[3.7] Zombie Bomber Necromancer

This is just the begining of the guide and I plan to add much more later. But overall the concept of the build is to utilize
to turn your Zombies into mobile bombs.

So far I'm into Red tier maps, killing things is not an issue but I still need to work on the survivability.

Update: So I'm markin this as a failed build. My survivability just isnt there to do meaning full content and single target is to low for good bosses. Maybe someone can build off the idea. I also tried it in a CWC Cyclone set up. Better survivability but just stupid slow clear speed due to low AOE.

POB lvl 79

End POB (I think)

How It works
By using Aukuna's gloves your zombies can be summoned where ever and can be detonated. The big draw back most have ran into to make this build work is the cost of mana for zombies is high, and can be clunky trying to summon and then blow them up. My work around to solve both of these problems is simple Poet's Pen!!!

Using these with Kinetic Blast, you summon and blow up corpses quickly and at almost no cost.

Why Necro?
There are 2 reasons to do this as a Necromancer. First is all the minion life and damage nodes. More minion life=More damage from Detonate dead and Cremation.
The second Reason is the Flesh Binder ascendancy node. This causes zombies to create caustic ground on death dealing 50% of their HP as damage per second. So each zombie you blow up causes initial damage and Big and slow ticking damage

Pros and Cons so far.
Fun build play
The higher the enemy health is the better your damage is.
Good scaling
Not as good single target
Not hardcore viable (Squishy so far)
Must get a lot of Dex and Str from Gear

Current Gear

Gem Links:

In the Poet's Pens To summon the golems

To do explosions

Kinetic Blast

Herald Of Agony (Probably not even necessary for build) In minion helm

Vaal Detonate Dead and extra damage in 4th item

This has been a build I have been thinking over most of the league off and on and I'm glad I finally found a way to make it work. Let me know if you have any questions.
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Any video's? Updates?
I can post some vidoes this weekend.

For update. So far the poet's pens definitely solves the mana issue with spawning zombies. The damage is also there to clear maps. I have cleared Tier 16's so far No shaper or Uelder, Single target is less then i would like. Also i dropped empower from the explosions. Didnt really add anything to help. Not sure what to add if anything since the % of life damage isnt scaled up by anything.

Lastly the biggest gain to this is minion life so still on the search for good jewels.
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