Complete these encounters V.... bugged?

I've been working on this one now for a couple days and no matter how many different ways I complete it I never get credit. The ones I'm referring to are the ones that require you to kill the boss on defiled cathedral with the statues not at starting positions and the one in basilica where you must do the same.

Actually all 4 of these are bugged because that damn spider on sunken city just trolls me the entire time. The spider will have zero health and just keep going up and down on the sides of the platform. Super irritating

Any one else been able to complete any of these 4 kills and receive credit? Please explain what you did... I've run out of ideas here
Last bumped on Aug 11, 2019, 4:06:45 PM
Armala challenge is annoying as hell, took me few tries to complete. If she is low hp in final phase, wait until she spits purple sludge on the ground, lure away fire fox and quickly run into it to stack web debuff (you cant see how many you stacked but its pretty fast), beware of fox (she can burn out this debuff from you), then kill giant spider.
I recorced video: link

Vision of Justice boss is also annoying. Again lower her hp as much as possible and wait till she cast purple geyser on the ground, run into it and kill her. Its annoying beacuse usually she cast it far away from her, its a strong chaos spell (might be easy for CI builds), and pretty quickly dissappear. Video

Statues challenges are easy, just some time consuming.
Cleasing Light- make it to final phase (because its reseting statues), then wait till he call out all four statues from starting positions and kill him. Video
Woad- easier and faster because no phases there, damage him a bit, wait till call out all statues and kill. Video
I did exactly as you stated 3 more times on Basilica and it's still not giving me the challenge completed. I run around the arena getting him to move his statues and then once they are all somewhere else I kill him and nothing happens. These challenges are absolutely retarded and after having done that mission 12 times you would honestly have to suspect that out of shear probability of killing him with the statues gone I'd of earned it by now.

I've got little faith whatsoever that it's not something to do with my gamesave on server side. Perhaps I'm bugged, wouldn't surprise me.

Kind of sad when a game can make Fallout 76 look good. At least Bethesda responds to the community even if most of what they say are LIES, they certaintly care enough to respond and hell even LIE to retain our interest. GGG on the other hand couldn't give two months of redundant complaints even a simple acknowledgement. This game is a joke and I am going out of way to be sure all my diablo friends stay the HELL away from it.
Must be glitched then, i did both statues challenges at first try.
And i just realized you on xbox while im on playstation. Maybe box version is broken atm?
scrylite wrote:
Any one else been able to complete any of these 4 kills and receive credit?
I've tested all of these, and all four of them are working as intended/granting me credit towards the challenge.

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