[3.7] Dyadus burning earthquake Trickster

Hey there

I have been playing around Dyadus and Earthquake for a while (in SSF HC mostly), it feels comfortable to play now, it's actually quite nice (even though not high dps, so if you're looking for a ** millions shaper dps build, that's not one).

The build is based around one item :

This is the only really required unique, although you will want to use
( Bubonic trails are an awesome addition as well but you can play without it ).

The point is simply to inflict big burns with the second hit of earthquake, and move to the next pack while the one hit burns to death, this way you can play with a very mobile playstyle and just keep moving constantly.
Damage to scale :
- fire damage
- elemental damage (with attacks)
- burning damage
- ailment damage
- damage over time

This allows us to use fire trap and bubonic trail efficiently too.

Trickster provides a lot of survivability, sustain, and some dmg too as it has a 20% more dot damage with prolonged pain, and 60% increased dot damage from the ascendancy.

The build is quite tanky as it is using Acrobatics and Phase Acrobatics as a trickster, Mind over Mater and Lightning coil to mitigate physical damage.


Red elder
Delving, abyssal city (depth 273)
Shaped port (t14) with double boss
Uber lab run

~~~ GEMS ~~~
[Chest] : (vaal) earthquake + Combustion + Immolate + Less duration + Elemental damage with Attacks/Burning damage + Deadly Ailments

The main setup, immolate goes very well with earthquake, less duration too of course, and then just scale the damage from ignites.
For reflect maps, swap Elemental damage with attacks for Burning damage.

[Gloves] : Fire Trap + Controlled destruction/Efficacy + Elemental Focus + Burning Damage

Fire trap's burning ground stacks with ignites so .... it's also super helpful against Atziri, and can allow to kill stuff from a certain range when it's too deadly.

We want the fire trap setup in the gloves so that it can be linked to the shaper touched mod that supports socketed gems with "Trap and Mine Damage"

[Helmet] : Cast when damage taken (lvl1) + immortal call + arctic breath + purifying flame

Low level CwdT setup to proc a short immortal call, create chilled and consecrated ground.
Chilled ground to increase ignite damage from dyadus, and consecrated ground to have some extra regen.

[Boots] : Burning damage + Combustion + Ignite proliferation

Explode the corpse -> applys the combustion debuff to everything and often just ... burns everything, it really helps for clearing or for killing big target in crowded areas such as Delves.

[Weapon] : Shield Charge + Faster attacks + Fortify

Standard movement skill setup, swap Shield Charge for leap slam for Delving.

[Shield] : Clarity (for the watcher's eye) + Flammability + Blasphemy

~~~ TREE ~~~

Passive tree at lvl 95

~~~ GEAR ~~~

my gear


As obvious as it might be, as much life (and mana since we are using MoM) as possible with caped resistances.
Having a positive chaos resistance is also a great plus to map comfortably.
Amulet is the easiest slot to reach the stat requirements, the build is a bit low on Strength.

Weapon :
Dyadus of course, you could make a variant of the building using Brutus lead sprinkler and stack strength on a Chieftain too.

Shield :
You want high Evasion because you're a Trickster.
If you can find a shield with high evasion and some ES, it's also great, I haven't been able to get better but I'm playing in SSF so it should be easier in trade leagues.

Chest :
I opted for Lightning coil, as it provides a lot of survivability, bur for offense Carcass Jack would be a good choice, it's really up to what you want to do with the character.
For a budget version, Cloak of flame is also a possibility

Helmet :
As the build is low on dps, we want the Delve fire debuff on the helmet, you can get it with scorched fossils.
As a Trickster, we also want high ES, so Scorched fossil + Dense fossil on a Hubris circlet.

Gloves :
Shaper touched pair of gloves to support fire trap with Trap and mine damage

Boots :
bubonis trials are AMAZING, use it - love it.

Belt :
Dyadan belt, don't be stupid like me and select a vaal orb instead of a divine orb if you have only one T____T
Luckily it only bricked the implicit.

Jewellery :
Life, Mana and resistances + the missing attribute points.

Flasks :
Standard flask setup (bleed immunity, curse immunity on a cheap flask charge-wise), with the exception of the Aquamarine flask to create chilled ground to increase Dyadus' burning damage.

~~~ LEVELING ~~~
You will to level with fire trap honestly, the build is based on Dyadus and as long as you don't have it, it's not really enjoyable to play burning earthquake as .... well, it pretty much does not work.

Fire trap is quite easy to level up with, you can scale the on-hit dmg through gems until you switch to the full setup to go full damage over time instead.

Cloak of Flame is an amazing unique to level up, and easily wearable in early maps too, caping resistances properly with lightning coil isn't always easy so that can be a temporary solution :)

~~~ MISC ~~~

How to deal with Accuracy :

This allows to skip Resolute Technique and take Elemental Overload.

This build can run pretty much any map mod, but :
- No-regen can be annoying for hard single targets without adds
- Reflect can be dangerous still, this build is dot based and low dps, so it can somewhat deal with reflect with the life/mana on kill from the Trickster's ascendancy, better use the pantheon power and remove Immolate though, just in case.

The build is of course HC viable, I have been playing it in permannent SSH Hardcore
SSF is not and will never be a standard for balance, it is not for people entitled to getting more without trading.

ShakinGaijin : thread 2612666, Dyadus burning earthquake!RIP :(
[outdated]SweetBreaker : thread 823111 (facebreaker IB witch).
[outdated]Sunder guardian : thread 1831267 [BHC]ripped
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I like memes.

I like Dyadus.

So I like this build.

Interesting thought process, so thank you for sharing!
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ArtCrusade wrote:
I like memes.

I like Dyadus.

So I like this build.

Interesting thought process, so thank you for sharing!

Thx !

Unfuckingfortunately, the character ripped yesterday on a red elder, in the last phase :((
I was trying to staying inside the "Safe" circles and ended up getting ripped appart by everything within a second, I'm guessing there was about 20k pure phys damage before mitigation, from various sources ...

No idea if ignoring the circles would have saved me, I should have just logged earlier I guess huh.

SSF is not and will never be a standard for balance, it is not for people entitled to getting more without trading.

ShakinGaijin : thread 2612666, Dyadus burning earthquake!RIP :(
[outdated]SweetBreaker : thread 823111 (facebreaker IB witch).
[outdated]Sunder guardian : thread 1831267 [BHC]ripped

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