[3.10] Melee Puncture/lacerate glad max block (78% attack and spell block) millions of dps.

3.8 viable?
The build is super viable in 3.8 and actually got buffed with bleeding changes to the skill tree and some potential for other gear options, will update further when i make this build in the league.

3.9 viable?
This build still works absolutely amazing to this day, and it also had a big damage increase with the new awakened gems, just get same gear and awakened gems.

3.10 viable?
It still works great, updated the guide with a sirus awakener 8 fight, we can tank almost everything in the game except damage over time and some really big hits, the damage kinda flats out on wave 19-20 simulacrum so thats kinda sad, but it works great in maps and all bosses. The pob is also updated to have the new clusters and my current setup in 3.10. one thing i would like to improve on is the swords and maybe belt/rings, to get more res/life from the belt and get a lot more dmg from the rings.

Switched the rings i was using to new with flat phys on them, with these it will be a bit more expensive but it gives a ton of flat phys and we can cap our res with them.

Why I made this and how I made it.
So I have been making some builds here in legion and have always wanted to make something that actually works, first I made 2 builds that where meh but was no where near where I thought the quality of builds should be. So one day I decided to make a new build with some underused skill, that ended up being puncture. The idea was just to make a gladiator because of the bleed damage. But what I didn't expect was how well I could build around this ascendancy, so thats where it all started. I sat on path of building for like 5-6 hours straight and bought items to make the build good and it ended up really well.

Current status of my build!

5677 life
78% block chance to attack spells
block recivery: 120%
(cant calculate bleeding dps or i just dont know how, if anyone do please tell me)
Level 96
73% phys damage reduction
res (fire,cold,lightning) 76,75,75
Uber elder Check!
Shaper Check!
Afking in t16 legion rares Check!
All guardians and uber elder guardians Check!

Afking t16 legion rares


for the helmet you want one with 40% increased puncture damage and then just get life and res on it.

We generally want to use a belly of the beast because of the insane life, res and armour. The increased flask life recovery can help us as we use a life flask for extra survivability.

On the weapon we want a lot of phys damage but we are also looking for 2 bleeding mods that are great for this build, the most important one is "60% chance for bleeding inflicted with this weapon to deal 100% more damage" this will add a lot of bleeding damage and will add a lot of dps, we also want "#% increased damage with bleeding" on it but its not necessary, just more dps. Then the rest you just get flat phys, inc phys and inc attack speed and maybe more quality or another mod. (see my weapon below) To craft the weapon i just used corroded/jagged fossils to get it and got a bit lucky to get the mods i got, you could of course make it better by getting t1 bleeding damage t1 inc phys and t1 chance to deal 100% inc damage

The shield we use is the unique shield called "The surrender" we use it to get 30% base chance to block, life, armour and the 2 most imortant mods, grant level 30 reckoning skill and recover 250 life when you block" THe reckoning skill lets us somewhat stay afk if needed and also adds dps to the build. The recover life when blocked mod is insane, as we block almost 80% of the attacks and spells by enemies we gain 250 life for free a lot of times and helps us stay alive.

I decided to use Kaom's roots because i wanted more life on the character and we have no real need for more movement speed because of our flask and that we leap slam almost everywhere.

The gloves are an really important part of our build as it gives us a huge boost to bleeding damage and ALSO makes it so that enemies explode dealing 5% of their life as phys damage to surrounding enemies, that helps alot with our clear. I also chose to get "curse enemies with level 12 vulnerability on hit" as it gives us a huge dps boost, the problem here is that its quite expensive and should only be a end game upgrade.

The rings are just there to get our elemental resistances in check and more life. You could also get one with "curse enemeies with level 5 vulnerability on hit" if you dont have the budget to get it on the gloves.

On the belt i chose to go for more damage and life, i could fill my resistences out on my helmet and rings so i didnt need to get it on the belt, if you struggle to get the resistences up you could go for a pure life/res belt. (I used corroded and pristine to craft the belt)

I use the flasks to get more survivability while also getting a bit of damage

The jewels i use are an watchers eye with chance to deal double damage, and thats because i couldnt really figure out what would give me more dps than that, the only other would be attack speed with pride but i chose double damage, and a double mod pride watchers eye would cost 20-100 ex and thats just too much for such a little damage upgrade.
I also chose to get an elegant hubris with two nodes that gives me "50% increased damage with bleeding" and "bleeding you inflict deals damage 10% faster" its a really huge dps upgrade and i chose to put it at the bottom right of the tree so i wouldnt ruin any other nodes. You could try to get 2 or 3 of that same mod in a cluster but that will be really hard to get, just get 1 if you can and dont have the budget for 2 or 3. Then on the last jewel i got damage over time, life and bleeding damage.

My gear

Gem links

Chestpiece 5l-6l
Puncture - Deadly Ailments - Melee Physical Damage - Brutality - Chance to Bleed - Ruthless Swap Ruthless - Chance to Bleed for Ancestral Call - Melee Splash for clear!

Gloves/Helmet 4l
Pride - Flesh and Stone - Maim - War banner

Ancestral Protector - Multiple Totems

Wep/Shield 3l
Leap Slam - Faster attacks - Fortify

Vaal Molten Shell - Blood Rage - Increased Duration

Path of building link. i recomend using this before anything, to see the gear dps, res, life, everything.
Pob link: https://pastebin.com/i3vEqPuU


Minotaur map clear and kill: https://youtu.be/G0jm--oJt2s
Chimera map clear and kill: Coming soon
Hydra map clear and kill: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=la3pjJA5rQk
Phoenix map clear and kill: https://youtu.be/MAfeBM5ZaSs
Uber elder: https://youtu.be/iT8CM7dI144
Shaper: https://youtu.be/vDyDK_zFW3U
Awakener level 8 Sirus deathless https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vN98ZmIr0W0&t=1s
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Nice job, do u have pob link??
Yes sir I do, just keep in mind that PoB does not calculate the dps correctly, will be updating the guide now as yesterday i wrote this guide in 6 hours then only 1/7th of the progress got saved so the only a bit of the guide is on here, will rewrite it today with all the information you will ever need :) but for now heres the pob: https://pastebin.com/vmT4QwFb
Hello, i have just one question, i would like to try lacerate build, so can i just swap Puncture to Lacerate and build will be completely working?
bandits kill all or leave some one ?
Owlness wrote:
Hello, i have just one question, i would like to try lacerate build, so can i just swap Puncture to Lacerate and build will be completely working?

Hello, sorry for the late response but it will be working absolutely fine, i have not tested to much with lacerate though and when i did i liked puncture a lot more, in the end its up to preference, just keep in mind you will not be able to use ancestral call with it and you might wanna experience a bit more with the gems while clearing, up to you tho! :)
bandits kill all or leave some one ?

I killed them all because we dont really need any of the bandits passives so better to get 2 extra skill points.
nice build
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Nice build, I'm thinking start 3.9 with her but using lacerate, what gem setup you recomend?
Hey, nice guide! What does Elegant Hubris timeless Jewel do really?

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