[3.7] Miew ice golemancer - BEST DPS BUILD - BIG UE DPS - ALL CONTENT - beginner friendly

I relize many of other ice golem build can only reach 500k damage/golem at end game while mine reach 1m3/golem end game and around 600-700k mid-game with good gear ( 20ex) so i write this for any1 who wan to increase your golem damage to the peak. Noticed that eHP and other thing is the same.



I have some question ppl asking about how to compare others to my build

1. Weapon :
Is clay + victa shield or 2 hand weapon (lev20maim/20forty) with multi-craft +3 gem better? No, maybe the dps seem higher, but if multi with number of golem, it lower, remember 1 clay =100% more damage of golem, so 2 clay is 200% more damage. And my setup using chest also got lev 1 maim. checked on POB as well.

2. What glove?
As u can cap hit chance with precision ( it need 176 mana, comapre to our 1k+ mana, it like 15% reserved, no other aura with 15% is better) then we can remove the Command of the pit glove. Also calculated the best jew socketed there as well. Remember command of the pit do nothing except cap hit chance.

So we got other choice: tombfist for intimate or glove with minion 30% damage mod.
- about the rare glove, no wonder the dps it not competitive, it give more life and res, but in this case, i take a lot of res from tree skill, help u reach almost 0% res without any item. it not hard to cap res using other part. My gear with multi-craft mod solved that easily.
- tombfist: this give intimate debuff, mean 10% more damage of both physic and cold.
Lets calculate: we got

damage = base * increase * more * mitigate
let say base*increase = X
so we calculate more and mitigate

Grip of council + hatred = X*(0.2+0.25)*(1 + 0.19 + 0.5 - 0.4) = X * 0.5805

0.2 is 20% of grip
0.25 from hatred
0.19 more cold hatred
0.5 from Element equilibrium
0.4 from UE res
0.25 from frost bomb but i dont listed here since i lazy

Tombfist + hatred = X * 0.25*(1 + 0.19 + 0.5 - 0.4)*1.1 + 0.1 = X * 0.357

10% more att daamge mean 10% from cold and 10% from physic base

Tombfist + pride aura = X * 0.39+0.1 = 0.49
Tombfist + Flesh and stone + maim support = X * 0.1+0.3= X * 0.4
Flesh and stone + maim is ~28% mana reserved so u got ~ 20% more to do whatever u wan, this ez since i checked on POB

3. Impale?
let say we can cap our hit chance. We use Y here since we calculate Ruthless

Grip + hatred + war banner + ruthless

Y*(1+0.46)*(0.2+0.25)*(1 + 0.19 + 0.5 - 0.4)+ Y*(1+0.46)*0.12
=Y* (1.46*0.45*1.29+1.46*0.12)= Y * 1.02273

Ruth give 1.38 more physic every 3 hits so let say 0.46 more damage
and those 0.46 also increase cold damage so we got 1+0.46 there
0.12 physic from war banner so we calculate physic damage only
It higher than the 2. section since we take out ruthless and war banner

Impale not work with cold damage so the cold damage won't interact
Impale recipe : hit*0.1*chance*(1+effect)
Impale gem give 15% more physic damage

Grip + hatred + dread banner + ruthless

Y*(1+0.46)*(0.2+0.25)*(1 + 0.19 + 0.5 - 0.4)+ Y*(1+0.46)*(0.5*0.2*1.2)
= Y* ( 1.46*0.45*1.29 + 1.46*0.12)= 1.02273 (same lol, but u need change from aura effect to Lord of the death so still lower damage)

Grip + hatred + dread banner + impale support
Y*(1+0.15)*(0.2+0.25)*(1 + 0.19 + 0.5 - 0.4)+ Y*(1+0.15)*(0.5*0.6*1.8)
= Y* (1.15*0.45*1.29 + 1.15*0.54 ) = 1.288575

(this give 20% more damage, but will lose 6% aura effect, pob cant calculate so idk, but this seem better)
remember impale gem give 15% more damage

Tombfist + pride + dread banner + impale support
Y *1.15*0.54 * (1+0.1+0.39) = 0.92529

0.1 tomb fist
0.39 pride

i am not sure if pride and intimate increase the damage of 10% reflect from impale but let say it effect.

