[3.7] PoE Walking Simulator (Flame Golem Elementalist)



Why did I make this build
I really enjoy the flame golems playstyle, where you just walk around that things die around you, all you need to do is press 1234.
I tailored this build to farm maps as quickly as possible, while having enough ehp to survive quite a bit of the damage that can come toward you/
Also I really don't like end game bosses, and farming maps quickly is what this build is about.

Build concept
This build takes advantage of the
to summon up to 9 golems in which 6 of them are flame golems that do damage for us.
This build also uses many keystones such as Mind Over Matter, Elemental Equilibrium, Acrobatics, and Phase Acrobatics to boost our damage and our survivability.

Clears maps very fast and you don't have to focus too much
Boss focuses on golems instead of you
you can do ALL map mods
You don't need expensive gear upgrades, bad gear can last you a long time
Mindless gameplay, where you just walk around

Mindless gameplay, where you just walk around
Bossing is mehhhh
Summoner playstyle is not for everyone :(
You get laughed at by your "friends"

Coming soon )tm_

Path of Building
coming soom?

Passive tree, bandits, and ascendency

Kill all

We take Elementalist Ascendency, and you only need 2 nodes, Liege of the Primordial and Elemancer
I have gotten to level 90 on this build with only 2 ascendency points, rest you can put wherever you want

Doen't really matter, but for the sake of this guide, we take Soul of Solaris for bosses safety, and Soul of Garukhan for movement speed

Required uniques

Clay shaper lets us get +1 golem, Victario's gets us and the golems frenzy and power charges so the clear is a lot faster. and The Primordial Chain let us get +3 golems

Now it's the fun part. We need Anima Stone for +2 golems, Primordial Might so our golem is not dum dums and know where to aim, 1-2 Primordial Eminence to give our golems more surivialibility, and finally as many Primordial Harmoney as we can fit on our tree so our flame golems actually do damage

For helments we want to look for a rare helm with high life, mana, as well + levels to minion gems since we want to put our 3 support golems in where we want them to live for as long as we can

BIS helm would be Elder Bone helm with +3 minion gems, life and mana, supported by level 20 minion life, along with flame golem lab enchant

Clayshaper Rock breaker
You really want to look for a high roll increased attack speed roll and minion life roll so you move fast and golems last longer

For shield we want to use Victario's Charity, the only roll that matters a little bit is the life roll, which will be givine to minions via Necromantic Aegis, and a few extra life doent really matter that much.

For armour, we want to look for high life and mana, on an Int base so it is easier to colour the sockets for our flame golems. I suggest buying a high ilvl 6L Int base armour and fossil craft something with a high life and % life roll. some unique options also exists.

Rare with life, mana, and maybe some resists. Nothing too much here

I really like to move fast, so a pair of boots with at least 30% movement speed. luckly, there are some unique boots we can use and not break the bank

Life, mana, and resists.

We are using Primrdial Chain here, and for rolls we want the less damage and less life roll to be as low as possible, and the golem speed as high as possible. it can get expensive quick if the rolls are good.

Resists, life, and mana. there is where you should be capping your resists. Use unset ring if you need 1 more gem slot




Leveling this build

Current and past items

coming soon

coming soon

coming soon









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hi.. thanks for your epic golem jewel. c u at next league.

keep up the good work.

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