[3.7] BloodyBuild: fast & fun lacerate bleed glad ft.Blasphemers grasp

Hey there!
Welcome to my bleed gladiator guide, i really enjoyed this character so i decided to share it, hope you will have fun with it :)

In summery:
We leap slam really fast, got good defenses, the mobs explode with joy and for the bosses we jump around while they die (really fast if you invest currency)

Pros and Cons:

The Pros:
- Fast leap slam AKA Fast map clear
- Non-Crit = Cheaper and easier to equip
- bleed mechanic can do a lot of damage only using the passive tree
- "noob" uber elder friendly - you stack your bleeds and focus on avoiding dmg
while the boss is dying
- No need for changing Gems :)
- Mobs Explode and your eyes are bleedin with joy

The Cons:
-DPS Sealing: Cant reach gazillion DPS because we are non-crit
-Need high attack speed weapons to feel good
-Not the best build to Proc full Monolith

how bleed works? why gladiator?

Bleed is an ailment that deals physical damage over time, depends if the target is standing (70% of the initial hit) or if it's moving (210% of the initial hit).
bleeding target can have only 1 bleed stack.

In our case We are using the "Crimson Dance" keystone which allow us to stack up to 8 bleed stacks give us total damage of 280% regardless if the target is moving or standing still.
this is why its important to attack fast.

Lacerate in blood stance gives almost 100% damage with bleed, which is insane.
Axes got good bleed passives.
Gladiator got amazing bleed scaling & attack really fast, the perfect combo for us.

for further reading on the bleed mechanic:

Mechanics Overview:

- blood and sand stances: using sand for large AOE and blood to shred tougher enemies.
- Resolute technique keystone: 100% chance to hit enemies
- Blasphemer's grasp mitts: gives 15% increased damage with aliments for each elder item. which. is. dam. strong.
- DPS: The bleed DPS on path of building is not correct. I have no idea whats my bleed DPS really is, just know its killing the content.
- Not depending on flasks: Lions roar and silver flasks give us some damage but the build doesn't need them. unlike crit builds which damage drops significantly without diamond flask.

- 6.5k+ hp
- Kaom's roots: Stun immune amazingly strong against uber elder
- Armour + Molten shell: gives us a lot of extra effective hp and when things get messy you press your Vaal molten shell AKA Immortal shield.
- Mobility + bleed: POE is a game of positioning.
our build got very fast leap slamming so the idea is stack your bleed on the enemy and than focus on avoiding whatever going on the screen until it dies.
i highly recommend to train on positioning, it really is what makes the different between moderate and pros.

Gear Breakdown and POB Link:

POB Link: https://pastebin.com/A1EFMEme

Rule of thumb: Everything is elder base for the extra damage from blasphemers grasps.

We want fast physical axes, I highly recommend to craft your own axes.
each one took me about 1k alts of trying, I needed intelligence so i crafted int+quality.
need more info about crafting? leave a comment and ill make a section for that.

The most important stat is -mana cost and as many hp as you can, I bough mine but you can craft it using ziggyD armour crafting video.

We want tons of hp and "nearby enemies take x% increased physical damage".
Crafting using Pristine and Serrated fossils, each one cost 1c so EZ PZ.

Using Blasphemers grasp, this is the key item of this build so just shove it in.
got some spear currency? Buy the "curse enemies with level X vulnerability on hit" corrupition version.

Kaom's Roots. HP. Unweavring Stance. Making Uber Elder a joke. yep its not elder base.

In order of importance: Resists, Life, Added phys damage.

Intelligence, life, resists and phys damage.
I tried to craft and got lucky with t1 hp and phys damage.
you can just buy one to take care of your intelligence and resists.

Cap the resists and get a sweet life roll.

The most mandatory is bleed and curse immune.
Lions roar is really nice damage boost and silver flask for more speed.
you can play with other flasks however you want.

This gear is far from ideal, take it as a general guide line and have fun with it :)


Lacerate set-up:
Lacerate-Brutality-Multistrike-Ruthless-Melee Phys-Fortify

Multistrike + Ruthless is amazing for this kind of build, BUT remember that bleed stacks always count the highest damage stacks.

With that in mind you can see how the ideal situation is one that all of our bleed stacks are the ruthless procs attacks.
Meaning 8 consecutive attacks on the mob is good but you can have much more damage if you keep blast it.
I recommend to stay close to bosses, leap when needed and attack when you can.
if you struggle just let him bleed and wait for his death, be chill about it.

Lv4 Enlighten-Pride-Blood and Sand-Flesh And Stone
War Banner

This set-up is only if you got the Vulnerability On Hit corruption.
in-case you don't have it take out Pride and switch it to Vulnerability curse+Blasphemy (which reserve less mana, which means you don't need Lv4 Enlighten)

CWDT set-up:
CWDT-Vaal Molten Shell-Increase Duration
(Remember you have vaal molten shell, i forgot it for most of my gameplay :P)

And for extra oomph:
Ancestral Protector

Leveling Tips:

You can start using Lacerate at Lv12, recommanded with Chance To Bleed gem and using the Blood And Sand aura.

Recommended Uniques:
For Axes I usedThe Screaming Eagle, The Gryphon and Soul Taker.
Other strong uniques are Tabula Rasa, Praxis ring, Blackheart's Ring, Atziri's Foible, String of Servitude\Goldrim .

Passive Tree Progress:
I would recommend to go for the main bleed nodes near Crimson Dance and than take it.
make sure you have 75%+ chance to bleed (Chance To Bleed gem is also useful in the beginning).
After that go for the main axe wheel passive and first take the top half.
unless you are not using axes to lvl up.

Overall its easy lvling experience, adjust the passives to your needs (life, resists, dps) and roll with it.

Bandits: Kill All for the 2 passives.

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