[3.7] LowLife Essence Drain Guardian | 10k+ es, 80 max res, Shaper Viable, EZ Uber Lab


So I've seen this build pop up on poe.ninja but since no one has made a build guide for it yet, I thought I'd make one.


+ Tanky, easily can go above 10k es, even more if you have the money to spend.
+ Damage is respectable and enough to do most of the endgame
+ Essence drain is the king of clear right now, clears monoliths very easily
+ Most of the items are unique which makes it easier to gear
+ Relatively cheap to get started with

- While the damage is respectable, you'll need to invest in the build to be able to do the hardest bosses.
- Can get expensive to min-max rares
- Not the fastest build out there

Lvl 95


Bandits: Kill All
Pantheon: I prefer Shakari and Brine king, but this choice isnt vital.
Ascendancy order:
1: Radiant Faith
2: Bastion of Hope
3: Time of Need
4: Unwavering Faith





Memory Vault is our Best-in-slot helmet because it gives you a stupid amount of mana and a decent amount of energy shield. But the big mod is the "Gain armour equal to your reserved mana". This is one of the reasons we want to have as much mana as possible since with some decent gear we can get 5-6k+ flat armour from this helmet. Prioritize the mana roll.

Body Armour:

A vital part in all low-life builds, this chests makes chaos damage unable to bypass energy shield, which would otherwise kill us. Absolutely mandatory if you're planning on reserving your life.


These gloves add a ton of mana and energy shield by stacking strength. Good corruptions aren't too pricey either, look for + lvls to socketed gems (aura/aoe also helps)


This belt gives us as much as 15% attributes, which greatly benefits us since we're trying to stack strength and intelligence. It also gives us 1% increased damage per 5 of our lowest attribute, which makes dex not totally useless since it increases our damage. Good corruptions include increased Malevolence and Zealotry aura effect.


A staple in most guardian build, gives us dex which we both need for our gems and to boost our damage. It's the main way we reserve life in this build, since we don't have to deal with the penalty of the blood magic support gem or constricting ourselves to only having blood magic with the keystone.


Healthy mind converts the life nodes in its radius to double the amount of mana which for this build means more energy shield. Get a good corruption if you can afford.

The main mod on the watcher's eye we're looking for is "Gain #% of Maximum Mana as Extra Maximum Energy Shield while affected by Clarity". This mod will increase our es by a substantial amount. If you have the money to spend, other clarity, malevolence and discipline modifiers are a plus.


This flasks boosts our dps by quite a lot, get a good-rolled one if you can afford it.



Here the most important mod is "+#% to Non-Ailment Chaos Damage over Time Multiplier". The other mods that will boost our damage are: Spell damage, Chaos damage and Damage over time. Cast speed is also not a bad mod but it wont increase our dps by much.


You want to look for: INT, STR, ES and mana. If you want to go more defensive, go for a Three Rat Talisman, it increases our attributes by a lot. If you wanna go more offensive, get an elder ammy with "+#% to Non-Ailment Chaos Damage over Time Multiplier".


Look for the same things on these as you did on amulets


Same thing on these as on rings and amulets, but try to get ones with good MS

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