[3.7] Gladiator - Pure phys Blade Flurry (All content)

My first time posting a build in here.
Imma keep this very simple :)

Please leave comments and suggestions! I just "finished" this tonight and I'm sure there are some min-maxing to do. Suggestions appreciated!

Beginner friendly? Not really, no.
Cheap? All depends on what is cheap ofc, but no.
Basically everything else? Yes - Fun, tanky, decent clear, great bosskiller and feels oddly satisfying to play.

This build was intended for Double Strike. Since I could not find a way to enjoy that skill I just said "whatevz" and swapped 2 gems in my chest, Double Strike and Multistrike Support into Blade flurry and Infused Channeling, and poof everytihing was fine. It works alot better than I had anticipated.

I'm certain that if you pour equal amount of currency into a random Cyclone build it will work just as well if not better, but hey, there is something special with this one. It just feels so smooth.

Quick facts
- Instant life leech
- Double curse - Enfeeble (glove corruption) and Vulnerability (free with Impresence)
- Pride, Arctic armour, Dread banner, Precision, Blood and sand
- Frenzy, endurance and power charges
- We make enemies bleed and explode with Gratuitous Violence
- 80% impale, maim and blind

Tooltip DPS is meh, but, enemies take:
19-39% MORE dmg from Pride
10% increased dmg from Maim (Blood in the eyes)
40% increased dmg from Vulnerability
10% increased dmg from Intimidate (Tombfist)
9% increased dmg from helmet mod (delve craft)

Blade flurry and infused channeling was at lvl 16-17 here but whatever :) I could use HH here but that wouldn't be fair for a build guide really.

T16 double beyond, vuln, boss life Hydra

T16 double beyond Phoenix with bloody Harbingers in bossroom

Gear, tree and even my current inventory
Character name "VarmtSomSatan"

Approximated cost:
Main hand Claw (crafted myself, got lucky with altspam Merciless into Multistrike/AtkSpeed regal) - 10-15ex
Off hand claw - 30c
Helm, bought it crafted with enchant - 1ex
Body with the life and +% crit 80c + additional curse 3ex + 6link spent 2ex on fusings
Amulet - 60c
Rings - Crafted both myself with ~200c chaos spam.
Boots - Bought base with lab enchant for 30c, hit them with 4 Pristine fossils (30c) for highest life (we don't care about movespeed)
Belt - 90c, crafted increased dmg
Gloves - 110c, make sure to use Murderous jewel
Jewels - Watchers Eye 4ex + others jewel total 1ex (using a Lethal Pride jewel that gives 8% max life, 5% endurance charge on kill and fortify effect, not mandatory in any way)
Flasks - 1ex
Gems - Leveled them myself aswell as the bricked Lvl3 Enlighten

Total cost ~27ex
Dual wield Bloodseekers instead and replace Watchers eye and you are down to a total cost of ~10ex. Less DPS but higher survivability.

EDIT: Swapped Maim for Impale (mistake by me)

I'm not the best to give advice on efficient leveling.
I think I was running Tabula with Sunder, later swapped to Cyclone, and did full swap into Double Strike when I reached maps, and later landed on Blade Flurry.

Double Bloodseekers - Less dps but cheaper and higher survivability.
Haemophilia gloves for clearspeed.
Kaom's roots for even more survivability.
Loreweave (gotta drop one of the curses tho).
Tons of things to swap if needed and build will still function!

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