Channeling skills continue to channel under certain conditions.

dtymnn wrote:
I am using shroud of the lightless and have left click bound to shade form, a skill that cannot be triggered. I use this to know its cooldown and also know when it triggered. If you press left click or hold it you will simply walk as you cannot use the skill normally.

The bug happens when shade form triggers and goes on cooldown. If you are holding down left click and begin(or tap) a channeled skill, that skill will continue to cast/attack as long as left click is held down. Skills I've tested include storm burst, charged dash, cyclone, blade flurry.

This bug also extends to other skills that have cooldowns and can be assigned in the skill bar, like The rippling thoughts' storm cascade. The channeled skill ends when the cooldown is complete.

I do know that this exists in the known issues section, but would like to expand on one possible case.

Bug ref no: 2,753,976,889

Thanks for your report, we'll look into this.

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