[3.7] Puppet Master Champion - 1xCrawler, 4xSentinels, 20xSpiders, 4L, Uber Elder Down

Hello Exiles, Welcome to this guide!!

-::- Description -::-

Build is based on my 3.6 4L Herald of Agony Champ, but now with many more Minions at your command!

Setup is cheap to get started, but Enlighten/Empower 4 and Helm Enchant are a few Exalts each. Check guide link above for budget build ideas

Uber Elder - 4L First Phase DPS Showcase
  • Click image for HQ GIF

T16 Monolith - Enfeeble, Vulnerability, Dodge Unlucky
Monsters: +25% Life, +50% Accuracy, +2 Chain, No stun

  • Click image for HQ GIF



Youtube: Uber Elder (4L, Deaths edited)
Youtube: Shaper (4L, Full Run, Deathless)
Youtube: T16 Hydra (4L, Full Run, Deathless)
Youtube: T16 Chimera (4L, Boss Kill, Deathless)
Youtube: T16 Minotaur (4L, Full Run, Deathless)
Youtube: Mastermind (4L, Level 83, Boss Kill, Deathless)

-::- List of Features -::-

  • Fast ZDPS Cyclone (~100k Shaper DPS) for Virulence stacking and Life On Hit
  • 1 x Herald of Agony Crawler (~1M+ Shaper DPS)
  • 4 x Herald of Purity Sentinels (~500k Shaper DPS Each)
  • 20 x Araakali's Fang's Spiders (~200k Shaper DPS Each)
  • Elemental Equilibrim (Cold DMG) via Fire/Lightning DMG on ring
  • Level 30 Generosity on Body Armour
  • Hatred on Generosity
  • Vaal Haste on Generosity
  • War Banner on Generosity
  • Point Blank HoA for Single Target DPS
  • Level 30 Poacher's Mark on Belt
  • Culling Strike on mobs Cursed with Poacher's Mark
  • Intimidate On Hit Ascendancy
  • Taunt on Hit Ascendancy
  • Herald of Purity on Hungry Loop 5L
  • 100% Chance to Hit Taunted mobs
  • 20% Increased Damage on Taunted mobs
  • Banner Reserves No Mana Ascendancy
  • Level 20 Fortify on Elder Boots
  • Feast of Flesh healing from Helm
  • Minion DMG and Speed boosts apply to Player as well
  • Whirling Blades
  • Flesh Offering
  • Desecrate
  • Convocation
  • Frost Bomb
  • Immortal Call
  • Blood Rage
  • 20 x The Scourge Spectral Wolves (~30k Shaper DPS Each) *Rare to Spawn, Meme

-::- Gear -::-

Self-found & Linked
Self-Found & Crafted (Chaos spam)
2c and Self-fed
~5-10c (Get only Fire or Lightning DMG, NEVER COLD!)

PoB: https://pastebin.com/8m6T8e3h

-::- How do I play this? -::-

  • You run into a map, cast Blood Rage, then Whirl/Shield Charge around to find packs and Cyclone on top of them to gain 40 Virulence Stacks so HoA does more damage and all Minions gain max Frenzy Charges via Victario's Charity
  • You wanna keep poisoning stuff, you're not doing too much DPS yourself. Don't focus on what the Minions are doing, they rarely leave anything alive
  • Use Convocation to teleport all your Minions to you. Do this for Proximity Shield
  • If farming T16, try to run into the boss with full Minions
  • For big tanky packs, I pop Vaal Cyclone right on top of them and keep an eye on my life flask to top me off if I take damage
  • Swap HoA Pierce > Point Blank for T16+ bosses

-::- What else do I need to know? -::-

  • You can get either HoA or HoP enchant on helm. Cyclone has zero mana cost, so it doesn't matter much which
  • I suck at Uber Elder, so that's why I edited the deaths out. Build can obviously do it Deathless just needs a better player than me
  • I've done Uber Elder with Pierce and Point Blank. Even though PB is more DPS on paper, Pierce works out better. Chain with 150% Mana multi doesn't fit
  • Yes, HoA got nerfed, but you can still farm endgame on a 4L with it
  • Yes, you can level with HoA pretty easily. Follow the tree
  • For a bit more DPS, swap HoA Damage on Full Life > Empower 4. Depends on how rich you are
  • Build is pretty fun for chill Delving and easy Uber Lab farming
  • You don't use Haste, just Vaal Haste
  • Make sure you only use Fire or Lightning DMG on Unset ring or amulet. NEVER COLD! That will break Elemental Equilibrium DPS
  • If you find a good ring with Dex, Res, Life and -Mana, you can swap ammy to Pandemonius for 100% Chance to Blind on Hit
  • Spawning Wolves is rare, and so pretty useless. Swap The Scourge > Victario's Charity shield to keep your Minions at full Frenzy Charges. Poacher's Mark requires Minions to get killing blows to gain Charges, so without the shield, often they won't have any Charges
  • Pantheon: Lunaris/Garukhan for Movement Speed, Brine/Yugul for Uber Elder, Solaris/Gruthkul/Tukohama for Uber Lab and T16 Maps
  • I'll keep updating this section as things come into mind. Build is pretty tanky and easy to play.

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