So conclusion: Grip + hatred + impale + dread banner give the best dps, but cant calculate on pob, just move the node from 6% aura effect to lord of the death and precision lev 20 ( will need 2% mana reserve - loss 2% shock), u fine with cap hit. can keep precision at lev 19 with 99% hit chance also fine, it 1% less damage

budget build
if any1 need help with buying starting build, can mess me, got 3 version:

3 ex, 15 ex and 30 ex



Tier 15-16:

POB end game: https://pastebin.com/TBvNmZ60
POB mid game budget 10-20ex:https://pastebin.com/xMn1Jxaw

my profile: https://www.pathofexile.com/account/view-profile/meomeomeo1991/characters

DPS end game: 1m3 / golem with 6 ice golem and 4 other.

my gear


- with good gear: over 1m dps/1 ice golem - 10 golem total - 6 ice and 4 other
- 4k5 hp 3k es with good gear
- cheap
- no competitive on buying gear
- ez and lazy mapping - can play with 1 hand
- cap res by multi-craft
- 2 minimum endure charges
- all DPS calculated base on UE so if u mapping it EVEN HIGHER.
- FPS and beginner-friendly (i am playing on Dell laptop with lowest setting- that why no video clip here)
- got many res from tree, ez to plan item

- need 45 dex from gear
- maybe need 2% reduce mana reserve or 30 intel or 1 mana prefix
- no armor-evasion but got at least 13% physic reduced (i got 28%) and dodge attack hit from boots.
- no face tank UE
- no dive into pack
- piano skill to reach max damage
- require high APM

path of upgrade

I will guide new player how to start this build




useful recipe

click me

+ Magic or Rare Boots with +X% Movement Speed + Any rarity Quicksilver Flask + Orb of Augmentation = Magic Boots with (X+5)% increased Movement Speed
+ Magic Sceptre/Wand + Topaz Ring + Orb of Alteration = Weapon with +1 to level of Lightning

leveling tips


Dont forgot to check NPC shop for 4 link-5 links and 6 slots (6 slots sell to vendor for 8 Jew orb)
Check Poe.ninja for price and ratio exchange between currency.

after act 10

Farm tier 1-3 map for chaos to buy item


note about chaos recipe: quiver not count - 1bow or 1 2-hand weapon is enough, u can farm ring, amulet ( which often lacking) in Delve, looking for chest on the road. Those give a lot of EXP also. Don't go deep, +5 or -5 of ur current level is fine.

what to buy

Buy those items 1st, when got more currency, check the end game for which roll u need to get. What go 1st, buy 1st.

before swap to golem

1. Weapon - Clayshaper~1c:
2. Amulet- The Primordial Chain Coral Amulet ~ 5c:
3. Jewel:
+ Primordial Eminence Viridian Jewel ~2c:
+ Primordial Harmony Cobalt Jewel -10-15c (it was 5c at begin of the league):
+ Primordial Might Crimson Jewel - 5-10c at begin of the league:
+ The Anima Stone Prismatic Jewel - 20-30c+ at begin of league
buy 1 of each 1st, then go Emi and Har until u reach 3 Emi, buy the rest for Har.

4. When u got 3 Emi and got enough level to soc all of those, buy some Orb of Regret or Scour Orb, remember 4scour sell to vendor u get 1 Regret, check the ratio of those 2 with Chaos to work out which to buy. If u got enough level to get Necromantic Agie, buy Victario's Charity Laminated Kite Shield

Tree at lev 70-80

5. Farm ur 6 link armor

got several ways:

a. Farm blood aqueduct for Card:

b. Run, Farm map tier 1-2-3 for chaos recipe and other currency - sell all currency as soon as possible to get chaos and buy 6 link

c. What 6 links to buy:

6-link corrupted armor (recommended) -30-50c
: got life, a little bit expensive (x2 price of tabula but u can use until make end-game chest), no need color change, need time to find.
U need 1 green - 3 red - 1 Blue - the other can be BLue (minion speed) or red (maim) or Green (attack speed - impale)
Stat u need: high life as much as possible. link

U can also be looking for non-corrupt if it cheaper-if non-corrupted: just care about price, color and socket can be modified later. Buy this to up HP of chest
Tips: 3 x Shrieking Essence of Greed = 1 Deafening Essence of Greed

Remember to fill the rest with high life, res to cap 75% res. The tree give a lot of res so dont worry

6. other part item suggestion


Grip of the council - this need to be 4-5day after league start to got, still expensive early - if u can find <20c, buy it.

Southbound high res, high life, cheap.

