[3.7][LSC] Low Life VD Mine (Saboteur + Cheiftain) / 3M+ Shaper DPS / ft. Inner Conviction

VD Mine build using Scold's Bridle isn't new, but instead of playing as a Saboteur, we'll be using Scion to get more ES and maintain great single target DPS by going low life and use Inner Conviction.


1. Self inflict damage with Scold's Bridle to generate corpse and detonate mines.

2. Gain mana through Watcher's Eye Clarity and ring mods. (dmg taken turns to MP)

3. Take Zealot's Oath to regen ES instead of life and turn into lowlife ES with Shavronne's Wrappings.

4. Auto generate power charges and gain 18% more damage with Inner Conviction through Militant Faith (Dominus).


All Content Viable

Shaper - https://youtu.be/A6t0L0JcaTw
Uber Elder - https://youtu.be/FVvmXzltl8w
The Alluring Abyss - https://youtu.be/8DOSCfbtInc


+ Insane single target DPS
+ Skip phases during boss fights due to the nature of mines & VD
+ High ES & ES regen
+ All map mods doable (recovery rate reduction dangerous but doable)

- Hard to gear, hence not budget friendly
- Map clear speed subpar


PoB Import - https://pastebin.com/gxM4yZk6

Bandits: Alira (crit, resists and mana regen are all good for us)

Lv90 Passive Overview



1. Character needs some additional Str & Dex, using Pure Talent here grants 25 all stats and also a 0.5% additional crit chance. Remeber to allocate a passive in the Scion starting region.
2. Militant Faith turns AoF and Minion Instability into Inner Conviction, remember to allocate one of the above to get 18% more damage.
3. Chieftain's Ash effect will grant no less damage than Inquisitor, while also offering 2% regen and additional Str.


VD Mine
Volatile Dead + Remote Mine + Minefield + Trap & Mine Dmg + Con. Effect + Elemental Focus (or Combustion)
If you have a sunset ring you could socket your Discipline in that ring and link Combustion with Wave of Conviction.

Blood Magic + Zealotry or Anger / Herald of Ash / Discipline
You can choose base on what dual mod watcher's eye you can get, if not, Zealotry should perform better due to consecrated ground offering 100% crit chance.

CwDT Setups
CwDT + Unearth + GMP + Volley (7 corpse per trigger)
CwDT + Descrate + Spell Cascade + Detonate Mine (at least 15 corpse per 3 sec)
CwDT + Wave of Conviction / Vaal RF

Flame Dash + Arcane Surge (lv5) / Clarity (lv1)


Mandatory Uniques: Shavroonne's Wrappings / Scold's Bridle / Presence of Chayula / Watcher's Eye (Clarity dmg to mana mod)

Gloves: ES & Ele resist > Int
Boots: ES & Ele resists

Weapon: single hand with "gain extra ele as chaos dmg"
Shield: High ES > spell dmg related mods

Ring1: Shaper base with Assassin's Mark on hit.
Ring2: ES + Ele resist

Belt: Shaper base Crystal Belt with "+ ES recovery rate" + ES related mods
Try craft it with Dense fossil for more ES mods.

PoB Stats
Offensive: DPS w/o flask & Vaal RF ~ 4M against Shaper.
Defensive: ~ 8.3k ES at lv90

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