealotry reserve no mana ( grace is the cheapest option)

Choir of the Storm - good single target damage boost


First ring is our source of leech- so we want to use Berek's grip Two-stone ring.
If you have enough resistances, you can try to get corrupted version with increased cast speed.

Second righ get some rare ring.
Prefered affixes are:
-resistances to cap 75%
-Energy shield
-#% increased Lightning Damage
-#% increased Cast Speed
--# to total mana cost of skills
-+#% Global Critical Strike Chance
-+#% to Global Critical Strike Multiplier


Get good rare belt - best is Stygian vise to has Abyss jewel. This abyss jewel should has #% chance to gain onslaught for 4 seconds on kill to push your dps and movement even further.

-elemental resistance to cap 75%
-Energy shield
-#% Increased Lightning damage
-#% Increased elemental damage



-Life flask with some instant recovery

-Taste of Hate- convert Storm burst damage to cold so you get extra chaos damage during conversion with ascendance node Harness of the Void. Plus we don't have armor, so reduce physical damage is nice bonus.
Could be switch for The Wise oak if resists allowed it.

- Atziri's promise amethyst flask - help with life leech, plus add more chaos damage for physical and elemental damage.

- Diamond flask - best damage boost flask.

- Jade Flask - use this only if you are using Queen of the Forest, otherwise go for Quicksilver flask.


Head 4Link

Our first cast when damage taken setup
Enfeeble could be switch to whatever curse you prefer.
Enfeeble is defensive option, if you need more dps, then go for Assasin's mark

-Wave of Conviction
Is here to apply -25% elemental resistance debuff. Due to add # to # lightning damage and Increase #% lightnig damage is always applied lighning version.

-Summon Lightning Golem
Is in CWDT setup only because i am lazy to cast golem every time it dies.

-Cast when damage taken support
Trigger other gems in heads. Due to level limitation be careful on which level you push other gems from this setup! And dont forget, that if you are using The Vertex Vaal Mask, then all gems in helmet has +1 level.

Weapon 3Link

Another CWDT setup.
This one is pure defensive.

-Immortal Call
Defensive spell to mitigate more damage

-Cast when damage taken support
Trigger other gems in heads. Due to level limitation be careful on which level you push other gems from this setup!

-Increased Duration Support
To increase Immortal Call duration

Shield 3Link

Just quality of life, its not necessary.

Our dps aura with defense potential - healing from consecration ground.
Keep in mind, that if you don't have Shield with reduce mana reservation, you CAN'T use Zealotry. Then you can use
a) defensive option - Discipline
b) offensive option - Herald of Thunder.

-Vaal Grace
Our defensive aura, with all nodes from passive skill tree boosting our evasion, it gives us 10k evasion.

Gloves 4Link

This is our main clearing setup. If you have elder gloves, then its 6link.
Orb applies blind, shock and has nice clearing potential. Plus it help as as second source of damage against bosses.
-Orb of storms
Clearing skill.

-Increased Critical strike support
We are crit based build, so increase base crit gives us nice boost.

-Controlled destruction support
Decrease crit chance, but it worth damage boost. We can't use elemental focus, because we use Orb of storm to shock enemies.

-Chain support
To boost clearing potential or Orb of storms. But it decrease single target potential. You can skip this if you are using Herald of Ash.

Boots 4Link

This is our movement setup.
-Flame Dash
Flame Dash is used to get over obstacles, speed up our movement and trigger Arcane surge.

-Arcane surge
Another damage boost, triggered by every usage of Flame Dash. Don't forget to keep it on proper level.

-Phase run
Movement boost. Can prolong Arcane surge for another extra time. Otherwise its used to boost movement speed, especially if you run out of flask.
It could be used to get through enemies if you are surrounded and have Flame dash on cool-down.
Don't use it during boss fights otherwise you lose Frenzy charges!
Every next spell cancel Phase run.

-Increased duration support
Increase duration of Arcane surge and Phase run

Chest 6Link

Our main single target damage dealing setup.
-Storm burst
What to say... beautiful spell :)

-Infused channeling support
Increased damage and provide infusion.

-Physical to Lightning support
We are scaling only lightning damage, not physical, so we converted physical part of Storm Burst to lightning.
On trickster it has another bonus and that is ascendancy node: Harness the Void. Chaos damage bonus is applied to physical damage and after conversion its applied again on lightning damage.

-Elemental Focus support
Its enough to have just one spell to apply shock, so we can use elemental focus for Storm burst.

-Concentrated effect support
Storm burst is used mainly for single target - concentrate orbs closer means only more damage to boss.

-Lightning Penetration support
If you have Shroud of the lightness chest, then skip this.
Shaper has 40% lightning resistance, so lightning penetration help us get more damage from Storm burst.

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