Rare glove: looking for high life and res

ring/belt/abyss jew

Any rare/unique part got high life/ES and res (life better at early, both is the best)
Unset ring and stygian vise only
Abyss jew looking for life and res/dex/streng if need. flat physic dps or minion attack speed is the best.

ring -max 30c

belt - max 30c

fast farm

'jew - check the stat filter for more mod and filter urself'



or any rare boots with 30 movement speed, life and res.

acenden skill


how is it look like with 2ex and lev 70


gem is 20/20 except ice golem 21/20 and the combo CWDT-steelskin-immortal as u wan. change setting gems a bit: remove frost bomb-brutal with phase run - increase duration, put all golem to helmet, 3 sock from weapon for CWDT.
around 1 ex for unique part and 1 ex for the rest, most expensive is 10 harmony jew for 10c each, next is anima and stygian vise, other just 1-5c each. so minimum u need like 200c for this.
if cant find item, use essence to craft, DONT SPAM currency to roll.

U can use spider aspect if u like.

DPS HERE: 360k for 6 ice golem = 2m dps ( no shock calculate, + 30% for pure shock from vaal arc, + 5% more if got boots with 30% shock, +1% more for each jewel got implix +7 non-dam ali, +15% more if got spider)

what next

Craft ur chest 1st, that the most important part, dont forget to off-color (use 3 red color recipe a few time to reach 4 off-color then vorci-research 3 white is the best way)

Lev 1 maim is most important then up other gem to 21/20 or 21/23 ( some 21/23 very cheap ~ 50-100c only.)
it will bring dps to around 450k with maim lev 1
~700k when upgrade gems

i reach 1m dps at lev 90 for like 20ex cost ( mostly to craft chest and buy god-tier stygian vise 5ex)

after chest, run lab to do end game grind + enchant.
use hubric 96 elder (5-10c) so u can sell unwanted enchant mod, those gave me like 20-30 ex profit - just sell like 4-5 ex for interested mod and 10-15 for good mod.

this build only spend currency on chest, and 5-7 ex on helmet only. the rest use to multi-craft so it like 100% possible item find.
multicraft is my favorite since it cheap and can reach 80% of god-tier. but u need to know what to get. check end-game section for more


When i mention rare item - i will list the mod from important to less important - remember, what go 1st is more important. u dont need all, just take 3/6 is fine. or chose what u wan, DPS or life/ES. most of rare item i multi-craft to make it easier to make, no god tier item.


Clayshapper - 50-1ex for best roll
- pick max flat damage ( last mod ) and minion HP
- corrupt for area of effect
- My build drop this shield to get more damage - if lazy, use shield
Gem link:
main hand:

swap flame dash with any movement skill u wan

- mapping :

sumon stone from clay

- bossing :


Grip of the council - We need max life roll (dont ask me why) and res roll (i will tell u why below). This give extra cold damage base on physic damage.
- around 50-1ex for best roll

Corrupt for +2 aoe/duration/curse/aura
Depend on what corrupt u got - socket the aura or curse here ( swap with boots)

Swap assasin mark with efeeble or tempor chain for defensive version.


I will talk about precision lev later
If u feel lazy using Vaal haste - swap it with warbanner - we use vaal haste only not haste.


Try get the Golems deal 35% less damage then movement speed and life.
+1 curse
Hatred effect
anything else


- 1 anima -30-50c
- 1 might -try get max hp roll- 10-20c for best roll
- 3 emi -get max attack speed roll- 10-50c for best roll
- rest is harmony - get 2nd and 3rd max roll - 40-1ex for best roll

- when u got flesh offering 21% As - replace 1 emi with harmony
- if u use vaal haste often - replace 1 emi with harmony
- u got best dps with 1 emi
- u may see with 2 emi, the dps between vaal haste/no vaal haste and frenzy is quiet similar but 1 thing about pob is the multistrike, basically multistrike give AS not damage, so 1 emi still the best answer
- Corrupt for :
7% non-damage aliment to cap shock ( u need 15 x 7% for 50% shock and guess what, u got total 16 jew in this build)
1% reduce mana reserved to get enough mana spam (need 2 or 3 of this only)

body armor

I dont have much item to show
u can start with Tabula, any 6 link rare with high life then craft this.
Remember u need 5 off-color socket - looking for off-color socket on youtube to see how - basically u use craft bench and number of socket recipe to do this.
Craft with : serra-pristine-santi-faceted (avoid faceted if not rich), annul and multi craft - cost around 5-10 ex for base and 5ex more for multicraft and +1 curse.
We use vaal religa for ES, we need:
- Lev 1 maim
- +1 sup gem ( elder )
- Tier 1 life
- dex/treng gem lev
- 10% max HP as ES
- +1 curse if u dont have +1 sup or amulet +1 curse
- +1 sup/+1 treng gem and 1curse better than 2curse
- dex+quality
gem link:

