Clans/Guilds and Private Leagues

I know this was mentioned a while back but has there been any word on console getting the ability to create private leagues? Or possibly having a guild function? I have a few people I play with on a consistent basis and I'd love to have our own league or a guild stash to share items and currency.

Any updates on this matter?
Last bumped on Aug 14, 2019, 10:30:36 AM
^ Seconded. I want to know also. Need USB keyboard support for text and a few chat channels as well. The game is so antisocial it surprises me (I only just started a couple weeks ago).
I believe it had been stated that there is zero intent on supporting K/M play on console, which is depressing to say the least. Especially since XBOX just started K/M support for games a short while ago.

A guild system is something that is desperately needed. I honestly don't know why the game was even launched for consoles without it. Even from a financial aspect (Guild Stash Tabs), it would've made more sense to have a guild system intact long before now. This is actually my biggest issue with the game in XBOX, as well as my biggest desire for the 4.0 expansion. I truly believe that if it does not come with 4.0, it is not coming at all.

Private leagues would be nice, but for me it's on a far back burner. Functional improvements like guilds are far better for the game, and should take priority.

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^ What why?! Omg I thought they just had a development plan for console they were working on, but to leave it like this?? Games like FFXIV have all this and more on PS4 and it works great!

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