- u need 21/20 - around 1-2ex/gem if buy directly - u can level the gem urself
- if u dont have lev 4 empower - use minion speed/fortify
- sell 1 gemcutter+lev20gem = lev 1/20quality gem - level up until 20/20 and vaal it - repeat if fail
- multistrike support not counted on POB so i put fortify there (dont use fortify)
- swap ruthless with melee plash if u wan more clear speed but this is fast enough

NOTE: according to my calculate, swap ruthless and war banner with dread banner and impale give better damage. check the argument section on top for that


start league with any that got dodge spell/dodge attack hit and good life roll
end with sorcerer boots - tier 1 life and dodge spell/dodge att ( both good) - craft 30% non-dam aliment for shock cap and anything u wan (life-es-res)

corrupt as the glove ( some MS implix would be good) - gem link as in glove section


-unset ring
- mod to looking for:
+ minion deal 25-35% damage (more than 15 ex for 1 to annul gamble- very expensive -better skip)
+ tier 1 life/tier1 es and %es/life ( this is temple mod) - 50-100c - buy and annul - u can buy the annul-ed for 4-5 ex to block pref -scour -multicraft (find those ring that got 2 pref-2suff - craft pref cant be change-scour and multi)
+ try to keep if u see >45 dex or >40 res or >30 chao res. ( why? u need 45 dex, if < 45 nvm , 1 craft can give 40 res or 15ele +15 chaos res and most of item will be multicrafted)
+ multi craft showed - u can avoid life/es if u got +3 lev gem-not too bad for dps but bad for survival

Gem socket:


Stygian vise belt for jew socket
- tier 1 life/es
- res
- best is Life+es +3 high res ( 50-100 ex)
- next is tier 1-2 life / es and 2 res tier 1-2 ( try get 2x tier 1-2 res so u can get chaos res in other item ) these 5-15 ex depend.
- tier 1 es - 3 res -craft life (cheap < 7 ex)
- i use tier 1life/es and 2 res because it cheap and i can craft aspect of spider there, nothing wasted ( i bought mine for 8 ex)

- If u can balance your res, use Belt of the Deceiver for intimate, 10% more ATTACK DAMAGE (mean 10% both physic and cold damage)

abyss jew

- minion AS ( got 2 mod)/ flat physic minion damage/ life / es / res / dex if u get ~35 dex from rare item so u can craft intel+quality on armor
- u can craft this with fossil: pristine-bound-shudd-jag
- corrupt for 7% non-dam ali ofc


start league with random helmet that got enchant - see list enchant below
if unique - looking for high life - if rare - craft it with essense for life (Deafening Essence of Greed)
buy hubric -ilev86-elder and run lab to get enchant
craft with jagg-pristine-bound-santi ( skip santi if poor)

looking for:
- Minion damage lev 20
- High life roll
- Nearby Enemies take 9% increased Physical Damage (i dont have this i know)
- +3 minion gem/ minion life lev 20
- can gamble with Deafening Essence of Fear
- lev 20 immolate if u wan dps
- craft res
Gem socket :

and spell echo ( i dont have this lol)

bossing :

best dps :

empower will give more HP while ruthless give more dps


- flesh offering 21 AS
- ice golem +40% damage
- the buff from chaos golem
- any curse effect - aura mana reserve
- dodge spell/attac
- regen
- movement
- leech
Of light ( any lab-for regen only)
u cant have any other minion so any that create copy/illusion/etc won't work


nothing special
the new bottle can regen es/life seem good


lunaris/gruth/shakari (i die many time due to poison)


these should be 23% quality

these whatever

other 21/20 is good

- precision level : i suppose use presicion non-corrup with 20quality for ez modify ( sell gem with scour orb or regret orb for lev gem modify)

So basically - u need 34 mana to use skill and with lev 19 precision, u got 39 mana - keep it at that lev is simple - but it give 99% hit chance ( with ice golem lev 21 and lev 4 empower)

To reach 100% hit chance, got some solution:
+ if lev 20 golem or no empower 4 - change the node aura effect from scion area to Lord of the death
+ if got lev 2 golem/empower4 - u get 99% at precision lev 19 - level up to lev 20 to get 100% - but u will need 2% or 3% reduced mana reserved (from corrupted jew) or 30-40 intel or 60-80 mana depends on ur lev.
+ end game when all ur jew is non-dam aliment corrupted - u need +2aoe/duration/curse to bring the curse to lev 23- this with lev19 precision will give 100% hit chance
+ these calculated based on UE, so if u mapping, dont worry much
+ if u got +1 lev or +2 lev aura - put the aura gem link there and dont forgot to chance the precision.


resistance problem

WIthout item u got -8 res (very ez to balance)
the best case is u get glove max res roll - belt with fire and lightning 45+ res. u can get 30% chaos res - see my gear for calculating
if u can get those, plan the res before multi-craft, try to get some chaos res
dont worry, without chaos res, u will get more than u need from multi craft
remember abyss jewel got res too

other things and tips
- u can swap assasin mark for enfeeble/temporal chain for defending
- cap shock is 50%: beacon 15% base- effect from Vaal arc is 100% - boots 30% - 15 jew, each give 7% (each 7% from jew give 1% more damage) - so if u got 30% from boots - 14 jew got 7% and 1 jew got 6% - u cap shock - u got 16 jew in total - 15 primo and 1 abyss
- why got high dps: - 75 cold res / spend thing to increase AS / remember 1 jew give 20% speed or 100% damage / so 21as from Flesh offering better than 40% ice golem dps. ( i run 250+ lab run for this )
- impale not too bad as i calculated in the paper - but pob cant count it so nvm
- if u farm UE-change 2 curse to frostbite/vulnerable/elemental weakness - and change to Lord of the death ( poacher mark help with hit chance)
- punishment curse gives best theory dps, but it not good in-game
- play with pob 1st to see about res craft - to avoid fucked up
- why no bone helmet ? i prefer 100 flat es over 20% damage
- why vaal religa-hubric helmet ? for ES ofc
- why not more es than life? chaos damage
- ask any question below thanks
- any1 need tips for craft item, mess me


my build : ice golem 6m UE dps - shorturl.at/kpzS5
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17/8 update path of upgrade and budget

other build:

zombie summoner high dps (in progress - looking for high dps physical spell spectre and how to data-mine the monster stat - any1 know pls help)
my build : ice golem 6m UE dps - shorturl.at/kpzS5
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Thanks for the post, I'm making this build atm and it gave me some things to think about. In your pob you have 7 link maim but not using maim chest btw

also you have endurance charges but how are you generating them I didn't see how
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iCon5piRe wrote:
Thanks for the post, I'm making this build atm and it gave me some things to think about. In your pob you have 7 link maim but not using maim chest btw

also you have endurance charges but how are you generating them I didn't see how

the chest got lev 1 maim, i just put 7 link so i can check the budget and end game version. ( at begin of league u use tabula so not 7 link there, but later u will)
i got 2 charge from ring only, u can get the 3rd from endurance cry.Besides,if u dont mind piano skill, Rallying Cry can boost ur DPS.

edited so everything is clear now
my build : ice golem 6m UE dps - shorturl.at/kpzS5
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I dont think you can consider this build cheap with the item showcased

in your POB the chest have +1 socket gem. while in here it doesnt

That helm is like something straight from dream build tho. I cant even tress how hard it is to craft one like that lol

I dont think you can consider this build cheap with the item showcased

in your POB the chest have +1 socket gem. while in here it doesnt

That helm is like something straight from dream build tho. I cant even tress how hard it is to craft one like that lol

updated budget pob link with cheap item and lev 20/20 gem- u need to fill the rare part with resistant to cap. basically this build base on gem setup,unique and the chest only, focus on the chest to get +1 maim, u can multicraft the rest.
u can use any rare part for life/es, i listed the mod u need, but u not need all, 3 out of 6 is enough.

i dont have currency to get the +1 so dont have it.
my current chest craft need 5-6 ex for fossil only. with pristine-serra-santi - i got maim and tier 1-2-3 life after 3-5 tries. then annul to get that

on helmet u need nearby enemy take 6% physic damage and minion damage to boost damage. craft with jagg-bound is enough, santi if u wan, jagg and bound not expensive tho.
+3 and tier 1 life do nothing with ice golem damage. u can avoid this if wan cheap helmet. these are for defend and dive into pack. (i dive all time, noob control)
ring u can find any with tier 1 life/es, i believe those like dozen of chaos only. mine is incursion mod with 5% hp or 10% es, more expensive but like 4-5 ex for annul-ed one.
my build : ice golem 6m UE dps - shorturl.at/kpzS5
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